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Art Vibration - 200


title of not out presentation of Sports articles of Manish Kumar Joshi 
Today I am remembering  to Great cricket player Sir Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tandulkar because today I am on number 200 of this blog post . in cricket language they are saying to it double century . by blessing of God and great Gurus I can done this writing journey and today its on 200 number. In 2008 I were wrote only one post  on this art vibration  and this year  I have wrote 136 posts with true art sound of my art journey .

 In this writing journey I have shared  with  you many different live art experiences of my real art life as a world art family. I am thankful for all of  you because  you have noticed and liked to my art journey by this blog posts . it is a special art achievement of myself art journey. So I am thanking for  you ..

As a art student every day I am learning  about true art and that’s right aim . because I know art is not a game it is a life style  way for peace and love.

Here I want to share a different experience of art work . it was for a sports writer .he was needed help of  art from myself  so I were done that for him.  You can say I were done that art work for  promotion of his  sports writing work  .

 I am remembering that was year 2008 .  I were busy in my art studio  for art work creation. In that movement  national sports writer Mr. Manish Kumar Joshi came at studio and he was shared his concept about sports articles documentation . he was wanted  to me a E book type presentation in format of compact disk . He said I have wrote 3000 something articles on sports and sports media  was published that by different news papers. He was came with his published article  cuttings . that was a very big bag . I was surprised after visit his articles collection. His  bag was showing his real sports writing dedication by that publication  proof .

Not out presentation on computer  screen 
So I were scanned his some selected  articles for a presentation . after scanning I were edited that article image and then started a video presentation work on movie maker software . step by step I were added his article images and he was wrote some caption on his article for right information for Viewers . After that image selection he saw a short demo of that presentation on my computer screen and he was said to me , yogendra ,I need some music solo instrument music. But I could  not used to any music track for his article presentation  so I were talked to a Sitar performer Artist Rohan Das Gupta , he is from Kolkata . when I were requested  to him about a musical tune he was gave me a solo sitar music track for that article presentation . that musical track was a nice creation of Sitar performer Rohan Das Gupta . as a true  composer I were added his name in that presentation with his full identity  .that was special thanks to Music  Artist Rohan das Gupta . I were connected to him by online communication and today he is in my artist friend list .

 When I collected music track I were converted that in use of movie maker software . over all I were created a mixture of  sports text + visuals + musical sound in a one form that was E book presentation by video presentation format.

 For me that was a very new and different art work exercise but I have done that .in last when we  were talked on title of that presentation  then sports writer Manish kumar Joshi  was gave me a sports title that was very critical and meaning full with lots of confidence . he said to me we will give title to this presentation only NOT OUT ..!

I were liked his title so I were finalized that and added on presentation of that sports articles documentation,. But in  that creation of  presentation I were faced lots of problem about pictures visibility , text reading , data capacity and some more but in last we were finalized  for title text reading with some caption of date and years. Because movie maker software was not capturing news paper text image very well for video presentation that was technical problem for my editing work so I were felt some puzzle condition . but I were not knew much more about that editing work so we were passed that from our editing or documentation work  knowledge . that was a serious + funny art exercise for me about sports sound . Finally in a one week I were completed  that presentation and handover to sports writer Manish Kumar Joshi. I were created some title cover of compact disc of his articles  presentation and some poster of his sports e book. That art work was Like a campaign . you can say that was my first big campaign for sports writing work from my art studio .  I were done that so in last I were said to Sports writer Manish kumar Joshi,  I am Not Out and he said  yes   you are not out.  Ha ha..

Right to 1. Sports writer Manish Kumar joshi . 2. Sports man cum Officer Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat.
3. Chess Player cum advocate Shankar Lal harsh 4. writer cum advocate  U. C. Kochar
photo by yogendra kumar purohit

After some time that sports article e E book was launched by sports man cum officer of GOVT of RAJASTHAN  Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat .there sports writer  Manish Kumar Joshi was presented his sports writing work and that’s documentation  by presentation of  e book  on computer after that presentation next day news paper was published to that sports article  e book and that’s presentation news with my name .i were done that work like a base of that presentation .over all that was very interesting or challenging art exercise for me and I were done that like a sports man spirit. So I said I am not out.

And here today I am going to complete  my 200 posts on this art vibration so I am  remembering to  that  true sports and art work story of Not out. And here on blog post title I write not out on 200...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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