Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Art Vibration - 486

I Participate In Zee JLF 2018 …

 Zee JLF it’s a short name of Zee TV - Jaipur Literature Festival . the name is showing itself the aim of this festival. so I will not write about its aim or name after it .  last year I was participated in this festival by registration format . that same format I followed on online and I registered myself on web page of Teamwork.com .

Zee JLF 2018 First Decorative Gate entrance ..
My Entry Pass of ZEE JLF 2018

Selfie at Zee JLF 2018
Art Work at Zee JLF  2018
Selfie at Zee JLF 2018

Selfie at Zee JLF 2018

Literature Session at Darbar Hall Zee JLF 2018

Session at Mugal Taint Zee JLF 2018

Nature Care Installation of Hotel Diggi Palace  Jaipur  2018

This year I joined to Zee JLF on date 25 th Jan 2018 at Same Palace , Hotel Diggi Palace Jaipur . I did went jaipur after a one year only  for Zee JLF or there by registration I could participated as a viewer/listener ..
There I attended many session of different subjects of literature , there I visited to great celebrities  of screen art or literature  too . I saw TABLA WADAK  Ustad Zakir Hussain ji was played music of TABLA  through a BOOK COVER from Stage . he proved itself  for him everything is tool of Music or he can play that very easily to any medium as a TABLA for Music . that was great movement for me . I felt a critical sound but hidden,  it is  my view . 

I listen to President of Afganistan , he shared his past life from Stage and he told I lived six year in Shimla , the heave of  my life in INDIA that’s Name is SHIMLA . it was also surprising for me . 

Myself is Busy in writing to ZEE JLF in art line  2018

Ustad Zakir Hussain ji Sir Sanjay  Roy is talking on musical life at Front Lawn in Zee JLF 2018

Sanjna Kapoor talking with Guest  at Front Lawn Zee JLF  2018

Kids Poetry session in Zee JLF
Om Thanvi Ji  with His Book Mohan Jodhado In Zee JLF session  2018

Screen Artist Nandita Das at Zee JLF 2018

Nandita Das and Nawazudin Sifiqi talking on writer manto or his life  at Zee JLF  2018

President of Afganistan is sharing his Indian life at Zee JLF 2018

I attended to session of Art Historian Mr. B.N. Goswami ji he was expressing to INDIAN art or mostly historical painting art from his sessions .

There I listen to Writer Om Thanvi ji he shared his Journey of Historical Place MOHANJODHARO ( at Present In PAKISTAN ) . That Was too Good  for me or  my art Education , I knew some more about Historical art place of our world from His artistic words .

I joined to Session of Subject Gandhi , A writer had translated to Biography of Gandhi in his own language  so he shared some about letters of Gandhi from his session .

       I listen to Ashok Bajpai , Sanjna Kapoor , Anuj Khare , Nandita Das , Nawazudin Sidiqi and some more writers or screen artists in my three days Zee JlF 2018 .

I missed to session of Sarmila Tagor , Shobha Day , Bulaki Sharma , Sangeeta Singh and some more online friends ..

Art Critic vinod Bhardwaj Ji in sleeep Mode  at Zee JLF

 I shoot a Critical picture of a Art Critic  Sir  Vinod Bhardwaj ji ,caption of that picture will this , when a right critic will sleep then how to art and literature plus culture will get right path for future ..its not kidding its reality of  my thought I thought it in that movement or I shoot that live motion a critical motion of a critic of INDIA . 

Myself And HT Photographer Sir Himanshu Vyas ji at Zee JLF 2018

This year I also used  Bahi ( note book of Account ) for  my sketching , there in every session I did sketching from my hand or  my ears were  doing their job they are hearing to all sessions or speakers in Zee JLF 2018 .
After one year I met to Director of Diggi Palace Hotel and to Sanjoy Roy the organizer of Zee JLF . they both were noticed to me again in my real art mood at Diggi palace but I did not done any dialog with them  but our silence was talking in virtual webs at Zee JLF  

I gifted to myself to my close friend / senior/ big brother  Master Himanshu Vyas ji , he is missing me every time when he feel alone in hisself that same condition is myself,  in my alone condition  but after one year we could met again on same place that was Zee JLF /DIGGI PALACE JAIPUR . 

A session of Paintings in Darbar Hall  At Zee JLF  2018

B.N. Goswami expressing to his book INDIAN Art  in Darbar Hall  At Zee ZLF 2018

 This year I could not attended to Zee JLF all days  but my heart was there because , Zee JLF is talking on subject of  my thinking nature . I am not academic literature person but I am writing to line color or to light ( Photography is also writing to light ) . here  you can see that’s live example  how to I write to Zee JLF in art or photography  by  my vision . 

 ( its  my sketching - writing by  art lines  at ZEE JLF 2018 ) 

A artist has expressed to Zee JLF in this art form and installed that in Zee JLF 2018
  It can possible because I did participated in Zee JLF 2018 

 So here I said I participate in Zee JLF 2018 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, January 29, 2018

Art Vibration - 485

Medium Can’t  Bound To  Artist , Samanvai Art Gallery  is Teaching it Today …

Invitation of Art Exhibition of Samanvai Art gallery  Jaipur  2018

Friends we know Art have full freedom for expressions, art  knew a way , by  any kind of mediums . so we can say nothing fix for art in form of art medium . its historical example is we can see in VISHNU DHARMOTAR  PURAN of INDIA , I have read in that a RISHI Narayan Muni  ( Follower of God Rule ) Painted a Women painting by Juice of Mango . in this example we can see to  expression  mood  of Rishi was  very strong , he was  used to any kind of medium for art , the  mango juice is not a art medium today, but Narayan Muni was used it in time of  VISHNU DHARMOTAR PURAN . 

Art Work Of Iranian Artist  medium Fiber Sheet .
Kind  your information  I also used this kind of format for  my art painting , I used to tea , cow dung , natural leafs  for  my art painting .it mean I am out to  bounding  of medium . I  knew it after read to VISHNU DHARMOTAR PURAN  In my Art Study  time .  

Here I am telling it because last week I have visited a art exhibition of Iranian  Artists At Jaipur . that exhibition was exhibited in Samanvai Art Gallery . here I will sharing with  you that exhibition  invitation cards so  you can read to Artist name and work  visuals . but I am talking about medium at here . I saw Iranian Artists have exhibited his art works in gallery . I noticed their art medium.  one artist have done his art work on fiber Sheets ( for artist this kind of Medium is very easy for transport , cheap , light weight or that’s sheet can exhibit everywhere without any frame of ETC. ) 

Art Work Of Iranian Artist  medium cloth ...
One Artist have used cloth so that was also easy medium , he can role his art works , cloth is very light wait and easy for transport .  or third artist used light weight papers for his art works .  so in very cheep cost they have expressed his art vision in India through Samanvai Art gallery .

Here Samanvai Art gallery have played a role as a art Teacher , I know to Director Ritu Khuhad Ma’m she is very supporting person for art and artists. She is promoting to true art from Her gallery . by this Art Exhibition she has teaching to all new comer artist about no boundary for artist about selection of Medium . 

It is a new start for contemporary art . she has exhibited Iranian Artists works in very natural form . she did  not thought about extra presentation or aesthetical look of their art works.  because that’s works simplicity was very attractive or artistic too. That work was welcoming to new struggler artist for express to his her art vision on very cheap / simple medium or they can exhibit in gallery for share his her art vision with society .

Art Work Of Iranian Artist  medium light weight paper  and in mid of myself  in visit time ,,

The Artist of Iran have done it in very simple form of art exhibition and I enjoyed their work form not to their art medium , because I know medium is belong to artist,  artist  not belong to medium  .Artist give definition to medium , its example is Ajanta cave Arts that was not a proper medium but Artists used that rocks for art as a art medium or today that is in seven wonders of ASIA . 

Myself is Registering  by  my art sigh Elephant  painting on their canvas 2018
So after visit to that Exhibition I wrote a note in visitor book of Samanvai Art gallery  in my thanks feelings . because they are giving a right way to new comer Artists from their Art gallery as a real art Teacher of Artists . they are inviting to artist for freedom of vision or art , they are inspiring to artist for feel free about his her free creation . 

 So here I said about it Medium can’t bound to Artist , Samanvai Art gallery is teaching it  today …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA