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Art Vibration - 220


Egypt  Culturre - Photo by Google image.
Life have some natural rule for live to life .we can’t change that rule of life . in words we are saying to that basic requirement of body . water, food, sleep , air, are basic requirement of human body or animal on earth . life can’t live without it. It is natural fact of life .

On earth cave culture life was felt this and after that Egypt culture was worked on basic requirement of life .they were started Egypt culture new rivers . After Egypt culture in history many king or kingdom were designed some good concept or idea  for basic requirement with development of creative culture . our history and that’s historical structure is perfect example of this talk.

Gang Nahar - photo by Google Image 
A very strong Example is my City Bikaner, it is in  desert,   here no any natural  river and water well , because here water level is very down in earth . Our Great late King Maharaja Ganga Shingh Ji was Designed to our City , for water he was planed a big concept for water requirement or that’s completeness  . so he was designed a canal  concept , State Punjab to Bikaner. He was provided water to city life by his own idea or efforts in form of a new calan  . Today our city life is living by that canal water support. We are saying to that canal GANG NAHAR .

Photo by yogendra kumar purohit from Tripoliya  Bazar  Jaipur 
But here after this short basic requirement talk I want to share  with  you two live observation of myself on this basic requirement matter . I saw two different idea by two different cities of our nation. By luck that  time I were there with my camera so I have shoot that live exercise of collection of basic requirement for  life.

One day I were walking on the road of Jaipur city ,that was my morning walk for my basic requirement of air . I was walking with my camera and shooting some morning  time environment for my art study . there beside a road I saw a very creative idea for collection of water from water stand . That water was collecting  by a food shop keeper  ( kachori wala ) .there condition was very critical but artistic and creative, so I were shoot that. In visual  you can see how to water come out by water pipe and then by a big metal plate or finally in a bucket . it was live creative idea of Jaipur City .

After some time I were in City Haridwar , there I were still with my family for wait  of tourist bus . on bus stop I saw a water stand of  drinking luck that was camera with me , there I saw a boy was collecting water from that water stand .there water collection condition was very critical . I saw that boy was collecting  water by a creative idea .that boy was used a plastic bottle for water collection .

A boy is collecting water in
Haridwar city , photo by
yogendra kumar purohit 
He was fixed a plastic bottle in pipe of water and second side on bucket side . water was coming  in bucket by a critical idea or by a creative idea . here in visual you will see how to basic requirement is giving idea to life for that completeness .

Here in INDIAN Philosophy we are saying in HINDI AAWSYAKTA AAWISHKAR KI JANNI HAI ..A demand is a base of experiment . there in two cities I were observed and noticed  this INDIAN philosophy . with very live and practical presentation by a creative idea . how to in negative condition or without right tool people were collected basic requirement medium water for life. For me that was a live education by a practical performance about life requirement . so I were shoot that and here I am sharing with  you for  your visit and notice. Because life is giving idea …

water is collecting by a boy through a creative idea in Haridwar by yogendra  kumar purohit
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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