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Art Vibration - 288

A Critical Condition Was Converted in Concept of
              Art Exhibition

It was post card , i were created drawing on it and posted  to Indore 2013

Friends you know last year I were created some art work drawings on post cards of INDIAN POST Service . because Indian post Service is   provide a very cheap way for communication by post card format. That’s cost is only 50 paisa for each one post card today . 

The critical story was started from there. I were created some drawing on post card for a artist friend. His name is Artist Rajesh patil from INDORE . I were met to him very first  in Chitrakoot Dham for a national art workshop . by that art workshop we were knew to each other as a artist . after that first meeting to till today we are in touch by way of art as a world art family member . 
I were posted  to Ratan N Tata ,2013

I were posted to Governor of Rajasthan.2013

Last year  Artist Rajesh Patil was called me for art exhibition . he was told  to me , we are going to exhibit a national level artist group show in INDORE . so  you post  your four art work about this big art show . by condition of  my art way I said I am busy in drawing so I have no time  for any art exhibition .then Rajesh Patil again told me  you can send me your small work without frame . we will manage to your art work for our exhibition display. In that complicated condition  I got a idea about small drawing. So I were asked to Rajesh Patil can I post to  you post card ? After draw , drawing on that ? he said ok  I will manage to  your post card work . actually he was pulled me in sound of art exhibition after  my art work creation. 

To The Academy ,2013
To Hon'ble Queen of UK , 2013
Over all I were created four drawing on four post card’s and  then posted to on Address of Artist Rajesh Patil . but time was very critical for me or for Rajesh patil. My post card was not received Rajesh patil by INDIAN POST Service . I were selected post card because post card is a open post , there is full transparency of communication . for visuals art I were thought post card is a very impressive way for art communication because every post man and post office branch of Bikaner to Indore will visit to my art work and they will read to visual art language on post card . it was open art education by me through post card to people of Indian Post service ...ha ha..

To Director of UN . 2013
But last year  my drawing was not went in hand of Artist Rajesh Patil it was a big mistake of INDIAN post Service . they were showed careless post service about post card posts. By this critical condition I were not participated  in exhibition of Artist Rajesh Patil . and he was missed  my art work in his big art exhibition.  I can say it was time test for me but I did not founded any right information about  my posted post card from INDIAN post Service .In same time I were created  some more greeting in my drawing language  on post card and I were posted to Hou,ble President of INDIA,  Hon’ble Prime Minister of INDIA , Dr. Amitabh Bachchan, Sir Ratan N. TATA and some more national or international senior person of my world art family .   may be they have received my posted post card at office or home ? but I have no idea about that posted card’s …?

To Hon'ble President  of America , Barack Obama , 2013
After that critical story last month Artist Rajesh Patil was called  to me  again for art work . he was told  to me yogendra  you will post me only post card drawing . because I am going to exhibit a post card exhibition in this year . so you post me only post card drawing. I said last year I were posted  to  you post card but  you were not received so how to  you can hope for this year  you will received  my post card by INDIAN post Service ?  then he was gave me a idea for post to post card. He said  you can post to me your drawing by envelope . it was critical . post card is a easy way or a transparent way for communication  that can post direct without any stamp or envelop but today that’s condition is so poor in INDIAN post Service so it is critical..ha who notice after me ? have  you idea about it ? 

Over all I were created again four drawing on post card for Artist Rajesh patil or for his big post card art exhibition concept . he was told  to  me about his this year art exhibition  concept or that’s short story , he said ,  I were converted your last year post card post condition  in concept of art exhibition . so  you are in base of this art exhibition  concept with  your true critical condition of last year post card drawing or that’s post seen ..ha ha..!  I were posted that post card to Rajesh Patil by a Akash Ganga courier service of Bikaner I were pitted that all  INDIAN post Service , post card in a envelope and then posted by a privet Courier service to Artist Rajesh Patil ,INDORE . after 10 days Artist Rajesh Patil was received my posted art work for his art exhibition .and on online he was created a special page for this year art exhibition with title A LETTER TO UNKNOWN that online page link I am sharing here for your visit or notice . 

This last four post card images is recent art work , i have posted it by Akashganga Courier , Bikaner  to INDORE , 2014

So after observe to critical condition of our true art communication and after that a right action on that critical condition . 

I said here a critical condition was converted in concept of art exhibition 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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