Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Art Vibration - 476

They Are Reading To Concept of Artist…

Yes  someone are doing silently their work for betterment of others life  . they are promoting , supporting , pushing and pulling to others for their better future . we are calling to them Godfather In our human philosophy . really they are great , because they are hearing to others. they have space in his vision for others. they have time for others .actually they live for others ,  it is really great . they know how to observe to others or their activity for social life. They notice to others or their work and selecting in his promotional zone /sector by their own selection . it is true because I am facing this kind of true in my life to last three years  .

Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation Mumbai , its completely dedicated for visual art or that’s promotion . they are hearing to artist or his concept , they are notice  to artist angles, they are creating a right space to true art from their true art vision in our nation. 

They have a very different art selection format . it is very must for today art promotion . actually they are ranking  to creativity of artist  by their own observation.  they are not selecting to work of artist on that’s art work look . they are talking to artist or their art work, they are hearing to artist and reading to his/her art work before their selection in KALANANAD award rank . It is great start for real progress of art in our nation at  this contemporary time . 

 They know competition is not a aim or game of art, art is business of mind , but not for money . ( but they know money is must for better life of artist or a creative person ) .so every year Prafulla Dahanukar Art foundation Mumbai is calling to artist of our Nation for their KALANANAD award entry  . in my view it is not a award it’s a very artistic reward for artists of our nation from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Mumbai . 

In year 2015 -16  I connected to this art foundation . two time they selected to me as a city artist of Bikaner . it is noticeable point of PDAF . they are promoted to me as a City Artist from their strong observation . so I am very thankful  for their selection or Ranking format. They did high lighted to me or  my City Bikaner from PDAF . they showed in our Nation about me , if I am doing my art work in my city , so I am ranked city artist from PDAF or that’s Right Art Observation . 

This year 2017 I received a new call for national art ranking about artists work.  So I shared  my recent art concept  with Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Mumbai . I shared some visuals of  my big canvas that’s size is 820X820 fits . there I created  green color on that big canvas by natural farming work . I painted green color by natural green leafs . it is a cross talk to great art master Mondrian . he was painted only green color for tree or plants in geometrical form, he said I am seeing only green color and geometrical form in tree look .   so I am painting single green color , I am not trying to paint to leafs for tree ,that is understood !  he said it through his art concept ( from his painting ) I read it in my art theory when I am reading to books in my masters education at Rajasthan School of Art  Jaipur .   / I also painted green color in geometrical form . but  my painting  format is very opposite to art masters Mondrian , I am not using  to brush or green paint  in this natural painting , I am painting by direct green leafs by support of nature  for future of nature . it is also noticeable or  its noticed by Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation so I am in their selection rank for kalananad  Award 2018 ..  

Kind  your information I have received a letter from PDAF about My Selction so here that’s image copy for your notice..
Note: - that green leafs are giving 3 month fresh oxygen , so environment is getting freshness by my natural painting , second that painting is giving job to two workers , that natural painting is giving food corns for save to life/wild life  in desert  site , my natural painting is caring to farming land or that’s fertility . so its completely art work for better future of our  world  or world life , it is  my art concept of natural painting .

I am happy Prafulla Dahanikar Art Foundation , Mumbai . have read to  my art concept very carefully and they have taken in Selection of Art work Ranking for Kalananad Award 2018 .

So here I said about Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , Mumbai ,They are reading to Concept of Artist ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA