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Art Vibration - 202


logo design by me 
Title Cover of Booklet of SNRSS
It is a live example of my talk. I were wrote a post on this blog in last months . that was on a true art work concept . I were created a logo design for a social service society. That was on concept of 25th anniversary - Silver jubilee  of that  social service society . about your right information I want to share with  you that society work  for your knowledge. That society is working for support to people of religions . there are providing tea , food and medical service from self affords by collection to society . they are giving this service to people of religions .In this time my city and state is busy for a walk journey for local god BABA RAMDEV PEER. There Hindu and Muslim or Shikh all are doing prayer at temple of RACHICHA DHAM in our local language RAMDEVRA DHAM. Thousands people are walking in thies  Days for prayer to BABA RAMDEV PEER , it is a 8 to 10 days walk journey . so 15th Number national high way is busy in this days by walker people . they all are in feeling of true religion or prayer. 

So many societies  are  giving backup to that all walker of religion journey. In this societies  list one society is Shri Navyuvak Ramdev Seva samity, it  is giving service to religion peoples by food , tea and medical in midway  on 15th number National Highway of our nation. It is a true work for human family by some feeling full human society . actually it is our nation culture or  you can say its our true heritage of true INDIAN religion  life style.

 As a artist I were gave my contribution to this social work. I were created a design in form  of logo design for Shri Navyuvak seva samity of Bikaner. My cousin brother is working and giving his 100% as a director  to that society . so one day he came my studio and he was demanded to me a design for his society  booklet  or for 25th anniversary - Silver jubilee  of his society. I were created a coin style design  for logo . he was liked that . I were not taken any charge for that design.that was my contribution in form of true art work to his society .   

Tea for religion people in free service on 15th number national Highway by  SNRSS.

Today I saw a hard copy of  booklet   of that society . I were noticed to title of that booklet . a good painting  image of local God Baba  Ramdev Peer  with name of Shree  Navyuvak Seva samity Bikaner, with full address , on title page they have published to logo design of my creation on right space of that title cover . I were not said  about this publication but they have published it as a true person. And that logo design is giving some special sound  to that book title by design of coin Look logo.

Religion people  are walking on 15th Number national highway for RAMDEVRA DHAM. 
 In side of that booklet they have published  some good notes of our city M P Shri Arjun Ram Megwal or Finance commission  chair man Dr. B.D. Kalla , Busienss community of Bikaner , business man Shri Vimal Sethiya and some more social workers.

Transport  truck  of SNRSS for support to religion peoples 

For thanks to me  they have published  my name about logo design of Silver jubilee  of Shri Navyuvak  Ramdev Seva samity . so I were felt some true sound by truth people of that social worker society.
Today I have visited that society work style and  working  space by my eyes that was on one side of 15 th number national highway . they were fixed a temporary tent for religion peoples . there lots of peoples were taking rest , medical help, tea  and food  with full respect and feeling  of  home . there that society worker were  caring to peoples as a human family members . After visit that live true work of a social worker society I were felt happy and some proud on my true art  work because I were done that true art work for a true social workers . for me that was a real reward or a true art achievement by that social worker society on that Silver jubilee  year .

Myself  on camp of  SNRSS for visit to true help and support project
about Religion peoples of RAMDEVRA  DHAM. Photo by child Artist
Mahesh Vyas..( My cousin brother  ) 
There I saw to hard copy of that true work report by booklet  of  Shri Navyuvak  Ramdev Seva Samity . Bikaner,so I were felt some special feeling for that and I were wished to them for more strong team and work for this social and religions journey support .over all my short true art exercise was done a journey of few months and after few months that was came in front side of myself in form of printed booklet title of  true work record of 25th years on  Silver jubilee  year  movement . in same time I saw they have presented some banner with designed logo of myself . there my presence was also inspiring to others because they are noticing my art activity because I were shoot to that live true helpful work action by my camera here in visuals  you can see to that live and ture social support of that true social workers society. So I said true art get true space ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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