Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Art Vibration - 197



Friends, it’s a link address of my very first online web page . I were searched some online web page design format when I were connected to online network for my art communication. It was my starting  time for art communication . I were used to net from net center , that was Vats Communication center of Bikaner.   That was my online communication education center . there to I were learned  how to use online communication system by Email or by web page on explorer or ETC.

In 2003 , I were thought I want to add  my identity with me dot com word . but how to I were not knew so I were started  communication by net center . there I were created very first a E mail id that was on reddifmail.com  . before 2003 I were sold my art work from Online in year 2000 but that was from Painternet.com .so about online my knowledge was very limited but after joined to net center as a communication institute  I were learned step by step  this communication system. I were learned typing, in my own style . ha ha, and then art work images updates and storage and some more function of online communication . in year 2003 I were got some confidence about online networking then I were searched a webpage design format in free of cost . in that search google ( the friend of Knowledge ) provided many option about web page design in free of cost .

 I were selected  to page.tl it is from Thailand . and today I know its format in blog page system and there this web page space is free for communication so that’s page.tl team was gave me a web page space in free of cost after my registration on that web page form.

 After registration on that web page I were learned how to add images on page and what is jpg or HTML or some more function of web page design . that was a live exercise for me about web page design for my dot com id. Ha ha.. that was funny, critical  and interesting  because without my own pc I were learned and practiced for online art communication and that’s free per day only 15 rupees for one hour.

So  you can say I were created my first web page from a net center  without my own computer. On that web  page I were added many art work or my bio data and some art exhibition visuals  for world art family. That web page design was gave me a international  art communication path by that web pagewith my art work image presentation  . 2003 to 2007  I were updated to that web page from net center some time from Bikaner and some time from Jaipur because after 2003 I were busy in art  education of my masters .

 In 2007 I were joined  to online communication from my own computer and in first two month I were shared  that web page with 10,000 art gallery of our world art family. And that’s result I got in number of that web page with visit  report . mostly that all 10,000 art gallery owners were visited  my web page . about my  right id  I were gave title to that page through my name www. yogendra-art.page.tl .today  you can search it on google . that time some artist friends said to me its not a right way !  why  you are not creating   your own website . I said to all , I want to share my art sound with our world so I need a easy way for art communication this page is working  like web site and its giving me same web space like a website so I think it’s a right way for my art communication and its easy to visit for art viewers. Kind  your information I have not designed any website  for myself . because I know its communication way here time and communication want a easy way .so I did selected web page of page.tl . kind  your information today 23625 peoples have visited it   and 46001 peoples have hit to this web page . it’s a right figure of visitors about this web page or for my art work . so I am happy with it . ha ha..

Today I am connected  to very advance online networks but I have not stop  to this web page because its my historical web page or its my heritage of online communication. It is my first won web page creation and its working on online communication path for my art,  just like past so I am very thankful for designer of this strong and active webpage of communication on online about  real communication  in free of cost. So today I remember to strong web page backup about my art by  www.yogendra-art.page.tl  …..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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