Monday, August 05, 2013

Art Vibration - 170


Crafted Stationary  in Jaisalmer city Street.

Craft,  this word have a very strong human energy sound , it’s a clear definition of a manual work of human life. I am painter  so I can say it with full confidence because when I think for a painting visual before that, I think for manual drawing work  because without manual painting  is not possible so I said craft is a base of art .

I were noticed art and craft is working on unlimited space by unlimited medium , when we use manual work in that time we are doing craft work . we can say craft work is  our first  way of inner art sound express. we can see  to this craft in our daily life ,in our dress, in our food, in our stationary , in our all useful elements of daily life.

Here  I want to share two different type of craft work , I were observed it from City Jaisalmer.  You can say that craft was started by that city for tourist of that historical city . that two craft is related to food and to stationary .

Kutwaladu Sweet is crafting by sweet maker
in Jaisalmer  City 
Kutwaladu Sweet is crafting by sweet maker
in Jaisalmer  City 
When I were went to Jaisalmer  for my first solo art exhibition  in that movement I were moving in city street of jaisalmer , there to I were observed many art and craft motion for my art documentation . I were shoot to that because that is in my art nature. Ha .

I saw a street of Jain temple of Jaisalmer , in that street I saw a shop of traditional craft work and outside of that shop I saw a show box . that was full to stationary medium , that was diary  folder and some file cover bags. But that was not modern style bag and stationary . that was very traditional manual crafted stationary . I saw some Rajasthani cloth piece   was pasted on stationary medium by craft work that was looking very cultural and tradition stationary medium . it was a new concept for craft promotion by medium of stationary. That diaries and file folder were gave a different feeling when I were touched to that from my  hand . that feeling is a real reward to that craft work by me , because a craft collector know the value of art and that’s craft. I have felt it  so I can say it here for  you.

Kutwaladu Sweet is crafting by sweet maker in Jaisalmer  City

In main Bazar of Jaisalmer , I were visited a sweet shop , there I were observed a very special craft work . that craft is famous in Jaisamler or after Jaisalmer in our nation . there I were observed a sweet maker  was making yellowe sweet balls ( KUTWA  LADU ) . with a very different style , I were saw that sweet making style very first in my art journey. A  man was sited on a block and in his hand a very big wood hammer.  he was taken that in his hand grip and on earth ,  he was putted a big yellow stone pot , I saw in that pot he was putted some medium of Sweet ball ( KUTWALADU ) and he was beating to that sweet medium by his full energy through that wood hammer  . his craft work sound was informing to that bazaar about work of Sweet making . that was very interesting craft I were observed to Jaisalmer  City . that was great .

There that craft is very old craft work in sweet making business .it was a very traditional craft of sweet making of Jaisalmer , today KUTWA LADU is a very special sweet dish of jaisalmer in our INDIAN Sweet s   . so I were shoot to that live craft demonstration  of sweet making by human energy of craft activity .

I were observed some more craft and art exercise in that city but I were liked this two live craft work  very much so here I am sharing with  you for  your visit and observation . because taste is also a hidden art , its working on human sensors , when we put to any food medium  in our mouth , we give very fast reaction about that taste , we can’t explain to taste of tea, milk, sweet, salt, chili or all taste of food but after take in mouth we can say with in one second its tasty or not I right ?

I know I am right because I know craft is a base of art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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