Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Art Vibration - 211

!! olqnsodqVwEHkde !!


olqnsodqVwEHkde This is a word of Sanskriti language of INDIA. Its mean is very large and very feeling full . this word is giving a real family sound when we think it and we live it . here I have try for translate to that word but this translation is not a complete word of olqnsodqVwEHkde ! I said it in English world is a family.

My selected art work presentation by Mr. Jorge Azevedo on  
 We know we have a home a single home that’s name is earth,  here to we are collecting everything for life. And we all human have same life on this earth so we are living on this earth like a family . someone were understood it and someone are not understanding it  today after millions years . but we all human is a member of a one family. No one can change it and brake it after god and time .
This think is accepting  all mythology of our world . we know god have designed this home and family for us . here someone living with love and someone with self demand or hope . our home ( earth )  is giving to all completeness time to a home .

In past someone observed it as a philosopher and said it to our world . today that  true word is working very well , mostly in educative sector . I can say it , because I am feeling and living it. When world is a family concept was expressed by a thinker that time our world was not connected to each other but today our world is connect  with very advance communication system. In our contemporary time a man or women can talk . visit and listen to any other by communication tool , this communication is giving a right condition to world family concept . today millions people are talking and communicating  every day on this earth with lots of distance of earth land . 

For  your example I want to give myself  example . because i am living it to last 5 years continue  in our world home. I know  you all are connected to our world by communication . this blog communication is also a true example of my talk.

You know last five years to I am connected to online communication here on online I have connected to many artist friends or our.  world they all are living in different countries of our world . but by art I have got a true art relation like a family . I am saying to my art relation art family. I were not met to any other countries  artist to face to face . but every day I am communicate with them by my art work on this online communication path . we are talking on art and in that movement our art talk convert in sound of family talk , A art family talk.  we are talking like a member of house. some time we observing to artist friend and his/her  art work or movement of his/her  visuals by color or line . my many artist friends some senior or juniors are observing my daily art work and that’s long journey . they are asking to me for next and they are representing my work of past by his or her self communication system in our world art family stage as a family member . in that live movement I am remember to word  olqnsodqVwEHkde ! (World is a family ).

A current example for  you . yesterday my online artist friend or member of my world art family Mr. Jorge Azevedo . He is from Portugal . kind  your information in our world family or history Portugal person was founded to INDIA very first in our world map . In India city Goa was a small country of Portugal  in past.  Today there culture and location is same and in real look of Portugal culture . INDIA cared that true cultural sound of Portugal like a world family.

Here yesterday Jorge Azevedo was shared my seven art work on facebook online communication  page. He was selected  my past or present art work visuals as a observer of art or as a critic of visual art. He was proved again in front side of myself  if Portugal is busy in search on INDIA  Like past history . I am giving respect to Art observer cum critic Mr. Jorge Azevedo . he is working like a senior member of our world art family . I were not met to him live in my art journey but here on online I am meeting  to him daily like a house member . it is a great fact of today.

Art observer Cum critic  Jorge Azevedo , Portugal .
He know the real meaning of word  olqnsodqVwEHkde ! very well and he is busy in his right duty as a family member of our world family . He is not making money or playing  to  any artist feeling s . he is promoting to artist as a senior  member of our  family . About  promotion of art , artist Jorge Azevedo was created his own page on facebook and there he is promotion to other artists of our world family . today he was posted me a link of his own page  for my visit , he said to me   yogendra  you can visit  your work on this page  . I were opened that page link and there I saw lots of creative art work visuals were  presented or updated by art observer cum critic Jorge Azevedo . here that’s page link for your visit..

I hope after read this simple true example of world family  , you will accept  my talk about olqnsodqVwEHkde ! ( world is a family ) concept ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


venceras said...

Thank you for your nice words Yogendra and for the spirit you take with them

venceras said...

Thank you for your nice words and and the right and positiv spirit you
bring with them