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Art Vibration - 198


Art work of Artist Chintan Upadhyay 
Friends it is a chain of creation by this chain art creation is  doing a journey and it have done a very long journey on this earth in mid of human culture .we know culture  definition is  art . art presentation is showing to time registration by form of creativity . cave  life to till today life  this sound of art is with human culture , its giving some freedom for self live. By self activity or performance .
Performer is artist and performance is art ,it  can  in form of  painting. Poetry, song , sculpture theater , dance , Music folk music, craft and other  handicraft work. And our society is promoting  to performer or  their performance so they are promoter .

Art work of Artist Chintan Upadhyay 
I am saying it because I were noticed it  by a live art presentation of art by a artist with art promoter . it was year 2007 I were received a invitation of  a art exhibition. That exhibition was international artist Art Master Chintan Upadhyay . I were received  his art exhibition invitation by Indian post service on my postal address of Bikaner. So I were went to Jaipur for visit his art exhibition.

Chintan Upadhyay is a very critical artist of our contemporary art. He is busy in BABY concept . he is saying to his work my baby . all art is baby of that’s creator so he is right with his BABY  work concept .

Art work of Artist Chintan Upadhyay 
 In his art exhibition I saw many drawings ,  sculptures  and installation  work that all work and visual  was around a baby concept or that’s real form . that was critical and very high conceptual work of Chintan  Upadhyay . I saw his art work was exhibited  in Big Art gallery of Rajasthan , that was CHATURDHIG art gallery of JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA , JAIPUR.

There I were observed a artist was exhibited his true art concept in form of art in front side  of visual art promoters . in that promoters gathering  I saw to great art promoter and Director of Art gallery , Mumbai . Mr.  Ashyish Balram Nagpal , Mumbai. In year 2000 I were visited his art gallery in Mumbai .

Art work of Artist Chintan Upadhyay 
That art exhibition was sponsored  from art promoter Ashish Balram Nagpal . so here I said art  artist and art promoter..

In work of art I were observed to many critical story in form of art work presentation.  some installations and some drawings were explaining  itself a complete story about baby and that’s future. That art work presentation was giving many questions to art  critics  and giving some challenging condition for art promoter or that’s art  vision. But some contemporary art promoters know to contemporary art and that’s artist vision or that’s right  demand . so Ashish balram Nagpal type art promoter is coming  on front line of art promotion to true contemporary art.

Artist Chintan and Art Promoter  Ashish Balram Nag
Artist Chinten Is busy in art interview for NDTV

A artist can create to his or her inner sound , that inner sound get a hard form in visuals but after that creation ,  that inner sound of artist want a right way or place about that art  like a cine art, cine art  need a real; cinema  hall for presentation or promotion of that cine art same thing is working on all kind of art so promoter is a chain puller of art . because artist and creative person putout  his or her vision and art promoter put to that vision in front side of society or after that in front side of history writer  . for example of this talk you can check to our past history or that’s art history ,  without art promoter in history art did not got right place in history or in society . so I said art promoter is a chain puller .

Art and art promoter in my view at Jkk year 2007 by exhibition of artist  Chintan Upadhyay.

In exhibition of Chintan Upadhyay . I were noticed art, artist and art promoter  were busy for visual art there I were observed many media family, artist family and promoter family were  presented  for visit and promotion to work of art of Chintan upadhyay . it was a good chance  for me I were there as a artist or as a promoter of art . here in some visuals  you will see to his critical art work and that’s big sound .i were shot some visuals for my art documentation .  that was not a noise and violence but that was real sound of a social baby . I were observed it and I hope  you will also observe it after visit this update visuals of artist Chintan Upadhayay art work Exhibition ..

 Over all Artist Chintan Upadhyay was putted a real art in front side of art promoter by support of art promoter of  INDIA. So I said art , artist and promoter ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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