Monday, September 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 214


Article with Statement of Artist
Surendra pal Joshi by NBT news paper 
Today we are living in our contemporary time . how to we have done this long time journey in form of human body on this earth . can  you tell me ? I know  you can’t because  you don’t know about first master creation of nature  and we can’t copy to nature because that was creation of master , we are saying to that , superstation, God, nature power or etc. but nature have gave a key of re creation , we are saying  to that copy . copy word was came from our Nature . a tree give us tree corn for next tree , a animal can create animal and a human can create human by nature rule but that is a also copy in our nature so copy is base on earth journey .

It is a fact of natural in philosophical view by me with sound of copy  word. I am saying this because last week I were read a article of artist Sir Surendra Pal Joshi . he was my art teacher in Rajasthan School of Art , Today he is a international artist and on online he is my artist friend . when i were read his article as a artist or as a critic then I were felt some critical view by that article title . that was in hindi .

In English – art is not only copy . so I were started  this post with natural philosophical point of our nature . word copy it is a base of our knowledge . a kid learn to others after copy to them ,. We learn language after copy to others we work as a perfect worker  after follow and copy to our guide or GURU.

Word copy have sound of knowledge for copy worker , by copy work learner can get some knowledge for future success. In art history our great art masters have done lots of copy in his or her art life. Great art master Leonardo da vinci was copy to dead bodies  and today his copy work is guiding to science and that’s physical doctors . that was only copy work from  great art master Leonardo da vinci. Today art student is reading his art life in art theory .

A copy  Drawing of Human Head from Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci  

After Leonardo da vinci great art master Pablo Picasso was copy to human figures  and then great art master sezan then he was gave us cubism art , without copy to sezan great art master Picasso could not  gave to world art for read to cubism style in painting art.

We know after nature creation on our earth pre historical  cultural    peoples were created very first visual art creation on wall of caves . after that all painter is coping to them for painting , so this talk is prove to copy and that’s importance in creation of art.

In second think a canvas always give  you freedom for self expression . canvas not ask  to creator about his or her expression. A canvas not draw any boundary for creator . canvas definition is freedom there no space for fresh or copy word . a canvas need complete expressions  or full dedication of a creator. Because creation  time is giving completeness to a creator . there no matter for copy or own creation there matter is self satisfaction of a creator .

Self satisfaction is a very different point . its have different type level in different type people . someone getting self satisfaction by vision and someone by physical . in art someone get self satisfaction by own though transformation but kind  your information our own thought is a master concept but that is live in virtual form , when we transfer to that concept on canvas in that process we are doing copy to our own concept it is also natural fact about copy work. Art critic Plato and Arstu also said on this thought  of copy concept  in very early in world  art history .

And someone getting self satisfaction by copy to natural element of this earth . they are trying to transfer to natural look on canvas in 2D form by observation or that’s transformation skills through color and brush .  In my master education I were created a wall painting with very critical concept on advertising . in that concept I were painted two cold drink bottle on wall in big size with natural look . you can say that was copy work by me for my art concept . I were gave very realistic look to that two bottle of cold drink . one day I saw a bird was trying to sit on mouth of that painted bottle but bird could not sit on that bottle , that was not a bottle that was a painting of bottle . but that live movement was gave me full self satisfaction because by observation and that’s transformation I were created confusion for natural bird , by art exercise I were played to bird eye view and I were created some confusion for bird vision . That was a live  self satisfaction for me when a bird was trying many time for sit on that painted bottle . that was copy work by me for a critical concept  . I were used copy work style in my own thoughtful conceptual work over all my copy work was impressed to birds after humans . ha ha..

A bird was trying to sit on my painted bottle of DEW in my master education time at  Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur

I know , all side to a creator is doing copy on free space for self satisfaction  so I said it after  read to   statement of Artist  Surendra Pal Joshi ,he said  art is not only copy I wrote it is only copy...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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