Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 215


An artist member of the Amitabh Bachchan family sends me a surprise drawing of......... Guess who:):)

Update word is giving a sense of activeness . a active person live always update  like a army man . update word is working in all sector of our society . every field want always update for better result for   society. And by that update society get itself update for next step of social path .

Today our world is working on online communication .this communication system need in every movement a strong update then world live update  for progress . it is facet of our contemporary time . today update word is very important  for real success.

Last five years  to I am continue trying to live update for  my visuals art journey . and this blog post and its daily updates is proving to my activeness sound by new updates . it is blessing of god and  my seniors  so thanks to them.

 In art updates I were updated lots of shades of art  in form of painting, Drawing , poetry, writing, photography, portrait , experimental art work , installation , conceptual art visuals and some more creative work visuals. That  all update was in form of virtual image , I were shared  with our world art family  and our world art family was noticed my updated art sound everyday or that’s  liking process is continue  on online updates .

 On online after update to art work our world art family can like and then share with other member of world art family by a online page link . it is a online update process . by this process many new artist and art lover can connect to updater or artist by online communication. It is a true promotion of art by online updates system .

Last week I were created a portrait sketch of a online Artist friend . she is a lady , she is  belong to INDIA and in present she is living in London . as a artist friend  I am visiting her many art activity by her live update on online network . I felt happy after know to cultural sound of My nation in other country from my nation person   . someone creating sound of INDIA in other countries by INDIAN art activity . I were knew to her by our E Family of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan sir . I saw her face look was inspired to me for a portrait drawing so I were created a simple portrait sketch of her good face look. By pencil on simple paper . After creation of that portrait work I were updated on online for visit of our world art family .

Kind  your information that portrait update was gave me lots of viewers after update to that. Because artist friend Reshmi Philip is a very popular art promoter in London . she is a very active art promoter and today many great cine artist is connect  to her or her art activity of  London . so on a one art work update I were got 200 something likes from  viewers and some special comments on my art exercise from  support of artist  friend Reshmi Philip .

 I know after update that portrait work , I were not live free on online because in every second I were receiving comment and like  message on online facebook  network. I were noticed  artist friend Reshmi Philip was promoted  my art exercise so she was updated  that portrait on her wall page with original picture of her and she was asked to all  artist friends  of her about that art work. She was wrote this word ( okay, for those  who asked , the before and after , what do you feel about yogendra  kumar puorhit , portrait sketch ? )

My  art update was gave some busy condition to many art lover or viewers in a one day and many art promoter and art observer were liked and shared that art work to his /her friends or families like a online family member or like a world art family member.

Over all a art update were gave lots of update exercise to others . my activeness was done active to some more artists or art lovers of our world art family . you can say that update was a complete work for true art communication  in our contemporary time .  so I said art update is work …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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rupam sarma said...

Just read your post, Awesome sketch of Reshmi ji, Great work.Keep it up.