Friday, January 05, 2018

Art Vibration - 482

 Their Publication is a right
Appreciation /Promotion to my Art…

Calendar Image of 2018 , MGST.Bikaner  Photo by Rajesh Purohit
Friends you know this year of  my blog I dedicated to our former king of Bikaner , Maharaja Ganga  Singh ji Bahadur Bikaner . so in this chain of blog post I found a one more art story , its connect to the name of our Late Maharaja Ganga  Singh Ji Bahadur . it is co incident of  my art journey but it is so I am telling it ..

Kind  your information  in year 2017 month September I shared a post about  my digital art practice , that was on a B & W image of  grandson of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Bahadur , yes that image was maharaja Karni Singh  ji . The director of Trust of Maharaja Ganaga Singh ji Bahadur , Princess Rajyashree Kumari selected to me for her art project . the office worker of  M.G.S.Trust master  Rajesh Purohit ji posted me a image of late Maharaja Karni Singh ji by E  Mail of M.G.S.Trust . he told me our Princess Rajyashree ji want to you , you color to this picture for her art project . may be she will use  it in a new year calendar . 

I felt happy because the royal family and that’s members are remembering me when they need some fine art work for their art project . it was a great art achievement for me because Maharaja Ganga Singh Trust was called to  me for a art work . kind  your information in five hours sitting I have  done that art job . I converted that B& W image in Color  by photo editing  exercise . by luck that image was came out in color like a natural color photography or our Princess liked that and passed that for their art project . so it was a right art achievement for me from her selective vision . I did passed my art exam from  our royal family or their art project . I won trust of a royal trust of  royal king family through  my art practice .
 But story was not end at here .

We know 2018 is started  so a new calendar is hanged on our home wall .it is natural for move with right time or date . calendar is a very unique concept of our world . it is not in a frame of any country , its for all educative humans of our world family . calendar is giving to us a one think , equality to world time and design . without calendar we will live /move in a blind  time or space , without calendar we can’t see to history or we can’t design to future of our world . calendar concept is not bound in any celebration or tradition , it is a very must for daily life on this earth for time calculation . I can say very much on this calendar  concept . but I stop it here now , about calendar concept ,our new year celebration is not a festival of any country . its just a respect , dedication .appreciation ,promotion to calendar concept designer .

Our Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Bahadur Trust or that’s trusties are knowing the value of calendar in human life so they have design a  art project for calendar of year 2018 . it was  my good luck for this art project , our princess Rajayshree ji selected to me and I could  done a art work for her art project . I am very thankful for hon’ble Princess of Bikaner Rajyashree ji or for Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Bahadur Trust Bikaner..

Yesterday I received a digital image of her art project . that was calendar of year 2018 . I visited that calendar image and felt happy because  my digital art work was published from Maharaja Ganga  Singh Ji Bahadur Trust . 

its  my original photo editing work on B&W Photo Image of Maharaja Karni Singh  ji Bikaner ..

Here that calendar image I am sharing with  you for your visit . about  my art work it is a right  Appreciation /promotion or reward . the Hotel Lalghar Palace Bikaner unite have published it on order of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Bahadur Trust Bikaner .   

So I am looking  to it for  my art journey , it is a right  appreciation / promotion to my art …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Bidhan Biswas said...

Rajesh purohit means director of museum ......?