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Art Vibration - 169

When Khwaja Moiunudin Chisti Called Me

self portrait in background of Khwaja Home . Ajmer 
Friends today is world friendship day . our world is busy in celebration of this day by self emotions expression  with  true friends . someone calling to friends, someone direct talk to friends, someone sending gift to friends and someone remembering to true friend just like me.

In my real life I were joined to lots of people as a true friends I have big list of my friends.  they all are in my  memory . that list is get start from my childhood age and that is on, on  flow of friend connectivity by this present age of myself .

But friend definition is something different for social life . you are a very best friend of  yourself . if  you trust on god then god is  your special friend in this life because he always notice  to  you guide to you and follow to  you. I have trust in god and his natural energy that is working for life on this earth by our nature or environment. So, for me god is my first friend after me . this true friendship relation  my human friends know very well so I am thankful for them .

Some hopeless people in street of  Khwaja home in Ajmer. 
Here I want to share a true friendship story  with you. In my view god is a real energy of universe and my religions is art because its giving me art work vision for love and peace creation . god have many name in different religions so I am giving respect to all god’s name or that’s religions . because in education time I have read to all god and god’s  story all are giving a one message fort life create love and peace for next life of this earth .  

 God is giving promotional way, God is not giving competition way . but we human were started our social system by base of competition that competition is giving to us only pain and frustration that’s result is corruption and hopeless life. God was not designed us for hopeless life but we human have created it by our short knowledge or by our super ego .ha ..what is this I think nothing…ha
In past as a social person of society , I were participated in a competition of teacher job .ha ha.. that was time presser on my mind and I were want to pass from that social competition way .so I were participated in that competition of drawing teacher. Before that competition  I were read about teacher definition by book of Net exam. In a one line book writer define to teacher definition , he wrote some one making his self teacher but someone are teacher by birth. That book was cleared  my concept for teacher . ha

myself  in street of Khwaja  sarif home  in Ajmer .
But as a social duty I were went to gave the exam of R.P.S.C . of Amjer. By luck my center was Ajmer , the city of Khwaja Moiunudin Chisty . I don’t know what I were read before that exam but when I were went to Ajmer in that movement in my bag I were putted my camera , some boll pens one dress and Roll number + id card . I were went with my senior  Naveen swami he was also participated in that exam .

In morning  time bus was dropped to us on bas stop of Ajmer , I were searched a rest house there but all were full already to job competitor ‘s .so I went in a Dharmshala ( social rest house ) that was Hindu DHARMSHALA , I saw lots of competitor’s were there and they were busy in refresh work of body I did also that for me . and came out to that Dharmshala . in same time in myself vision  I were got a idea  for visit to Dargah of Khawaja sharif. That was not much more far to that Hindu dharmshala  so I were started walk on that way of Khawaja sharif Dargah . in few minutes walk I were in front side of Dargah of Khwaja sarif.

 There from a shop  I were buy a white small RUMAL  a white cloth piece , I were wear to that on my head then I were buy some flowers and putted my bag in a shop of flowers. I were went in Dhargah of Khwaja saheb . I were felt in that movement if I am in home of my friend , there I got positive energy for myself , someone asked to me my name  I were shared my name without fear because I were in home of my friend , someone  try to disturbed  to me but they could not  done that because I were in home of my  real friend .There I were putted my head on mazar of Khwaja and I felt more energy for my real religion , that is art. I were shoot some pictures of that street of Khwaja sarif dargah or myself . it was live meeting to my real friend in his home or in his city Ajmer.

Some students is busy in study of  exam  of RPSC. in street of Ajmer 

After that I were got busy to myself in my social duty as a common men . I were went to examination center , there I were filled all answer by my hand on answer  sheet . in limited time and then I saw a artistic and challenging question of visual art in our question paper.   

In that question examination team gave us a condition for drawing , they wrote  you will draw a clay block and a mug on that clay block in 3D form by water color . by luck ( Blessing of  khwaja )   a one brush was in my bag with water color box so I were accepted that question challenge but I said to examiner I can’t draw it after sit on chair so  you permit me for stand on my place  for drawing and painting . Ms. Manisha Examiner of our class room  was permitted to me . I were created a 3D visual according to question paper. When  i were drawing in that movement many other were  looking to my drawing action  and getting some down condition .I saw two girls were  weeping in our examination hall.  Because she were not in art practice and they were giving to drawing and painting exam .ha ha..

Myself  Still on front side of HINDI dharm Shala of Ajmer. 
That was critical point of view,  of that exam but who noticed that after me . ? in second question I read a another challenge , in that question examiner was wrote , you will create a design in mono chrome color in size 6X8 inches , I were not taken scale so I got one more new trouble in that movement , but creative mind give always creative idea I knew it so I were  taken a visiting card for use of scale . but after seen of that examination hall  condition , I were felt as a senior or I were finalized in myself , I will not do this job because my junior is weeping in front side of myself ,what is this  ? .  I were draw that design very roughly and came out to that examination hall or that  building and taken some fresh air of nature , you can say Khwaja was moved to my vision about my teaching job test . I think in that movement I did pass to that exam . after that exam some junior of my examination hall  was told to me sir  your drawing was very nice ( that  words was cleared all story of inside of examination hall ) .ha I said thanks but I am not sure for this job .best of luck ..

Over all that one day tour of Ajmer  was on name of RPSC  Drawing teacher exam. But actually I were there on a call of khwaja moiunudin chishti. At present  This month is month of God SHIV Sawan Mas in format of Hindi Panchang  or month of   GOD ALAH  Ramdan Mas  in this month time  today is a friendship day so I am remembering to that day when Khwaja Moiunudin chisty was called me .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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