Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Vibration - 209


INDIA ...............!

It is a feeling full motion of my art sound. Yes , yesterday I were busy in drawing work  on paper by pencil . in that movement I were got busy to myself  for  pointed pencil   age by sharpener . when i were started to  made sharp  age of pencil  in that case I were saw name of my nation  INDIA  on that pencil piece . that was printed by pencil maker company . so I were not sharp to that pencil for next art work . I were stop to drawing work  and started a photography work on that pencil piece .

Nation name was inspired to me for catch to that motion , because name of nation was stop to me about  more sharp to that pencil . when I were shooting to that pencil piece in that movement , that pencil condition was giving me many emotional and feeling full creative ideas in form of poetry , sound of critical condition on contemporary  time of nation  and one idea is here by this post I am sharing with  you , its ture , because I were observed it and  that’s real condition was giving this feeling and vision to me live in mid of art work by name of my nation INDIA.

I were stop my hand for care to name of nation. I were started  thinking about image or name of my nation . as a artist I were leaved  that pencil piece and taken a new pencil for drawing work . because that small piece of pencil was asking to me , that small text in form of nation name was  asking to me,  are  you remove me  for  yourself  use ?

My inner sound said me you can’t this for  yourself so stop use of this pencil piece and care to name of  your nation.  In a common think that was a printed name of my nation but when I am using  to pencil  in that movement my nation name is live in my hand through pencil . it is a another true .because I am creating art sound from my nation sound of INDIA. So how to I could removed name of my nation from that pencil piece . there  I were stop to myself .

When I got a real image  of that small piece of pencil in photograph. I were went in poetic sound . I were remembered to our real past freedom fight and fighters life struggle,  they were gave life to name of free India . Our Nation Father  Mahatma Ghandhi was leaved his all educational path for name of INDIA . so in that movement how to I could removed that printed name of my nation .that was came on pencil after a long  fight of freedom . by that freedom fight  today I get freedom of express.
 I sure when you will visit  to that pencil  condition  with name of INDIA  you will think much more as a artist, as a poet, as a critic or as a nation care person. Because I were felt it by true motion or feeling .

This post is not sharing with  you a art work but its sharing with  you my true art and nation love and I know every nation person is living this feeling very first for his or her nation. It is must because nation live by us then we can live by  nation identity . our nation is our father , teacher, or a land identity of our self .so I were stop to myself for remove to name of my nation from that small piece of pencil .

For a national person nation is very first and then his or her creative work. Nation is a identity of a family .i am belong to INDIAN family so its my duty I care to my family name so I were not removed  to my nation name from that small piece of pencil  . or here  I said I stop to myself for INDIA…

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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