Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Art Vibration - 205


Friends we know today is a tragedy day of our world. In my view it is a black day of our world peace history. America was faced this big tragedy on date 11-9-2001. There 10,000 something educated people were  killed by a one uneducated person of this world . we know education giving big think for positive progress with wealth or good health . but some countries of our world is not know to right  definition of education , they are feeling hunger condition but they don’t know farming  process . without farming hunger will not get completeness it is  a natural and universal fact.

In this days country Syria also busy in uneducated activity on Syria peoples . there they were killed thousands people by chemical war tool . it is a also uneducated activity . who were  educated there in Syria ? yesterday I were read a short note from our INDIAN Air Force  ,on facebook page . in that note I were read Syria will hand over to chemical war tool in hand of America ( that note was in Hindi language -  Syria रासायनिक हथियार सौंपने को तैयार ) . it was a good news but they were got education after killed to thousands people of our human family . it was critical . when they killed to people in that movement they were in form of killer  king and when world community was created presser on Syria killer king or president then they were  came in fear of self death so they were committed  for hand over to chemical war tool . over all America  and some more educated countries were educated to political king or president of Syria .it is a new start for world peace . our  future of earth want it  for peace of world family.

When world trade center was fall down on earth after terrorist attack . in that movement that was not attack only on a big architect structure. that was a live attack on world peace . that building was in America but in that time all world was came in tens . that tens impression  was came on me or on our art exhibition. In 2001 we were exhibited our group show  in Mumbai at Sanmukh Nanda Hall. That is a big auditorium of Asia . so that was also came in safety mark by GOVT of INDIA. There we were faced very painful condition when visitor were not came for visit  to our art exhibition . we were got big loss of money, time, art energy, or our group Manthan . ha . that terror attack was damaged our very strong  art group Manthan ..

In art gallery  we were got angry on terrorists or that’s activity. But what we could there . But as a artist we were created  some cartoon on terrorists in gallery . I have save that cartoon sketches in my data . today before this post I were searched but where I were putted , I have forget. So sorry. But that was our art educational  action or sound on  that big terror attack . we were felt pain by that terror attack  on  our art life . I can’t forget to year  2001 ,just like America or that’s family.

Today  I were read to date by calendar and then  I were went in my painful past time. so  I were created  a art work on digital format. That is in form of post stamp.  I have used a image of world trade center of America .that image  is visual of after  terror  attack motion  . I were  wrote caption  on that image BLACK DAY OF PEACE  11-9-2001and in stamp impression I were wrote no more .

Because peace need strong and right education process for peace design. Our Nation father Mahatma Ghandhi  was gave this education process to world family. someone  were accepted and someone not but its duty of our educated world counties we educate to uneducated countries by right and strong process for future peace . without education real peace is not possible we know it very well . so its time , today we take a commitment by itself if we will give right education to uneducated people . when we will do it then in future we will not see again another black day in this world peace journey f our world human family..

Our human family of this world need , food,water, education , home or a right creative job . when world educated community will provide it to all member of our world human  family . that day we can say we are on right path of world peace . it is very must or I think it will  a real educational step for world peace.

We know we can’t recover to our  past loss  . but we can care to future without loss of  right peace and its our responsibility we will not give change to any one for re write a one more black day in our world peace history .because we have faced a big loss on date 11-9-2001 , black day of world peace ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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