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Ministry Of Culture Is Promoting To Folk Theater  In INDIA …

Folk it is  a very important word for our Human family . it have the sense of History , culture , tradition, life education, motivation , promotion  and much more about confident  life. 

 In India we are calling to it  Folk , or in our own language  we are calling to it LOK. Lok Mean representation of Human Culture/ sense /style or tradition . so here in this post I will use word LOK ( Folk ) for  my easy writing .  we Indian people or some experts are saying Lok is up to all kind of religions , when religions feel incomplete then they look to LOK and Lok give a right way to them  for life. 

Group Photo of All Folk theater Performers  at  Ravindra Rang Manch 2018
Lok came in Human life with birth of Human or  with time its getting modification time to time . this Lok is a format of inner sound , Lok give freedom  to humans  for express to inner sound. Folk have no any academic theory but that’s presentation is creating itself a new theory for next generation .  I feeling it  practically  by a Lok theater of My City . 
Senior Artists of Folk theater of INDIA ..Sir Vasudev Bhatt ji, Rajasthan , Sir Prakash Khandke  Maharashtra , Sir Ram Raj Punjab ,Sir Manjur Ahamad Meer jamu & Kashmir  at Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner 2018

Chairman of U.I.T. Bikaner  Sir Mahaveer Ranka ji , Director of NZCC & WZCC with guests at Ravindra Rang Manch  2018

Nike Name - Sir Banshilal ji Kuchamani  Folk Theater Artist  and  myself  at Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner 2018 

Nike Name Banshilal Ji performing to Kuchamani Khayal folk theater in folk theater workshop  at Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner 2018
Temple Raghunath ji , Bikaner , this temple trust or trusties are organizing Lok theater  to last 150 years , we are calling to that RASLEELA . its start at 12 am or it will complete at 12 pm  on special day SHARAD PURNIMAA ( a Night of Full Moon of winter  time ) , in that RASLEELA  they colony peoples , kids or senior citizens are perform to character of Lord Krishna/shiva/Nandi /Yasoda/king/ Guru/ friends of god . but only male ( female is not perform in this lok )   and a Story of Great Donor King BALI and God WAMAN AWTAR . the king BALI donate his body to god in donation , the god give freedom to soul of king Bali ( Mukti ) .this same story is performing in that RASLEELA to last 150 years  continue without any change . it is noticeable point of folk theater . 
performance of Bhand Paather  folk theater at Ravindra Rang Manch Bikaner 2018
folk theater performance of Bhand Paather  at Ravindra rang manch  Bikaner 2018
folk theater NAKAL ( Punjab ) at Ravindra Rang Manch Bikaner 2018

performance of Kuchamani Khayal  folk theater at Ravindra Rang manch Bikaner 2018
That Lok theater is based on musical poetry or dance . last 20 years to continue I am visiting to that RASLEELA in my city.  so I can say I know very much about folk theater . that RASLEELA is giving life education , indication for discipline of life and educating to history of Indian religions through the folk theater performance , for me that RASLEELA is like a live art institute about  education of folk theater  art .  in this 20 years I noticed Lok have no change in base or concept , lok not need any popularity ,publicity and promotion because LOK was designed for life education that’s all . its  my lok sense after observe to real Lok . 
Folk theater Tamasha Batawani  performance of maharashtra  at Ravindra Rang Manch Bikaner 2018

Folk theater Tamasha Laawani   performance of maharashtra  at Ravindra Rang Manch Bikaner 2018
 ( Note :- Raghunath temple RASLEELA is perform only on SHARAD PURNIMA  Night , they performer are not perform to that after that day , or out to that colony ( CHOK ) . it is a live example of committed Lok performer , they are not need any award, certificate and much more because they know Lok was designed for give not for take .  ) .  
 Folk theater - Rasleela Performance at Raghunath Tmeple Bikaner file photo year 2017
 Folk theater - Rasleela Performance at Raghunath Tmeple Bikaner file photo year 2017
 Folk theater - Rasleela Performance at Raghunath Tmeple Bikaner file photo year 2017
 Folk theater - Rasleela Performance at Raghunath Tmeple Bikaner file photo year 2017

Dr. Saurabh Bhatt and Folk Artist Vishal Bhatt is performing Jaipuri Khayal  in workshop at Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner 2018 
Dr Saurabh bhatt , Artist Vishal Bhat and Senior Artist Taapan Bhat , Dilip Bhatt are  presenting  to Jaipuri Khayal or Tamasha at Ravindra Rang manch  Bikaner 2018 

 I am Happy the Ministry of Culture  are working on this very first element of life culture that’s name is LOK theater  

Myself  in viewers gallery with Team of Bhand Paather J & K at R.R. M. Bikaner 2018 ,i talked on Kashmiri folk subject with Artist  Rukshar  Bhagat J & K .
Friends I am telling it because on date 10 January  2018 , I invited for a  Folk theater workshop or festival at Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner . that invitation came by post at  my postal address from Ministry of culture Govt. Of INDIA . 

That folk theater  workshop cum festival  was organized by North zone culture center /west zone culture center  or U.I T. Bikaner .

There I visited to two days workshop of  folk theater . I noticed to performance  of Kashmiri folk theater BHAND PAATHER /folk theater of Punjab NAKAL / performance of Maharashtra  TAMASHA / Rajasthani Folk  theater KUCHAMANI KHAYAL / Jaipuri TAMASHA KHAYA .

Myself  in viewers gallery with Team of Urja theater  Society  Bikaner  At R.R. M. Bikaner 2018

That workshop gave me some more information about folk theater , I noticed,  it was came in India with Mugal kings or in INDIA it was transformed in religions story or education format . 

Folk theater TAMASHA was base  of that workshop , I noticed many styles of TAMASHA folk theater  in that two days of workshop . but that’s base was same ,  poetic ,story telling  through support of music and dance .   the Kashmiri TAMASHA was in Kashmiri  sound ( sound Mean , dress. Language, music , or Historical  story of that land ) the Maharashtrian folk theater was in color of Mahareashtra , Punjab folk theater was in mood of Punjab Folk and Rajasthani Folk theater was in Rajasthani soul . 

Through that live workshop of folk theater  I observed they all artist cum performer are living to folk or someone have it , in their bool from their four fathers , for example I can say the Bhatt Family from Jaipur Gharana . 

Myself  At Ravindra Rang Manch  Bikaner  2018 , i joined to folk theater workshop and festival as a viewer / artist / folk student for my heritage project .. Jai Hind ...

Over all in that four days I see the folk theater is working in mid of our society or in our nation cities , it will still with human life as a live culture of life. 

It will more live long  when the nation government or that’s machinery will promote to it for right guide line of nation life . so I am thankful for Ministry of culture  they invited me,  they revive my folk education through that live folk theater art workshop or festival  

That Lok  theater  workshop or activity was interacted to all indian folk theater artists on one Stage ,it was communicating to different folk theater style  or that’s different shades . it was interesting or artistic  too.
I dedicated My four days to that folk theater workshop or festival , as a art Student there to I got  folk theater education with  right information about  folk or that’s history . it can possible  by promotion of Ministry of Culture / Government of INDIA .

So here  I said Ministry of Culture is Promoting to folk theater in INDIA …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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