Thursday, August 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 192

I do it,Will you do it …?

Image from that video by digital graphic work of myself ..

Feelings it is  a very important part of human life . its start with birth and it get end by death. Life face and feel unlimited feelings  in this birth to death  journey . philosopher Sigmund Freud told about feeling s , its working on unconscious part of human heart . really its fact .i can say it after feel it  and  you all know about it very well . because we all are feeling every day different kind of feeling in our daily life. As a educated  person we care feeling of others as a feeling full person.

 We know time is giving every time some practical condition that is taking our test . and we are giving our test by our inner feeling sense . some time we care, some time we help and some time we support to needy person . because we can feel , feeling of other person   as a human. I can say, its god gift to soft heart people of our world  and I am happy god have designed  this kind of soft heart in our world for care to others feeling.

I am saying it because today  I have feel it again from a good senior writer cum poet and in facebook  communication language artist friend . Writer cum Poet  Dr. Mamta Goel ji was shared   a video presentation on feeling and care subject on her facebook page . with tile of that video . JUST WATCH THIS , I AM SURE  YOU WILL DEFINITELY SHARE IT ..

I saw that video presentation with full patience and I were observed to that message . that was working on my emotions and my eyes was wet by tears of my own eyes .because I were went in my past memory there I were watched some emotional  movement of my true feeling full art journey.

Here before that video link I want to share  my one true emotional and respectable short story of art collage . I was in B.F.A. foundation . our practical exam was on and I were giving my clay modeling exam in sculpture department . that time weather was summer . so body was demanding water for coolness. There a tradition water pot  ( MATKI  ) was putted for us . I were went near that water pot and opened that cover I saw water was in empty condition , I were tried to collect some water in small  steel pot . some water came in that pot  so I felt I can get some water  for me. In same time our examiner a lady examiner came near myself and asked to me  about water , she was came from other collage so I were not said to her a right  condition of that water pot . I were gave in her hand  that small steel pot  with some water .when she was taken that small steel pot in her hand  I were leaved that spot , she was drank that water and again tied  for collect more water and she knew she was drank last drops of  that water pot . after knew that art motion  and action of myself she was called me hey boy come here , you gave me your water  your were knew  here no more water in this water pot so why you give me ? it was for  you I said no it was for  you so  you have drank  . I said  don’t worry Ma’m I will drink water from outside of  our art collage . she was understood my feeling care nature and there I were care to image of my art collage and gave respect to that lady art  teacher very first by that small feeling full art action. Today this story again came front side of myself  when I were visited that video presentation of  life and feeling care concept. So tears was  in my eyes naturally  .

That video presentation was from western  side and that’s impression is working on east side it mean  feeling is working on all human same to same . that video presentation  is giving a new soft feeling for good thinker and its creating space of feeling in hard  thinker . when here  you will visit that video I sure  you will feel something true feeling  and you will go in your true feeling of your past life. Its example is this blog post by me . so I said I do it , will you do it ?

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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