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Art Vibration - 195


Year 2010, I were invited  for a art exhibition visit . that invitation was came from my junior cum senior  artist friend national Awarded  Artist Manish Sharma. He was worked  on heritage concept  so it was very must  for me if I visit his art work so I were went Jaipur  for his art exhibition. He is from My city and in very first he is my junior like  younger brother so I were went Jaipur for his art exhibition visit. I am remembering a short story of past , Artist Manish Sharma was created some painting on heritage concept in that painting he was used my photography visuals images , he was need to me so I  were gave him and that painting he was submitted  for national  award and that year he got national award on that painting. So I have done support to him for his national award by my visuals of Photography very first. He know it and he is respecte  for that art movement so I went to visit of his art work .

Complete Display of heritage by National Awarded  Artist Manish Sharma . year 2010
International  Artist Chintan Upadhyay is busy in Display of Installation
 art work of Artist Manish Sharma . 2010 
 As a artist he know me and my art sound so he was invited me and I were there for visit his new critical art work on heritage subject. When I were entered in JKK Jaipur there I saw many big flax printed posters and some paper posters was pasted and displayed . when I entered in his art gallery there I saw my senior international artist Chintan upadhyay was working for final display of Artist Manish. When Artist Manish saw me he got some natural smile on his  face and then he was hugged me very tit . that was true love of him for me . after some art  talk I were asked  to him about his art concept he was told me his work concept , he said many historical building is on road by transporting way  . people are shifting to buildings one city to other city , in this case they are selling to our heritage and cultural art piece in form of historical buildings.

I were liked his concept because I am also working on this subject by visual art action or that’s creation. After know to his art concept I were started shooting of that art work step by step by my digital camera .  I saw  his art work in two art form  one was painting and second was sculpture form.  In painting he was created some historical element of heritage symbols , like old fan , stone carving design , light lamp , chairs and many more . that same element he was created in 3D form by fiber casting , I saw he was created a big vintage car in real size of car by  fiber  , Manish was installed his sculpture work in form of installation , he was displayed his fiber work.  in work display he was putted all small historical element in back side of vintage car of fiber on red carpet .

untitle ......2010 
 That presentation was saying a complete painful story of heritage without any words to viewers . I observed it when I were visited that true critical art sound about  heritage. His art work was true work because we know our historical city have done it  with many historical buildings so I said his art work was true presentation of heritage  condition.

Here when  you will visit some visuals of that critical art work  you will know the real sound of artist and his critical work on heritage. That work was a museum and I were noticed he was said to his work, it’s a  part of museum . because his art work was giving message of real condition about  heritage and that was live visual lesson  for visitors or for society.

Last year I were read a news about Manish and his art work of heritage  . his installation work was displayed  in a art International art  fair and by that fair a art collector was collected his work for final display . it was another critical  condition for his art work . but good art collector give good space to art work for future heritage . so I thought it was good  for art energy of Artist Manish Sharma .

 Here some visuals of that art exhibition for  your visit by this visuals  you can know the real movement of that art work display and that’s right meaning full message about heritage.  So I said  observation on heritage work …

painting display of Artist Manish Shrama , Artist Mukesh Shalvi is fixing to final display by his hand . 2010 
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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