Saturday, September 07, 2013

Art Vibration - 201


Text and painting is a part of my art journey . its started from my schooling time and its continue with me today . you all  are knowing it very well by this art vibration . Text always give me sound of challenge and I am accepting it as a art master or art student. Actually I am doing exercise of transformation on  different kind of sound of  society . it is my duty and role in our world art family as a artist. So I am doing it and enjoying it as a true art job of myself.

In this job work  I were got many art exercise in past for creation. Here I want to share a international art work story of myself with  you.that art work was very interesting and complicated  for me but I were done that as a art master.  On day I were received a phone call from a web world designer company . the caller of that company was asked to me yogendra can  you create some art work on poetry . I were said I can try ,then he was invited me at his office of Bikaner, I were went there and met to director of that web world design company . he was told me about a web design project . that web site design was for a international poet of ITALY . 

The Director of that web world Design company was gave me some poems  that was in Italian language . I were collected that poetry printout and came back at home . next day I were started translation of that poem by help  of google translate . by support of google translate I were got some right meaning of that Italian poetry  for transformation  in visual art. 

Actually that visual was demand of that web page design because poet needed visual with poetry page. So I were selected waster color and handmade paper for art transformation  . By that poetry I were know that poet was advance technical engineer of computer language  so in first few visuals I were draw  a image of USB lead  . I want to touch his vision by my visuals because I have read his inner practical life. But that project designer said to me we can’t use it so  you do again new exercise . that was communication gap between me or that poetry writer. So I were recreated some more visuals as a natural poetry sound of that poet. There no any critical line I were draw for his poetry work.

That poetry web page was a family web page for family use so he was selected some family sound poetry for that page design and for visuals . I were noticed in reading or translation of that poetry the Italian poet was shared his deep feeling for Mother, sister, god, nature, birds, tree, flowers sky, earth and some more soft family  feeling full movement of a natural life . that was great study movement for me because I were reading to a international poet and I were working on his creation by my art exercise work. Really that was great  for me . 

Here in visuals of that poetry  you will visit and notice , how to I have done a true journey through  that Italian poetry sound and what was came out from my creative vision for that true poetry sound of a international poet.

I know that was not hundred present output by me because I were not communicated with poet but his poetry and translation  was gave me very close sound of his poetry feeling. I were touched 80 present feeling of that ITALIAN poet or that 80 Present output was selected by him or  by that web design project team. I were taken charge on  that art work only 25% of that web page project design charge . that was not a big amount but that was a big achievement for me because I have done art exercise for a international art work as a team member of that web designer.

Here I can’t share that web page link for  your visit because that is a privet family web page so any one can’t visit it on online it is a magic of technology how to they do it I don’t know but they know as a web designer. Ha ha.. critical but fact of today technology  .

But I am happy because I have done some art work for international art presentation by a small art project of poetry and that’s transformation in visual language.  So I said Italian poetry in painting…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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