Saturday, August 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 194

Hai Ram

Our Nation Father Mahatma  Ghandhi  with First prime
minister of INDIA P. Jawahar lal Nehru 
Many peaceful thinkers  and  philosophers of my nation were  said  word HAI RAM the name of  GOD RAM  . God Ram is symbol of patience test .  I were created this text in Hindi  as a screen saver  on  screen of my mobile hand set  NOKIA 3310 . writer Tulsi Das Goswami was defined to this word and after that many sants and philosopher were used it .Great late freedom fighter or our nation Father Shri Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandhi was said this word on movement of his death history said this word was last words of Mahatma Ghandhi ji.

I have read to Mahatma Ghandhi in my art history as a philosopher of SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDRAM,  in one word TRUTH . INDIAN art philosophy is accept only true . there no space for any art game or untruth art activity  . I am remembering  and sharing this Indian  art philosophy concept with  you because  today once again  I were try to visit a true art . so this word and its philosophy come in front side of my art vision by by this art vision I am sharing with  you for  your art vision.

Poster Image of Cine Art  SATYAGRAH , Dr. Amitabh Bachchan,
Director  Prakash Jha , Actor Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, kareena Kapoor 
Actually today I were went to visit a cine art presentation in form of film SATYAGRAH . After creation of my true art work of today. In this film senior and great cine art master + Doctor  Amitabh Bachchan have played a good serious role of a senior citizen . yesterday he was reply me on his blog with information about visit my art work , he said I will  try to visit  . so it was very must  for me if I visit his work . I did try and I could seen his art work today by cinema hall . 

After gave the charge of cine art ticket i said  HAI RAM ,
it was costly  to  past so HAI RAM..
At cinema hall I were still like a art student and observer to visual art as a critic. I were went there  for visit of performance of  Dr. Amitabh bachchan and direction of Film Director Mr. Prakash Jha, I were noticed that film concept and story plus visuals . film concept was based on politics and that’s impression on common man . as a common man I were noticed some critical condition but there writer and film creator were not gave me any right way by vision for condition . in that case I were remembered  my past real truth  time . I were in class 12th in fine art education . one day my class teacher Mr. Chandratan  Achary ( Drawing Teacher ) was gave us information about fine art subject and that’s right tool for perfection of art exercise. He told us it is very must for  your art study , you have drawing board, painting stand , art medium drawing sheet and some more art tool but you have not from your school . he was gave us a right information  so as a needy artist I were talked  to my all class mates and then we were wrote a application for art tool demand . we were 35 something fine art students . our application was some critical and that was full page application matter so sign of students were on other page . we all were went to submit that application in hand of our school principal sir . in that movement we all 35 students were in a unite form I were submitted that application of our art tool demand  in hand of our principal  sir . in that case I were not added second page of our signs . principal was read that and asked to me who wrote this application ?  with some strict sound . I said we all were wrote it . after that our principal sir said to us we will not give  you anything and if  you will take any step on this demand then I will take a action on  you I will give  you T.C .in  your hand . I were talking to principal and after few minute my principal asked me who need this art tool I said we all  Student Sir . then he asked  to me where  your all after  you see  your back . when I saw  my back side I felt very hurt and alone because they all 34 art students were leaved that place I were alone in front side of my principal in his room. My principal asked  to me tell me what I do against  you?  I said I were not demanding this art tool only  for me its our art study demand or our teacher told to us then we are demanding  to  you for our perfect art exercise . but that day I were done a self commitment like message of Sir Ravindra Nath  Thakur  EKLA CHALORE .. After that live meeting to our principal I were felt very upset and hurt and I were not trust on my classmates they had been broken my trust  . after few days my class teacher was posted a post card to my parents and he was wrote  your son is doing politics  in school . ha ha ha.. time knew who was done politic with my art merit in result of my 12th board practical  Exam.  In exam time examiner was friend  of my family member but I were not told to any one because I were confident about my art exercise and I were got first division with 72 % actually that was 92% but by politics that was 72% for me ..ha ha that was time joke . today again   I am  remembering  that  true critical  story of myself  after visit to cine art presentation of SATYAGRAHA .

Art work of 12th class of myself without
art tool i said it in last post 
Art work of 12th class of myself without
art tool i said it in last post 

I were noticed time is creating handicapped condition for capable person on this earth  in this  condition he is fight to that handicapped condition by his patience or knowledge . In this true inner or outer fight we listen to them a one word HAI RAM .. In  cine art of SATYAGRAH  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan also  used  to this word for recall to seniors philosophy about peace and patience . So after listen word hai Ram  from his mouth , I were remembered my past true fight for right and then I got word HAI RAM from myself or its continue with me when I see to critical condition in our live system of daily life ., so I said here HAI RAM …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, August 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 193

Airtel & my Art

2003 , this year I were connected to air communication by new technology in form of Mobile hand set .I were buy very first Nokia 3310 hand set for art communication .about  connection of   communication I were buy sim of Oasis. Oasis was  gave me a number of communication 9829199686 . in 2003 I were not connected to online communication because I were not educated for online communication so I were communicate to my all artist friends by mobile SMS and phone calls too . Mostly I were sending sms because I were knew sms live save in inbox of mobile . it can read any time and its live save for long time . it is benefit from Mobile communication companies .
And sms way was easy for me and it was caring or saving my money for next art work  . my all artist friends were knew about me or about my mobile communication so they were saying to me sms sender .by this mobile communication I were connected through  myself art sound with lots of national or state level artists of my nation. I were invited by mobile invitation to many art lovers for my art visit in art gallery or in street art exhibition.

After my master art education when I were in practice of  visual art at JKK  Jaipur . in that time many art critics and media persons were called me for collect some latest art news or update of myself  art exercise . they have saved  my contact number for art update. This mobile number was gave me many chance  for art interview and that art interview was published in some big news paper of Rajasthan Like HINDUSATAN TIMES , RAJASTHAN PATRIKA, DENIK NAVJYOTY, BHASKAR , DENIK YUGPAKSH , MAHKA BHART and etc  . some electronic media was presented  my art work on TV after communicate with me through my Mobile Communication in that list I can share name of  E TV RAJASTHAN , PATRIKA TV JAIPUR , BHAKAR TV JAIPUR, overall this mobile communication was created many art presentation way in my limited art communication  .

In mid of time Oasis was converted or mixed in Airtel and Airtel was  promoted to this limited communication tool with new energy .  they gave some free offer of SMS and some more easy and cheep cost offer for fast  communication by Mobile . For caller I were set a hello tune for four year . that was song but actually that was a poem of  Dr. Harivansh rai Bachchan   in voice of  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan , that’s word was KABHI KABHI MERE DIL MAI KHAYAL AATA HAI …….KABHI KABHI ..!

For this hello tune  my some artist friends were called me about next call and they were told me I have call you because I want to listen  your hello tune so in next call of myself  you will not pick my phone . for friends art fun I were not picked that’s call and they were listening  that full hello tune without any charge on mobile communication . that was deep art fun for my friends from my  side by support of Airtel hello Tune . that was interesting  for my friends.

In art study and after education of master I were lived  busy in work of art full day in a one room and that same condition is still with me today for my art because I am committed for my art very first . so there this mobile communication was gave me some light feeling when I were talked  to my artist friends .that same condition was with my friends . we were got refreshment by mobile talk in mid of art work . so airtel was my strong backup in past time or in my alone time .

A very interesting story of  my mobile talk. I want to share  with  you , I were in Mumbai for my art exhibition and there I were done two art exhibition in a one art gallery that’s name is Pradarshak Art gallery . when I were started there talk to gallery director  in mid of talk I were received phone call from my mother . many time this seen was created for me my  my time by this air communication . when I were went second time for exhibition at Pradarshak  in 2007 , that same seen was created time for me . when mobile ring tone was started in mobile that gallery director told me pick  your phone I think its  your mother call .. ha ha ha  that was my mother call . ha ha ha.. what I could said to that gallery director but that gallery director was understood my communication and that’s connection seen . because that director was also good artist cum  familiar  for me .

Last year I were connected again  to airtel on online by facebook or by twitter and this year  I were posted a good wish on festival of colorful   HOLY . then I were received a reply on twitter by this  airtel communication team with word thanks .

So this post is a very big thanks to airtel because they have cared  to my art journey by  this strong communication in my limited art communication time and today its continue with me like a family backup . so I said today Airtel and My Art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 192

I do it,Will you do it …?

Image from that video by digital graphic work of myself ..

Feelings it is  a very important part of human life . its start with birth and it get end by death. Life face and feel unlimited feelings  in this birth to death  journey . philosopher Sigmund Freud told about feeling s , its working on unconscious part of human heart . really its fact .i can say it after feel it  and  you all know about it very well . because we all are feeling every day different kind of feeling in our daily life. As a educated  person we care feeling of others as a feeling full person.

 We know time is giving every time some practical condition that is taking our test . and we are giving our test by our inner feeling sense . some time we care, some time we help and some time we support to needy person . because we can feel , feeling of other person   as a human. I can say, its god gift to soft heart people of our world  and I am happy god have designed  this kind of soft heart in our world for care to others feeling.

I am saying it because today  I have feel it again from a good senior writer cum poet and in facebook  communication language artist friend . Writer cum Poet  Dr. Mamta Goel ji was shared   a video presentation on feeling and care subject on her facebook page . with tile of that video . JUST WATCH THIS , I AM SURE  YOU WILL DEFINITELY SHARE IT ..

I saw that video presentation with full patience and I were observed to that message . that was working on my emotions and my eyes was wet by tears of my own eyes .because I were went in my past memory there I were watched some emotional  movement of my true feeling full art journey.

Here before that video link I want to share  my one true emotional and respectable short story of art collage . I was in B.F.A. foundation . our practical exam was on and I were giving my clay modeling exam in sculpture department . that time weather was summer . so body was demanding water for coolness. There a tradition water pot  ( MATKI  ) was putted for us . I were went near that water pot and opened that cover I saw water was in empty condition , I were tried to collect some water in small  steel pot . some water came in that pot  so I felt I can get some water  for me. In same time our examiner a lady examiner came near myself and asked to me  about water , she was came from other collage so I were not said to her a right  condition of that water pot . I were gave in her hand  that small steel pot  with some water .when she was taken that small steel pot in her hand  I were leaved that spot , she was drank that water and again tied  for collect more water and she knew she was drank last drops of  that water pot . after knew that art motion  and action of myself she was called me hey boy come here , you gave me your water  your were knew  here no more water in this water pot so why you give me ? it was for  you I said no it was for  you so  you have drank  . I said  don’t worry Ma’m I will drink water from outside of  our art collage . she was understood my feeling care nature and there I were care to image of my art collage and gave respect to that lady art  teacher very first by that small feeling full art action. Today this story again came front side of myself  when I were visited that video presentation of  life and feeling care concept. So tears was  in my eyes naturally  .

That video presentation was from western  side and that’s impression is working on east side it mean  feeling is working on all human same to same . that video presentation  is giving a new soft feeling for good thinker and its creating space of feeling in hard  thinker . when here  you will visit that video I sure  you will feel something true feeling  and you will go in your true feeling of your past life. Its example is this blog post by me . so I said I do it , will you do it ?

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 191


Friends today we all Indian are celebrating to festival of Krishan janashtami a birthday of lord Krishana. In my city many installation artist and child artists are busy in presentation of installation art with concept of lord krishana . in my childhood age I were started this installation art presentation from myself art exercise and I were installing continue 20 years and I were got two time merit award for my art installation . by that art installation  today my colony and that’s all kids are knowing me as a artist of Krishn jhanki  installer . After 2003 I were got busy in serious art  study so I were stop to installation presentation by me on janmashatmi day. But my colony kids are following to that art installation and some art design of myself for self art installation as a concept . I think it is my art income by way of art. It can not save in bank account but it is save in my art vision. So thanks to all kids of my  Bangla Nagar ,colony .

I am thankful for my art time because that is give me this creative way for next artist of our society. In family or in my colony many kids,  in art language child artist are busy in installation  art work about Krishan Jhanki .

But today   I am remembering  my year 2007 I were in Mumbai for a art exhibition . there in September month  people are enjoying to festival of Govinda its second name of Lord Krishana . there they are not installing any installation of art about Lord Krishana . there they are celebrate to that festival like a live play or performance by group activity with traditional and cultural folk dance.

There I were noticed in any street of Mumbai  some folk cultural societies  were  fixed a pot of batter on a good height . there some registered group can play that Govinda festival . many group can try for brake to that pot of batter by creation of human  pyramid .

That folk activity is very risky but they are playing with full fun . there I were noticed  they were played by color s of holy , they were moving in group ( toil ) ,When I were watching to a  pot of batter that was hanged on very up  height . so I were started photography of that batter pot and then group of GOVINDA . there I were shoot them like a photo story . step by step start to end of that batter pot by Group of Govinda .

There I were saw very first time live human pyramid creation and that’s right way for achieve to aim . that aim was batter pot of height. Some folk musician were created folk ,music  on drum and on Manjira  with sound Govinda Aala re Aala , Govinda ..that sound and music was promoted and motivated to that Govinda group . in that  passion of Achievement of batter pot  they were taken full risk in design of human pyramid . I saw a group was tried but on last movement a one person missed grip on other group member in that movement they were got down like a play card .but they were taken same risk again with more confidence with more strong sound and grip on pyramid design of human. In second time  they were designed  more strong human  pyramid and finally they were  broken to batter pot and then starts folk dance presentation that was victory presentation of that Govinda group for that street . there I saw art, culture, unity , risk, confidence and passion of victory . In  that movement I were saw they all Govinda group was busy in a one thing how to brake to hanged butter pot like lord Krishana. There some society was  giving some prize to winner of Govinda it is culture of Mumbai Govinda festival .

 But for me that was a live performance of art and culture by a group with full risk . so I were shoot that live movement as a visual story for my art documentation  and here I am sharing with  you for  your visit that live visual story  movement as a art and culture environment of our Nation with sound of lord Krishana life. So here today I am remembering  that visual story movement of my past on birthday of Lord krishan and  here I said to that Story of Govinda festival from Mumbai …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 190


International  writer talking on literature Stage of  JLF -2010
24-01-2010, I were in Jaipur for meet to my very close and very first   junior friend Mr. Apoorv Sharma . he was came from London after his master of Art education. And I were not met to him to last 4 years before 2010 . so I were went Jaipur from Bikaner.

When I were stand on road of  Jaipur I were called  to Artist Apoorv for meet then he was told me we will meet at event of  Jaipur Literature  festival at Diggi palace Hotel . I were went there direct for meet to my first junior friend .

Religion writer in JLF - 2010 
When I were entered  in that literature festival , I were saw many lover of literature in that Diggi palace hotel . my friend was not came there on right time so I were waiting of him and in that case I were visited that festival and that’s right meaning for peoples . I saw many stalls were  installed there from print media and they were giving news paper to guests of that festival for reading . I were collected a news paper of TIMES OF INDIA and started to reading of  art page in that case a KULAD TEA distributer and tea maker was gave me one cup kulad tea . I were enjoyed that very traditional kulad tea with news paper reading work. That was artistic and cultural movement of my visit. So thanks to Diggi palace Hotel.

A Sketch i were observed in JLF. 2010
But waiting  time and my inner sense need meeting to my junior Apoorv and he was not there.  So in that puzzle condition  I were taken  some visuals from my camera and I got some very memorable visuals of that live literature festival.

There I were observed to art , photography , writing and talk on literature or that’s contemporary condition. There I were visited a live exhibition of press photographers . I saw some book stalls and some folk singer and dancers art performance . that was a live fair of art and literature for me . in that live literature activity I were shoot to our forest minister and art master Msr. Bina Kak  ( online artist friend ) she was listing  to literature talk as a common listener . on stage of literature talk I were saw to great writer cum critic Shobha de ( online friend ) I were shoot her many action of literature talk presentation and I were listen her words about contemporary literature and that’s publication.  After that I were saw to some press photographer friends so I were shoot to them as a photographer friend for my art documentation. There I saw press photographer Suman Sarkar , Yogendra Gupta  , Himanshu Vyas  and some more press photographers , they were knew me because in Jaipur I were done press photography job  for two month and in that two month they were knew me and my art action in press photography.

Writer cum Critic Shobha De  Busy in talk on stage of Jaipur  Literature festival -2010

When I were busy in photography work in that case my junior friend Apoorv Sharma came near myself and he was huge me very tit  . his eyes was wet by tears but his face was in smile or in happiness motion after meet to me . I were changed his mood by my photography work visuals and then he was shared some line of a English book because he was buy that good  book from  that literature festival .

Press Photographer Suman JLF- 2010
 After some time I were got hungry . there I saw lots of food but that was for invited guest . so I were not taken  that food . I said to my junior I am feeling hungry  but I will eat food outside of this place . he said yes its not for us. For food brake we came out,  outside of that festival place and went on a small hotel ( DHABA ) that was near SMS hospital Jaipur .

 After food eaten  work we came back and enjoyed to that literature festival with our art and critical talk . that was very true and live motion of my life I were lived  to myself with my first junior friend. There we were moving on book stalls in that case we saw  a sketch by  a green boll pen . so I were shoot that and Apoorv started art talk on that sketch matter . art talk is in his blood because he is Grandson of our  late great art master Shri  Devki Nandan Sharma ji .

Forest Minister  Cum art Master  Bina Kak  In jaipur Literature festival - 2010.

Over all we were shared our two hours by our meeting to Jaipur literature festival and there I were observed  to literature , photography , art and culture with taste of Kulad tea. So  here I said a visit of Jaipur literature festival ...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, August 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 189


Friends you know it very well about art gallery. It’s a live space  of art presentation for  visual art . Art Gallery concept was designed specially  about  visual art  . Because creative art  and that’s value like a pure diamond so our senior art creators and critics were created this art gallery concept for our world art in this world .

This concept is working very well today for visual art . In our nation INDIA , we have a very rich art gallery . that is in city Mumbai and that’s name is Jehangir Art gallery . in past it was giving a real art image to artist after exhibition at Jehangir  art gallery , I have read it in my art history . Progressive art group was exhibited art exhibition in Jehangir art gallery . that time jehangir art gallery was provided art space for exhibition of  PAG Group. Great late artist suzaa, Hussain , Hebaar and some more artist of PAG  group was exhibited art exhibition at jehangir art gallery . our art history said it when I were read that.

After art education I were try for exhibition at jehangir art gallery . I were filled many time application forms of art exhibition at jehangir art gallery but time were not supported  to me . I were got upset because I were lost my 12 year in wait of jejahgir Art gallery . this waiting matte story I have shared  with  you on this art vibration in past , so I will not rewrite that again for  you.. that’s link is  this ..for  your look .. 

But I were taken a art action with critical sound of art. I said jehangir Art gallery for visual artist not for director of  management of jehangir Art gallery .i were criticism by art work of cartoon art. Actually I wanted to change in system of jehangir art gallery . they were  following  to old rule with old patron  and there waiting of 6 year is still today so no way for very fresh  young art  energy or that’s presentation of art  at jehangir art gallery.

After my hard criticism the management of jehangir Art gallery  was noticed  my art sound by critical way  and they were changed  some  old rule of Jehangir Art gallery . it was new start for fresh Indian art presentation by jehangir Art gallery . I were liked that .In that change of rule Jehangir art gallery was launched a web site with online network page on facebook or twitter . it was real contemporary art action and change by jehangir art gallery so I were liked that very much  . that online art action was showing to me if Jehangir is with me about contemporary art concept of INDIA.

I were joined to that web page as a artist of INDIA. When i were clicked on web page of jehangir art gallery . I were saw a new offer for artist from web designer or from jehangir art gallery . on main page jehangir art gallery and that’s web designer was created  a digital painting format , on that page without digital painting no one could  entered in web page for visit to jehangir art gallery and that’s art information on online . so after registration of myself  I were created seven digital paintings on web page  for jehangir art gallery.  In that time I said about jehangir Art gallery.  THE JEHANGIR ART GALLERY IS PROVIDING DIGITAL ART MEDIUM FOR VISUAL ARTIST SO JOIN NOW AND ENJOY TO DIGITAL PAINTING ON PAGE OF JEHANGIR ART GALLERY . I were shared this kind of words with digital painting image of web page of jehangir art gallery .

I were created seven paintings in graphic style because there painting tool and that’s use was working very limited . that was technical falt from designer but that was not a important matter , there important matter was it , if Jehangir art gallery  was provided art medium in digital form  for visual artist of INDIA with free space or without waiting . that was direct painting on jehangir art gallery and that’s digital wall. I were enjoyed to that digital painting exercise when I were created direct of web page of jehangir art gallery . step by step I were created seven different type painting by limited art tool on that web page. But I did art exercise on web page of  jehangir art gallery from support of jehangir art gallery team. .

Here  you can visit  my art exercise of digital painting on  web page of jehangir  art gallery. there I were not only one artist many senior and junior artist of INDIA were created digital painting on web page of jehangir art gallery and some good art work, jehangir art gallery web page team was updated on main web page of Jahangir art gallery . by bad luck I could not get that chance for my digital art work but a one art work was got  like with good words from web team of jehangir art gallery so I were thankful for team of Jahangir art gallery and thats management team director  because they were provide me jehangir art gallery on online with digital art medium so I said digital art on web page of jehangir art gallery …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 188


I were memorized  this image  for my printmaking exam of 10+ 2 year 1993-04
Demand is a way of creation of new way .It is fact of our human life . for example we can look to a very small kid and that’s activity. When kid need some from us  and kid is not know any language of communication  in that case kid is start to weep with strong sound  that weep sound is pulling our sense we notice to demand of kids because we can’t face violence of kids for long time . so we are give  to kid his or her demand . kid is creating demand recovery by itself .  but this condition of demand not live with kids its live with all in any age group level person . 

In My art education I were faced this live condition many times. When  I were in class 12th  year 1993-04 , in my art subject I were gave test of graphic art by printmaking process . but in our school I were not seen any printmaking machine . but subject wanted printmaking result by our self as a submission .there printmaking machine was in demand but that demand was created a new way for our printmaking . that was very critical but artistic. We were created printmaking result by manual print  without printmaking machine .ha ha.

other graphic work by me 
other graphic work by me 

We were created a new way for our print , we were taken table Spoon in our hand and then rub on paper sheet and got print of our printmaking subject . that was very new way of printmaking from our  fine art education of our school . ha

other graphic work by me 
There rule was taking action on student like a academic level but there we were not got any academic art tool for right art education. But subject want to us right result and result want to us right way of art creation so that art education demand  was gave me some creative way for our example or that’s result. Can  you imagine  printmaking by table spoon ?  I were done it .ha

Before printmaking we can’t use any image for live drawing on lino sheet for lino cut . it was another challenge for me . I know how to I were completed that live challenge  in limitation of printmaking tool . in practical  time we could not used any drawing image and we could not entered  in examination hall with other drawing paper. 

so I were done hard work for that live drawing demand of our printmaking exam .kind  your information that drawing image  I were draw very first from our central city library of Bikaner , I were draw that drawing from a art book of that library because I were wanted some good result for my art education , I were self committed  for art and art education because I wanted to see myself as a artist so I did hard work in my  past time   or in very limited art environment  , before  my exam day I were done lots of exercise on a drawing image for printmaking , that was a new way for demand of examination or I were created a new way from myself about a fine result of printmaking . I were draw  one image many time and by that drawing exercise  I were memorized to that drawing image for my printmaking exam. I were memorized continue  till  3 am before exam time , kind  your information my exam time was 8 am .

other graphic work by me 
 I were went in my examination hall with a table spoon and some tool of lino cut . when I were entered in examination hall I were demanded a white paper to Examiner helper Artist Nagendra Kiradu Ji . he was gave me a white paper that was my good luck but he was  asked to me what  you will do with white paper ? I said I will draw a rough sketch before final lino cut . he said good . its nice way for good result .

When i were started drawing of my memorized image artist Nagendra Kiradu ji was looking continue my pencil line and that’s movement  on paper . in 30 second I were completed drawing of my memory . my examiner was surprising by that short presentation of my art vision in that movement. After drawing on white paper I were transferred that image on lino sheet for lino cut . by patience I were done link cut very well for printmaking . that lino cut sheet wanted a right tool for printing but  a table spoon was in my hand as a printmaking machine hahaha..

In first step I were rolled roller of black ink on lino cut than I were putted a paper sheet on that  lino cut and then I were started exercise of rubbing paper by table spoon for print . in that movement I were converted itself in form of printmaking machine ..hahaha..  you just imagine what was that seen of my printmaking ..ha ha ha.. 

Finally time was supported to me in my limitation or in demand condition of art. But in that challenging condition I were proved to my art exercise and that’s final result . I were taken full 5 hours of my practical exam . in that case I were taken 5 something manual print by one lino cut that was possible by memorized art image. So I said here I were memorized to image . ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA