Monday, September 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 203


Painting of great Art Master Vincent Van Gogh
Yesterday I were  on visit  of a religion journey . that was on 15th Number national High way of our nation. I saw thousands of religion peoples were walking on that road with feeling of prayers about  God BABA RAMDEV PEER . They were walking by support of  simple foot wears . we are saying to that CHAPAL , PAGARKHI , sleeper ETC.

 On that road I saw a young boy was walking very slow because his feet was not comforted by lots of walk so he was binding cloth bandage on his foot wear  for comfortable  walk on that religion journey for  200 KM road walk. After saw his critical and painful condition . I were remembering  my art history and myself past life movement . that was true and critical . I were felt that  uncomfortable or painful condition of that young boy. because I were lived that pain in my past  many time .

I were read that painful sound in my art history by history of great art master Vincent Van Gogh.Artist Vincent van Gogh was very emotional artist of our world art family . art critics were wrote  it about him.  Its example is a live painting of Van Gogh . he was created a painting and then he was wrote a short note about his painting . in that painting he was created his old shoos image on canvasa by oil color And then he was wrote a real story of relation of shoos to his real life. 

He was wrote , I have created this shoos painting because this shoos was care me very much when I were lived alone and walking on the road . my shoos were protect to my feet by that protection my feet was safe on that hard road . so I felt this shoos is my best friend or here on canvas I have created to my best friend on this canvas. Here  his art work image I am sharing for  your visit. This art work image will share with  you his feeling full art sound and emotional life sound too.

I leaved my footwear on desert of Jaisalmer 
We know our foot wears is caring to our feet it is not a new thing it’s a common thing  for life. But a artist was observed to that caring sound of foot wear and he was presented that with feeling full sound by his emotional presentation in form of painting. It is art work or a uncommon action by a social person so I were shared it for  you by this post.

In my own life many time I have faced critical condition about foot wear or safety of my feet . many time I were noticed to complicated condition of foot safety . I were lived some uncomfortable condition and in that condition I were used  my creative vision for control to that uncomfortable condition of my foot wears.

 Many time I were lost my foot wear in mid way ,many time some other were wear to my foot wear and went away , may time my foot wear were broken in mid way of journey . mostly I were got this type critical condition  in mid of my art journey so some movement I have captured for my art journey documentation . because it was true part of my art life , like my senior great art master Vincent Van Gogh.

Here I want to share with you two visuals of my foot wears . it is two short and true story of my art journey. Once a time I were in Jaisalmer City there I were busy in shooting of still photography . I were at desert area of Jaisalmer there my foot wear was broken and I were leaved there my foot wear on desert . there  to I were came back at hotel without foot wear.

Once a time I were in Jaipur . in temple of Govind dev ji for prayer to god in that case someone was wear my foot wear and went to that temple so after prayer I were came at my room without foot wear . in mid way I were posted sms by mobile to my friends , I were wrote  today time have pulled  my foot wear from home of god.ha ha.. that was critical condition for me but I were lived to that live condition of senior art master of INDIA  M.F. Hussain ( M.F. Hussain was not wearing foot wear )   . 

I were updated to it by iron wire on the road in critical  condition or time of my life. 
Third movement this year  I were went for my presence in family on death  of our senior person of family . there my foot wear was got broken  in mid way I were not walked without foot wear and there no time in my hand  for change to new and other foot wear . so on the spot I were used my creative mind for care to feet and by a iron wire I were done a temporary treatment of my foot wear . because I have been read to art history or art life story of great art master vincent van gogh .

 Here in visuals  you can see my critical condition of foot wears. I were remembering it yesterday when I saw a live case of  critical foot wear by a young boy of religion journey on 15th Number national high way .  so I were remembering  to my foot wears..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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