Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Art Vibration - 500

A Live Lecture of Writer
Rima Hooja…

Date 6 sept.2018 , it is a black day of our Bikaner ,I can say it ,because our Bikaner lost to our great Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh ji . you know Maharaja Karni Singh ji was a great king, a very transparent politician ( former M.P. of Bikaner ) , A very strong Sports person, a very creative artist  or a very simple human of our Nation or world too. He followed to his grandfather work style for our Bikaner or that’s real development as a king or as a Social worker .

In my childhood age I watched to him one time when he gave a speech from city stage for election . I talked to his paintings when I visited to Sardul Museum at Lalghar palace Bikaner . He was a action painter modern or contemporary artist of our world . it is a big loss for us ,  we art students were not read about his creative life or paintings in our art study chapters. It is critical .His art work should come in art study for students may be Maharaja Ganga  Singh ji  Trust will notice this and they will take a artistic action just like late great Maharaja Karni Shingh Ji then his art work and art life will come in light about Indian art Students. ( Please Notice it MGST ) it is very must in respect of maharaja Dr. karni Singh Ji or His true art works. 

On date 6 Sept. 2018 , I was invited for join to a lecture of Writer Rima Hooja ji , she has wrote a biography on Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh ji . kind  your information date 6 sept. is anniversary of Maharaja Dr. Karni singh ji , date 6 sept. 2018 was 30th anniversary of maharaja karni Singh ji . 

So chair person of Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Trust  Princess Rajyashree ji organized a live lecture of Writer Rima Hooja at Karni Bhawan lalghar palace . there on right time I presented as a artist of Bikaner . Maharaja Ganga Singh  ji Trust many time selecting to me for digital photo art works  and I am providing  my art services and they are recognize to my art work from their art activities or presentations . so I am feeling lucky and thankful  for Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Trust . 

In year 2017 ,I were colored one B&W  Image of Maharaja Dr.  karni Singh Ji on demand of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Trust , Princess Rajyashree ji used that image  in her presentation and that presentation was presented in Karni Bhawan , Lalghar Palace on Date 6 Sept. 2018 .    

Writer Rima Hooja On Desk for her lecture 2018 ..

Her presentation was presenting on screen and I noticed all pictures of Maharaja Sahab was B& W but she used one colored picture of my digital art editing works . it was big surprise for me from our Princess of Bikaner  so thanks  to  her about selection to my art in her presentation . 
Kunwar  Sajhann Singh ji on Desk  2018

That same Image Maharaja Ganga Singh ji trust used for news paper they gave a right space to my art work from their  artistic view . that picture was printed in center of advertisement of 30 th Anniversary of Maharaja Karni Singh JI ( published in Rajasthan Patrika 6 Sept.2018 ) .

Princess Rajyashree ji On Desk ..2018

After Screen Presentation of Princess Rajyashree  Writer Rima Hooja shared her experiences and memorable movements of her past life or live meetings with  Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh Ji . that was very interesting and noticeable. because she said Maharaja karni Singh ji was a very soft heart person , he was living his life just like his grandfather Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji , he was not showing to himself as a king of Bikaner when he met to common peoples of Bikaner or our worlds. his character was very up to a king life . it was  possible because he was a artist ,a thinker, or a sports person too. 

That live lecture was completed in presence of RAJMATA  SAHEB of Bikaner and Grandson or daughter of Maharaja Dr.  Karni Singh ji .

For me it was a first experience , I joined first time a Royal Family  event of our Bikaner . I am feeling pleasure in myself for Chair Person of Maharaja Ganga Singh JI  Trust  Princess Rajyashree ji , she noticed to my art practice and selected my work or invited me in that big event of her family . 

 Kind  your Information I am lucky because I am collecting continue blessing for  my art life from King Family of My Bikaner , Our Rajamata Saheb was  gave me very first a donation for a art Exhibition of our Manthan Group , we exhibited that  Exhibition at Mahrani Sudarshana  art Gallery Bikaner ,  My art work in collection of Maharaja Ganga Singh ji trust  and at Prachina Museum too . Princess Rajyashree Ji gave me a Photo exhibition at Junaghar Fort Bikaner and live literature of Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh Ji from her hand  or time to time Maharaja Ganga Singh ji trust team  is  call to me for digital art project work .so I am lucky I am really feeling it in myself and its making me more confident about  my art journey ..

On date 6 sept. 2018 after finish the lecture of Rima Hooja ji  the Maharaja Ganga Singh JI Trust presented literature on life of Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh ji , I collected that literature for more inspiration about  my art journey so thanks to Maharaja Ganga Singh JI trust or chair Person Princess Rajyashree ji about that literature .
Myself with Sir Dilip Singh  ji Trusty of Maharja Ganga Singh Ji  trust ..2018

Before listen to writer Rima Hooja ji I have read her writing , that is biography of  Mahraja Karni Singh ji , but when Writer Rima Hooja ji was speaking to desk that time I felt her live experiences in her live words that was about Great Maharaja karni Singh ji or his life.. 

So here I said About it  A Live Lecture  of Rima Hooja ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Art Vibration - 499

Child Artists were Bounded Me For Installation  Art on Janmashtami 2018…

Friends last three years to child artists of  my colony are installing  to Installation Art For Janmashtami Jhanki on birthday of Lord Krishana . they are selecting  to my home because till 2003 I were installed to janmashtami Jhanki at my home on open space . 
They kids were inspired to that jhanki  installation or when I stopped then they were restarted after 14 th year at my home , it was victory of their art interest or in respect of their  art interest I permitted them for display to jhanki at my home for viewers . 

Last three years to kids are installing jhanki at my home and I am just watching , observing and noticing their art and craft plus creativity . 
This year 20 child artists joined to janmashtami jhanki , they created many art and crafts for installation . without investment of money or 100 % investment of their own creativity , it was a big task for them from my side , for their example I created a sculpture of  Kansh by useless or home use item . like water pot , card boards colors and cloths ..in zero investment I created a sculpture for their learn or education of art and craft through creativity . kids were surprised and inspired for art and craft . I noticed in five days they created many craft items for Jhanki through papers or cardboards , they used some use less product as a art item in their Jhanki so that was surprising to me or I  were enjoying their creativity in their art and crafts. 

This year they child artists of  my colony  were  done very fine work as a team , they managed to work and installation parts . they bound to me for their support and promotion in my busy time schedule . 

So For promotion of Child Art , I created some certificates and buy some award items  for kids  on Birthday of Lord Krishna .I submitted certificates and Awards  to child artists for their true art and craft plus their deep respect of  janmashtami Jhanki . you know ,  they are converting  to my home in form of temple of lord Krishna to last three years . they have restarted janmashtami Jhanki installation at my home with me,  so I am very thankful for them.  they are living to me in their self and I am happy the art is giving life energy to them for their more creative life. Over all this Janmashtami jhanki installation art work is creating positive environment in our colony and we are inspiring to more child artist of our colony or city too.
Here some visuals of that installation art for your visit.. 
In this visuals  you will feel how to I bounded for child artists or it was must for their art interest .
So here I said Child Artists were Bounded Me For Installation  Art on Janmashtami 2018…

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA