Friday, August 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 193

Airtel & my Art

2003 , this year I were connected to air communication by new technology in form of Mobile hand set .I were buy very first Nokia 3310 hand set for art communication .about  connection of   communication I were buy sim of Oasis. Oasis was  gave me a number of communication 9829199686 . in 2003 I were not connected to online communication because I were not educated for online communication so I were communicate to my all artist friends by mobile SMS and phone calls too . Mostly I were sending sms because I were knew sms live save in inbox of mobile . it can read any time and its live save for long time . it is benefit from Mobile communication companies .
And sms way was easy for me and it was caring or saving my money for next art work  . my all artist friends were knew about me or about my mobile communication so they were saying to me sms sender .by this mobile communication I were connected through  myself art sound with lots of national or state level artists of my nation. I were invited by mobile invitation to many art lovers for my art visit in art gallery or in street art exhibition.

After my master art education when I were in practice of  visual art at JKK  Jaipur . in that time many art critics and media persons were called me for collect some latest art news or update of myself  art exercise . they have saved  my contact number for art update. This mobile number was gave me many chance  for art interview and that art interview was published in some big news paper of Rajasthan Like HINDUSATAN TIMES , RAJASTHAN PATRIKA, DENIK NAVJYOTY, BHASKAR , DENIK YUGPAKSH , MAHKA BHART and etc  . some electronic media was presented  my art work on TV after communicate with me through my Mobile Communication in that list I can share name of  E TV RAJASTHAN , PATRIKA TV JAIPUR , BHAKAR TV JAIPUR, overall this mobile communication was created many art presentation way in my limited art communication  .

In mid of time Oasis was converted or mixed in Airtel and Airtel was  promoted to this limited communication tool with new energy .  they gave some free offer of SMS and some more easy and cheep cost offer for fast  communication by Mobile . For caller I were set a hello tune for four year . that was song but actually that was a poem of  Dr. Harivansh rai Bachchan   in voice of  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan , that’s word was KABHI KABHI MERE DIL MAI KHAYAL AATA HAI …….KABHI KABHI ..!

For this hello tune  my some artist friends were called me about next call and they were told me I have call you because I want to listen  your hello tune so in next call of myself  you will not pick my phone . for friends art fun I were not picked that’s call and they were listening  that full hello tune without any charge on mobile communication . that was deep art fun for my friends from my  side by support of Airtel hello Tune . that was interesting  for my friends.

In art study and after education of master I were lived  busy in work of art full day in a one room and that same condition is still with me today for my art because I am committed for my art very first . so there this mobile communication was gave me some light feeling when I were talked  to my artist friends .that same condition was with my friends . we were got refreshment by mobile talk in mid of art work . so airtel was my strong backup in past time or in my alone time .

A very interesting story of  my mobile talk. I want to share  with  you , I were in Mumbai for my art exhibition and there I were done two art exhibition in a one art gallery that’s name is Pradarshak Art gallery . when I were started there talk to gallery director  in mid of talk I were received phone call from my mother . many time this seen was created for me my  my time by this air communication . when I were went second time for exhibition at Pradarshak  in 2007 , that same seen was created time for me . when mobile ring tone was started in mobile that gallery director told me pick  your phone I think its  your mother call .. ha ha ha  that was my mother call . ha ha ha.. what I could said to that gallery director but that gallery director was understood my communication and that’s connection seen . because that director was also good artist cum  familiar  for me .

Last year I were connected again  to airtel on online by facebook or by twitter and this year  I were posted a good wish on festival of colorful   HOLY . then I were received a reply on twitter by this  airtel communication team with word thanks .

So this post is a very big thanks to airtel because they have cared  to my art journey by  this strong communication in my limited art communication time and today its continue with me like a family backup . so I said today Airtel and My Art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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