Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 216


A senior Stone Craft man busy in stone crafting work  for Arthuna Temple s
Friends I am sharing a very different or a historical visit of my art journey with  you today by this post  . I was in master education in that time I were received a invitation of a national art camp from Vagad art society . That society member Yatin Upadhyay and Artist Chintan upadhyay was invited me as a artist for participation  . that camp was organized  in village bory city Baswada Rajasthan .  in mid of that art workshop . one day I were visited to Village Arthuna . I were went there with my still camera .

A pillar of Arthuna Temples .
Artist Yatin Upadhyay and Artist Chintan Upadhyay told me , yogendra  you must visit to Arthuna Village .  so I were went there for visit.  In Arthuna village , There I were saw  lots of dooms but that was not natural , that was created by humans.  Artist Yatin Upadhyay was told me about Arthuna and that’s visit matter , he was said  yogendra you can see lots of hidden temple in village Arthuna when  you visit .

 In village Arthuna I saw many damaged temple was there . and I saw a very senior craft man was working there on a stone for conservation of that temples . I saw many crafted and historical  art work in form of temple was really hidden in dooms .

There I were talked to that senior craft man . he was crafting to stone , I asked to him how many years to  you are working here for conservation work of this temple’s  , he was answered me I am working here to last 40 years . and in next question I asked to him, when  you will re conserve to this all hidden temples , then he was reply me in my life I think it will not complete because in 40 years we  have conserved only 4 temple and that’s in not complete today . because its very tuf work . first we are open to doom and then collect to part of temple  and then we are fix to it step by step its taking lots of time . in that movement he was told me about temple of Arthuna and that’s architectural  design . there all temples was  in folding design .so after attack on temples here people were opened to our temples  and hidden in dooms shape . that was a very artistic and interesting art news for me about historical art structure of temple of Arthuna village .

Some More visuals of Arthuna Temple Location.
After talk to that stone craft man I were shoot some pictures of that live historical place . or  that’s artistic structures in  critical condition. When I were in work of Photography  in that movement I were forgot to my art workshop and that’s work presser . I were completely busy in documentation work on Arthuna Village or that’s historical hidden temples . As a photographer I were captured some motion of that temples in form of photo story  . because by that live visit I were collecting and lived  historical story of stone craft . there I were noticed many stone craft work was on ground  here and there . but that area was in under of our GOVT of INDIA or that’s Archaeology of INDIA. So I were felt that crafted art work was safe .

Some More visuals of Arthuna Temple Location.

There I were shoot to temple of Shiva , and some mural sculptures of temple walls , some historical pillar of temple structures . there I saw  black and red stone craft work .i were noticed some small temple was fixed there after conservation work and some were in under construction . I were observed very first time a live conservation work in big form with real historical hidden art work .

A Piller - Symbol  of  Village  Arthuna or that's  history. 
 I were surprised after imagine how to craft man and designer was created that big temple structure   and after attack they had been opened to that temple like a machine parts  and hidden in doom shape for safety .  today once again designer and craft man is busy in re fixing to all part of that  historical temple after search to right part of temple for that right design. Really  that was a great challenge a live challenge  with lots of puzzle condition of re fixing to temples of  Arthuna on that’s right place  . In that movement I were felt I am still in a magical place of hidden art .. so I said Arthuna was hidden to art ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA

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