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Art Vibration - 194

Hai Ram

Our Nation Father Mahatma  Ghandhi  with First prime
minister of INDIA P. Jawahar lal Nehru 
Many peaceful thinkers  and  philosophers of my nation were  said  word HAI RAM the name of  GOD RAM  . God Ram is symbol of patience test .  I were created this text in Hindi  as a screen saver  on  screen of my mobile hand set  NOKIA 3310 . writer Tulsi Das Goswami was defined to this word and after that many sants and philosopher were used it .Great late freedom fighter or our nation Father Shri Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandhi was said this word on movement of his death history said this word was last words of Mahatma Ghandhi ji.

I have read to Mahatma Ghandhi in my art history as a philosopher of SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDRAM,  in one word TRUTH . INDIAN art philosophy is accept only true . there no space for any art game or untruth art activity  . I am remembering  and sharing this Indian  art philosophy concept with  you because  today once again  I were try to visit a true art . so this word and its philosophy come in front side of my art vision by by this art vision I am sharing with  you for  your art vision.

Poster Image of Cine Art  SATYAGRAH , Dr. Amitabh Bachchan,
Director  Prakash Jha , Actor Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, kareena Kapoor 
Actually today I were went to visit a cine art presentation in form of film SATYAGRAH . After creation of my true art work of today. In this film senior and great cine art master + Doctor  Amitabh Bachchan have played a good serious role of a senior citizen . yesterday he was reply me on his blog with information about visit my art work , he said I will  try to visit  . so it was very must  for me if I visit his work . I did try and I could seen his art work today by cinema hall . 

After gave the charge of cine art ticket i said  HAI RAM ,
it was costly  to  past so HAI RAM..
At cinema hall I were still like a art student and observer to visual art as a critic. I were went there  for visit of performance of  Dr. Amitabh bachchan and direction of Film Director Mr. Prakash Jha, I were noticed that film concept and story plus visuals . film concept was based on politics and that’s impression on common man . as a common man I were noticed some critical condition but there writer and film creator were not gave me any right way by vision for condition . in that case I were remembered  my past real truth  time . I were in class 12th in fine art education . one day my class teacher Mr. Chandratan  Achary ( Drawing Teacher ) was gave us information about fine art subject and that’s right tool for perfection of art exercise. He told us it is very must for  your art study , you have drawing board, painting stand , art medium drawing sheet and some more art tool but you have not from your school . he was gave us a right information  so as a needy artist I were talked  to my all class mates and then we were wrote a application for art tool demand . we were 35 something fine art students . our application was some critical and that was full page application matter so sign of students were on other page . we all were went to submit that application in hand of our school principal sir . in that movement we all 35 students were in a unite form I were submitted that application of our art tool demand  in hand of our principal  sir . in that case I were not added second page of our signs . principal was read that and asked to me who wrote this application ?  with some strict sound . I said we all were wrote it . after that our principal sir said to us we will not give  you anything and if  you will take any step on this demand then I will take a action on  you I will give  you T.C .in  your hand . I were talking to principal and after few minute my principal asked me who need this art tool I said we all  Student Sir . then he asked  to me where  your all after  you see  your back . when I saw  my back side I felt very hurt and alone because they all 34 art students were leaved that place I were alone in front side of my principal in his room. My principal asked  to me tell me what I do against  you?  I said I were not demanding this art tool only  for me its our art study demand or our teacher told to us then we are demanding  to  you for our perfect art exercise . but that day I were done a self commitment like message of Sir Ravindra Nath  Thakur  EKLA CHALORE .. After that live meeting to our principal I were felt very upset and hurt and I were not trust on my classmates they had been broken my trust  . after few days my class teacher was posted a post card to my parents and he was wrote  your son is doing politics  in school . ha ha ha.. time knew who was done politic with my art merit in result of my 12th board practical  Exam.  In exam time examiner was friend  of my family member but I were not told to any one because I were confident about my art exercise and I were got first division with 72 % actually that was 92% but by politics that was 72% for me ..ha ha that was time joke . today again   I am  remembering  that  true critical  story of myself  after visit to cine art presentation of SATYAGRAHA .

Art work of 12th class of myself without
art tool i said it in last post 
Art work of 12th class of myself without
art tool i said it in last post 

I were noticed time is creating handicapped condition for capable person on this earth  in this  condition he is fight to that handicapped condition by his patience or knowledge . In this true inner or outer fight we listen to them a one word HAI RAM .. In  cine art of SATYAGRAH  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan also  used  to this word for recall to seniors philosophy about peace and patience . So after listen word hai Ram  from his mouth , I were remembered my past true fight for right and then I got word HAI RAM from myself or its continue with me when I see to critical condition in our live system of daily life ., so I said here HAI RAM …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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