Friday, September 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 218


Bromide paper , Are  you know  what is this ? I want to tell  you about it . its photo print paper , in art language I can say it is a canvas of camera  result , it is a canvas of Photographer , it is a basic element of photography result . without bromide paper in past photography was not possible it was fact of past photography .

I were touched to bromide paper very first as a photographer in my art collage in B.F.A. education. I were buy bromide paper and then I were taken some print by myself in darkroom of my art collage . there I were printed manual photo printing by academic process of Darkroom . there in red light  I were taken in my hand a bromide paper and putted that in shadow of Negative , I were on to light for some time and then off to projector light .then I were taken that bromide  paper in my hand again or putted  in developer box . I saw in red light step by step a image was coming  on paper by developer . after two minute I got a fine image on that plan bromide paper . that was magic of light and comical in darkroom on bromide paper  .

There I were knew the process of academic photography  printing by art education. But after that photo print study  I were not went in any darkroom of photo print , it is a another true . but I were not leaved photography .i were lived busy in art photography work or in documentation work of my art journey by photography work.  My photography subject was  also running with me step by step , still roll camera to digital camera .

I were faced lots of problem in photo result after my photography when that’s print came in my hand in form of  bromide paper print. But there was not any option so I were lived that .

But when I were started photography by Digital camera  I were leaved printing way for  my art documentation work  . in that time  from my studio every day I were giving printed bromide paper to people .that was my job work of  photography  for income of money .

In 2007 I were went  Mumbai , there I were on Juhu beach , I were moving there alone  in water of sea and there I were shooting to landscape of juhu beach and some seascape by my digital camera .
 In that Movement  I saw many photographers were busy there for side seen photography of  tourist they all were on freelancing job for income  . they were giving photo print on a one click by bromide camera . I saw that camera was not wanted any developer or comical + darkroom , that camera was giving direct print on bromide paper after some sun light effect .

There in walk or near sea I saw a bromide paper , that was moving by  water here and there ,I saw that bromide paper was white and sea dust was on that bromide  paper , that visual was stop to me for shoot to that  , because that visual was very philosophical or critical , sea dust on white bromide  paper  in sea water that was near my feet .

What was I felt I can’t explain to  you in words but that visuals will say to you a complete inner motion of myself . I was sad , in tens, in deep feeling of life, I thought about last  result of life when I saw that critical visuals of bromide paper in sea water. So I said sea dust  on bromide paper…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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