Sunday, September 15, 2019

Art Vibration - 526

A None Academic Work For A 
Academic Personality Of Bikaner …

Yes I have done it . Three  week ago I was invited at Art Hotel GAJKESARI  Bikaner . that’s director Mr. Sunil Rampuriya wanted to meet to me , so he called me and gave time for our first meet at his  Art Hotel GAJKESARI  Bikaner . its located on Jodhpur Ganganagar by pass highway . 

Myself  & Mr. Sunil Rampuriya , we  Discuss on art in first meet at Hotel GAJKESARI Bikaner 2019 .

Kind  your Information  Mr. Sunil Rampuriya is a good painter , he have a very creative vision about art and artist . He installed very much art in his hotels . hotel management is his business but he live in mood of art and culture . as a art promoter he is continue promoting to traditional art of Bikaner or India from His hotels , in his hotel  you can see this art promotion sound on walls, doors, windows, on tables almost everywhere .

In his art hotel  you can see good combination of traditional or contemporary art presentation . so I suggest you must visit his art Hotel GAJKESARI one time in your life. 




In five stage its got final form as a sculpture ..
Mr. Sunil Rampuria know to painting , traditional art / contemporary art / sculpture or craft plus  folk art . so he is academic in my view . one more think is showing he is fully academic , last 12th years to he is providing art education ( B.V.A. degree) from his College BJS Rampuriya jain College  Bikaner . in this position I am looking to him very close to Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur ( he also provided art education from His art Institute Shanti Niketan 

In our first Art meet  cum discuss ,I commit for a paper craft , when I commit in that movement I were not sure about  my art work result but I taken that ,as a task for  my practice of paper craft work. 

Within one week I completed a new paper craft in form of human head , I created a cultural Rajasthyani man face .you can say to that RANBANKURA of Rajasthan . 

 How to I created that none Academic work you can see in visuals . I used a play boll of kids for armature , because I want to light weight sculpture plus fast result  so I selected and my selection was right , the result said to me . I created small paper pipes or you can say sticks , what is actual academic name of that form I don’t know but in Rajasthani we are calling to that BHUNGLI of paper . ha ha ..

live movements of our second meet , when i submit my none academic art work at Art Hotel GAJKESARI 2019 ..

live movements of our second meet , when i submit my none academic art work at Art Hotel GAJKESARI 2019 .
live movements of our second meet , when i submit my none academic art work at Art Hotel GAJKESARI 2019 .

When my work was completed then I went to art Hotel GAJKESARI for submit to my paper craft work in hand of Mr. Sunil Rampuriya . he was surprised and said I have not seen before this , this kind of art work in my life . it is very creative and interesting .

 I saw a confidential smile on his face , my work was creating trust in him about  my art and art Journey . 

live movements of our second meet , when i submit my none academic art work at Art Hotel GAJKESARI 2019 .

He was touched that sculpture from his hand and asked to me its only paper ? I said yes sir its only paper . in that movement I felt happy because  my none academic work was impressed to a very much academic personality of  Bikaner ..

So here I said a None Academic work for a academic personality of  Bikaner . 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Art Vibration - 525

They were Inspired to each other or I enjoyed their creative vision…

Friends we  Indian have many festivals in  concept of our Indian mythology. mostly every month we have one or two festival .kind  your information at present the festival of Ganpati is running is INDIA Or last month we celebrated the festival of janmashtami the birthday of lord  Krishna . 

As a Hindu I am following  to our Hindu mythology with my family or colony / city /state or nation . as a hindu it is  my first duty I give respect to our  first life style that is our mythology . 

So last month we celebrated to janmashtami festival at  my home . I am celebrating the birthday of lord Krishna with kids of  my colony . they are child artist or we were  designed to Jhnaki for lord Krishna ,in  academic art language we are calling to that Installation  art . 

This year I invited only 10 child artists of  my colony or their age group was 6th  to 15 th  years .

I provided them free space  and I gave a task to all about Janmashtami Jhanki 2019 . I said we will use , clay, spare item and some papers or toys for our Jhanki . it was tuf task for their creative vision , I am happy they all were accepted and created many visuals in 3D form by clay and some spare items , we were invested our creativity not much more money . it was special task for kids ., they knew creativity need mind exercise not much more money . or they knew useless item can come in use in   art presentation . 

They 10 child artists were covered to 10 x 20 fits space for their installation art work , they created hills , story parts of life of lord Krishna, villages , jail of king Kansh , roads, railway station, matro city or that’s critical land conditions. 

Over all they all followed to folk culture of our INDIAN Mythology with me at  my home . I played a role of art connector between kids and  folk culture . as a senior artist I observed to kids creativity or I enjoyed to their art mood and motion that was great and classic too. 

On birthday of lord Krishna we showed that installation for our colony persons . about  motivation of child artists, I invited to folk culture care taker master Damodar Tanwar . he is working with Spic macay society  . master Damodar Tanwar is also a good music master he know rhythm of Folk Music and art too. Because many years to he is continue practicing with folk culture . so I thought he can motivate very well to child artists of  my colony . he came and met to all kids and he visited their creativity in form of 3d Jhanki , after visit to art work of kids he discussed with them and he shared many ideas and stories of folk culture for right art education of kids .  I enjoyed his teaching process as a friend he is teaching to kids , we all were sit on ground and talk about art and life of  lord Krishna . He guided to kids about life aim or honesty . 

Over all I noticed the child artists were inspired to Master Damodar Tanwar  and the talk of master Damodar  Tanwar inspired to child artists of My colony or I enjoyed their creative vision one side growing sound and second side promoting and caring sound , that was interesting for me so I enjoyed that live movement or live class of folk art . 
( I provided medals or certificates to all participants , master Damodar Tanwar submitted that from his hands. )

So here I said they were inspired to each other or I enjoyed to their creative vision …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA