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Art Vibration - 174


Praimery Education book title to this blog post ..Journey of Hawamahal .
 in my vision , photography  by yogendra kumar purohit 
Hawamahal , it is a structure of architect of historical city ,Pink city Jaipur. I have read about this Mahal in my primary education of history. I am  remembering  to Hawamala Image,  I were saw very first time on my social history  book title . that was four color printed image . that image was impressed to me when I were imagine to Hawamahal image in my imagination . kind  your information I were creative  by my birth so  you can say my creativity is god gift ..ha because I have imagined to Hawamahal  in 3D image in my imagination .

But after primary education I were saw first time live Hawamahal in my school holidays time . I were saw live Hawamahal  after my imagination. But that live look was not impressed  to me very much because in my imagination I were imagined a very big structure of Hawamahal .i were visited to that historical building structure and I did  felt there nice air coming on my face from that MAHAL windows . HAWA mean air and MAHAL mean is building of king . so that’s name is HAWAMAHAL .

In 2003 , I were went Jaipur Again for my master’s of art education. There after collage time  or art work study . I were going  to temple of Govind Dev ji for prayer or for sketching . there I were shared  my two hours every day without brake . there I were doing wait of evening food time and in that wait I were doing prayer and art exercise by sketching work .that temple was giving me mantel cool relax and social environment because there I were living alone after art college . because there art was my first and last aim so I were committed there for art and art and art. Ha

Fron View of Hawamahal, Jaipur  Photo by yogendra kumar purohit 
For Temple of Giovind dev ji  I were going after take a tea from our art collage side tea shop time was 5 pm something  . there  to I were started walk for temple of Govind dev ji in midway  I were observed to many subject or object for next art work . in that walk Hawamahal was came in mid way. I were always visited to that historical building and that’s artistic look . some time I were draw some sketches of that location or sketchs of Hawamahal.

But in my view a first image of Hawamahal was recalling to me always when I were visited  to Hawamahal live in that way . that image was my social history education book title . that was a very clear image of  Hawamahal . there was no any electricity wires or any other visual disturbance . but in 2003 I were observed may electricity wires were  disturbing to that historical building structure visual or that’s  aesthetic look.

There traffic and small  business man’s were packed  to front look of Hawamahal for visitors . I were noticed  many international tourists buses were came there for visit to that historical structure but they were face same condition like me visual disturbance .  it was critical condition. But that was there .ha
One day I think that was Sunday , I were leaved my bed very early at 5 am . and I were got camera  in my hand .that was  still roll camera . I were came out to my rental room and started walk on road of Hawamahal. Actually I were finalized , I were taken a right visual of Hawamahal from Myself  just like my primary education book title . after 15 minutes walk I were in front side of Hawamahal, there road was silent no any disturbance from market side but lots of birds was sited on face of Hawamahal. That was natural disturbance I were faced for some time there . Birds were there because in morning time many good people were throwing corns for birds on the road. It is a very nice culture of our Nation INDIA.its making connection of soul to soul on this earth by activity of love to others .

After some time when bird leaved  to Hawamahal face then  I were started photography of  Hawamahal  . I were changed many place and angles for a perfect picture of Hawamahal . but there thin electricity wire was passing to front side of Hawamahal . so some visuals I were shoot after sleep on the road because  I did not wanted any electricity wire impression or image in visual of Hawamahal . but from front side that was not possible for any photography master’s . by luck I were got 80% something visual of Hawamahal just like my primary social history education book title image.

Front view of Hawamahal Jaipur. photography by  yogendra kumar purohit
There I were completed  a  400  -  ISO still camera film roll in photography work of Hawamahal .that morning was gave me a good result and some coolness to my mind about a art challenge of photography visuals .here in three visuals  you can feel that live challenge of my art exercise from Hawamala location or that’s live visual condition. Ha

After that art exercise work  I were not felt Hawamahal is in my midway but before that  art work Hawamahal was in my  miday …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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