Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art Vibration..31


When i were busy in final year of my master 's . that time i were full time busy in art work . 8 am to till 5 pm collage time was fixed for me . i were designed that art nature in me for complete art study . may be it was designed in me by my art Teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. After collage i were going to Temple Govind Devji for sketching and for study on life.
i saw lots of color of life in that temple. i were saw there a poor man to our former Vice President of INDIA and many shades of life and on holy day i were visiting the heritage buildings of Jaipur city ,many time i were visiting Amer fort. that time i did saw the condition of city heritage in center of Rajasthan that was not good. i were shoot some visuals of Amer Fort and Temple of Govind devji, and some other city street of Jaipur. After that i were wrote some critical dialog on condition of Heritage .that time i were got a real mean of heritage by me. i were wrote about real heritage "my past 28 year is my real heritage , i were lived that with myself and all relation of my life is part of my heritage but building structure and thats look, is not my heritage that is property of our Nation and our Earth. because our senior artist and creator had share his or her art energy in that building Structure. so its our duty we care our Art property of Nation or Earth ..! "
when i were wrote this project report i were share with my Art Teacher . after a talk he told me ok you can work on it. then i were selected the medium of my heritage art project, i were created some visuals of heritage condition for installation art presentation. and i were transfer photo visuals with some critical sound of myself on my class room wall. because that time i want to create big work but my pocket was not supporting to me so i were selected the wall of my class room. that was mixed media work and i were painted wall , kind your information our Rajasthan School of Art was started as a Art Institute of Fresco wall painting ,so i were with heritage of my Art Collage . that was my plus point for heritage art project .

But when i were started the Art work on my class room wall that time my Art Collage management staff was not happy to my wall painting work and they told me yogendra you are doing misuse of our . i were feel pain but after two days i were answer to my art collage Management staff . i told i had submitted to our collage 10,000 rupees for one year fees for my master . you are using 3500 rupees from that fees for studio of masters ,and at present my class room is my studio and i am working in my studio and learning wall painting with some contemporary social sound , kind your information wall painting is a real heritage of our art collage so i am not going out to rule of our Art Institute . after my master you can paint that wall .that time some one paint to art collage wall just like me...ha.
after that answer of myself, my art collage management staff were understood my talk and they were not stop me for my master work after that talk . that time my art teacher was happy to my art activity and to my critical answer to Our Art Collage Management Staff.

that time my one senior Artist Mr. Waqer Bhai gave a word " Struggle" for heritage..ha
i were told to him i am just trying to share my view about heritage by this art work but i know i am very small and its just a study work of myself its can't create the sense in educated people for our real heritage.. ha..

By some visuals i were share my study on heritage project. here i want to share that installation art work visuals for your visit..

1. In this installation visual i were created a wall look of Amer fort ,how to people register his self on property of nation .what is this...? when i were created a space for this installation i were invited to my juniors for work on wall with free expression. i were told to all its my canvas and you can share your inner sound by color on it. then they were created the same visual just like Amer fort.point be noted its a sound of freedom . art is accepting it always . its art duty and nature..ha

2.The heritage building is converting in hotels today , i were created this sound in my installation work. in this visual my two junior is helping to me very much Mr. Pandit and Miss Priyanka . so i am thanks full to my juniors of Art Collage..!

3. I were designed a sound of hotel look by this installation.

4. I were pasted silver and golden color paper on wall with critical sound , some one had gold for paste on wall but they had no food for common man . what was the mean of king in our past heritage ....?

5. A one more installation visual of Amer Fort Room. i saw bird had designed home in Fort Room . In king time the king had putted perfume there.

6. I were created Spider net by thread and life text out cut of paper, and share the concept of life condition with heritage matter.

7. It was a very critical concept with 100% truth of our contemporary time. i were painted this visuals by myself for installation of heritage look. it was criticism on advertising . they had painted lots of structure of heritage buildings for publicity and marketing with word Enjoy..ha
my Art collage is caring this art work of myself . so i am very thankful for the management Staff of My art collage..!

8. in this visual you can visit how to i were painted this art work by myself on wall for installation of heritage look.

9. this is one more critical art work by installation art , in this art work i were show the heritage of our National Army . all in one color ,all are common in a one home .

that story was not finished at there, i think it was start for the real change of heritage look . in 2007 -08 i were went to Amer fort again for visit that time i were saw the very dramatical change in look of Amer fort i saw many worker are working for conservation of Structure of Amer fort they all were busy in redesign of past look of Amer Fort. that was very interesting moment for myself . i were feel happy if some one have read my critical sound of heritage . that time i saw a big sign board on main gate of Amer Fort. that was State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur. i were read some text on that sign. S.B.B.j. is sponsor the conservation work of Amer fort.
and today the Amer fort and some more heritage building Structure is getting same look of past.
here i want to share some visuals of Amer fort after conservation work for your visit.

1. Entry gate of Deewane khash ,Amer fort after conservation work by S.B.B.J.

2.Part Of Shish Mahal, Amer fort After Conservation work by S.B.B.J

3.Front look of Amer fort After Conservation work by S.B.B.J

4. Many time i were pass my time alone at Amer fort on this place, its on top of Amer fort , Jaipur.

This is a video presentation of my critical art work of Master's.

After master i am continue busy with my heritage art project . i will share some more report of heritage project of myself with you very soon..ha

yogendra kumar purohit

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art Vibration..30


After Master of Fine art i were join again the Studio of J.k.k. Jaipur for art work. that time i were thinking only on life matter. and when i were walk on the road then i were visiting lots of visuals of real life on the road. i were selected some matter for my art work in mind and then i were transfer that life vision on 7X4 fit size paper in Graphic Art Studio,J.K.K. Jaipur.

when i were started my first painting on life subject ,i were draw a leg of elephant that was braking lock of Iron chain and that Iron chain was in a hand of a red color hand in background i were painted lots of flower and text of life. i were print life text many time on that painting . when i were finished that painting that time i saw my back side a senior lady with her man. she was smiling after visit my art work and told me nice work.i like it very much. after that comment i were asked to her, her name and country and etc. then she told me i am artist of America and at present i am on visit of INDIA. she told me i am watching you to last 30 minute, you were continue busy with your art work you are real artist i like your working style its great. after few minute she asked to me i want to buy your this painting so what you will charge for this art work ? i were happy because that day i were talked to a real art lover cum buyer. i were asked to her what you think about this art work cost ? she told me no no its your work so you tell me the real cost of your art work . then i were share my art work cost .she told me no its very high so come down then i told direct sorry i can't change the cost its artist cost you asked me so i am saying to you..she was understood my talk and went to Studio and i were came back on my art work, after 5 minute she came back with her man at studio and told me yogendra , i want to collect your art work its true art work so think again , that time i were thought, she is really interested in my art work and i am on exercise so i can give to her on her demand . i were reply to her ok you can take this art work on right cost. that time she told me i will display your art work in my office wall with your thumb pin mark. kind your information i were created the size 7X4 fit by 6 paper sheet 20X30 inches by pasting work. that day i were feel how to you pure art give you surprise . i were got real collector of art for my LIFE work , i were came in confidence on my life art work concept. that concept was clicking the mind of visitors. that was live achievement of Art for myself from a American Artist cum art collector .

After that in next week Art Master Chintan Upadhyay was came at J.K.K. that was Sunday i were alone in Graphic Art Studio, J.k.k. that time i were busy in Life Art work. when Chintan had visit my art work then he asked to me why you are printing life text again and again .he want to know my concept about life text as a art master or i can say as a art teacher. i were reply to him sir, life is making life in this nature, life to life nothing extra after life, its life system. so i had used the text of life its indicate direct to life so i am printing the text life in concept of life painting. Artist Chintan Upadhyay told me ok you are right. after some time Artist Chintan told me bye then i were reply to him take care sir then Artist Chintan told me you too.

that time i were on exercise of painting by myself art vision, i were want to catch the real track of painting with full art energy so i were busy in painting, morning to evening time 8 am to till 8 pm. some one were saying to me he is a mad man..but i were busy in art study at j.k.k.Jaipur. After one month i have been designed 20 painting on life concept . after 20 painting i were come out to life matter and i were stop myself for more work on life day i were sited in INDIAN coffee house of J.K.K. that time i were thought for exhibition of life work but i want to do show with some special art sound. that time i got a idea for road show a street art exhibition but that was very tuf track, how to exhibit art work and where on the road.that day to i were started the project of Street Art exhibition for my life art work . first i were thought i can display my work on wall of street but my art work was on paper so that was not possible then i thought about soft board and i got a right way for display of my art work on the road. i were searched a framer shop then i were asked to shop keeper for soft board on rent he was artistic person and his nature was very cool he told me ok you can take soft board on rent. i were happy because i were got the base of exhibition presentation . i were collected 20 soft board on rent of 1000 rupees for one day...ha
After collect that soft board, i were fixed my art work by thumb pin on that 20 boards. next day in morning time i were called to my junior Artist Mr. Chandrashekhar Sen for my help i were invited him at J.K.K. at 7 Am.that was winter time and i were went to J.k.k. by auto rikshow at 6 :30 am that was a cool morning. at 7:30 am we were putted all soft board in auto rikshow and came at "RAMNIWAS GARDEN" there i were selected a wall for exhibition. that was wall of Zoo.ha.
At 8 :30 we had display my art work with support of Zoo wall. i were cover 80 fit wall of Zoo. that was a very interesting moment of my art journey. i were exhibit a big street exhibition by myself. before exhibition day i were posted a press note about my Street exhibition to all press of Jaipur by Fax. thats result I were saw at 11 am on exhibition day. Rajasthan Patrika Press Photographer Mr. R.K. Sharma came at Ramniwas Garden for shoot to my Street art exhibition. that day he were visit my all art work as a artist and as a art lover and he told me i were art student but by luck i am in press photography line. i like your art work and thanks to you because you have been think much more on life concept.its not a easy for a youth artist ,R.K.Sharma told. after visit my art work he told me i will create a visual on life with real life so just call to a old lady and two kids we were called and invited to a old lady and two kids that time i were watching the sense of photographer life vision and i were thought , how to he will create a art visuals for this street art exhibition but after 10 minutes he told me i got it then i were try to saw that visuals then he was smiling and told me you will see tomorrow in news paper.. bye yogendra..!
After Press Photographer Mr. R.K.Sharma ,Mr. Alok press reporter of Rajasthan Patrika came at Ramniwas Garden and asked to me about my art exhibition i were share my concept and exhibition view with him he was happy to my answer and told me nice work sir..ok i will write for you a short story about your street exhibition.i were told to him thanks. next day i were got a real surprise from Press Photographer R.K.Sharma and mr.Alok, they were published my art visual in a big size on color page of Rajasthan Patrika. that day Rajasthan Patrika had published my street exhibition visual in all Rajasthan edition . here i want to share that news paper cutting image for your knowledge.

After meeting of Rajasthan Patrika press i were meet to E tv Rajasthan they were shoot and taken my interview about street exhibition and next day evening time they were telecast on TV but i can't watch that interview , my some junior had watched and then they were colled to me about that TV interview.ha.
On exhibition day i were share my view with lots of visitors . that day i were shoot and recording to my street art exhibition by my digital camera .here i have share some part of that art exhibition by visuals and by movie clips.

Still visuals of my Street Art Exhibition presentation.

Movie Clip part-1 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

Movie Clip part-2 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

Movie Clip part-3 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

that street exhibition was myself test of patience and vision power , start to finish line that was a complete struggle and a learning track for myself, by luck i have been exhibit my life work on the road in mid of real life.. i can't forget that art moment . that was a real hard art project of myself after master of Art. i were created a open art gallery for visit of common art presentation in mid of common man society. i saw the common man was enjoying that life concept by visual language .you can visit that mood of common man in update visuals of this post...ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Monday, September 27, 2010

Art Vibration..29


In 2008, i were received a invitation for a art exhibition . that invitation were came from International festival of poetry by KRITYA society, that event was in Chandigarh at Punjab Art Council building . they were design that event for poet and for artist a joint cultural event of Kritya 2008.

i were went there with my art work by train. at 3 am i were on chandigarh railway station .i were call to organizer of that event then he guide me you can hire a auto and came at Punjab art council . At 4 am i were at Punjab art council building . a one young man Artist Amit Kalla was still for me on gate of Punjab art council he told me welcome Yogendra.

we were went in a hall and talk about exhibition hall and about artist of our exhibition then he was told me all information of that art exhibition. after a hour we were went in hall of art exhibition that was a good art gallery . then Artist Amit Kalla asked me can you help me about display of my art work i have big canvas for display in this art exhibition i were reply to him yes why not. i am always living active for art work and i am not think much more when some one want help to me...its my art nature..ha

when i were helping to Artist Amit Kalla that time a one artist Mr. Daniel Connell came in gallery and saw our art activity that time i were use the hammer for display the art work of Artist Amit .that time he was feel some upset by our art activity and he went out from gallery. but we are
continue for display. when we display the work of Artist Amit kalla. i were went to bath and after bath i we were take morning tea that art center was near to Rose Garden i saw lots of flower in that garden .that was very nice morning for myself art journey...ha
at 10 :00 am i were went in art gallery for display my art work on gallery wall. i were select last wall for my art work display. because i know diamond always sign in darkness..ha

that time i saw artist Daniel had put his art work on basement of gallery because there side no any tool for display so he were feeling leaved his art work on basement of Gallery. i saw there a boll of thread for painting hang on wall but no any cuter and etc. in that case i saw a small blade in transparent small bag of Daniel i were taken that small blade and then i were cut thread for painting hang on the wall of gallery. after 30 minute i were display my art work and i were put back the small blade in bag of Daniel and came out from gallery.and in evening time i were went in art gallery that time all artist were busy for display his or her art work in gallery but i were not saw there artist Daniel but his art work on same place of gallery basement i were feel bad and think why Daniel is not here. then i were start the display his art work by myself because i want to make happy to Artist Danile by my art activity , in morning time i were made upset to him by my hammer use on canvas with loud sound ..

After 40 minute i were display the art work of Artist Daniel on wall and all artist of that exhibition were watching me in gallery. Next morning i were stand in groung of Punjab Art Council that time Artist Daniel came near to myself and told me very thanks yogendra , you have display my work from your energy i were not presented there but you have display very perfect so thanks many thanks and after that he did huge me, i were made a artistic smile on a artist face by my art activity..i were feel happy.ha
On exhibition day at 10:00 am , Artist Mr. Amit Kalla told me yogendra just come with me i want to show our exhibition catalog . when i were saw that catalog copy then i were told to Mr. Kalla its nice design then he told me must read this text i were read some text of that Catalog that was in english after read some line of top of that catalog i were asked to Mr. Kalla nice writing who wrote it then he told me its from Himanshu Vyas .i were feel happy and then asked to Mr.Kalla where is the name of Mr. Himanshu Vyas in this catalog , he told me the designer had forget published his name. i were got angry on designer .then mr. Amit Kalla told me we will paste a name strip of him on all catalog. i were laugh on designer and then i were told to Mr. Amit Kalla why you will paste his name on this catalog we can print his name on this catalog then Mr. Kalla asked to me how to.? we have not time at 5 pm our art exhibition will start at here and who will be do it. i reply ti him i will do it. then mr. Kalla smile and told me ok do it. he was gave me 1000 Rupees and told me the market of Printing sector 16- 17. kind your information, i were very new and that was my first visit of Chandigarh as a artist . but i were taken a risk on myself and i were hire a auto and went to market with 1000 printed catalog . i were stop on a shop that was card printer but he told me sorry we have no time i told to him sir i have same problem just like you with myself ,so try but he was not with support mood .then i were went in sector no 11 there side by luck i were find a real Sardar ji,A real man of Punjab i were share my condition then he told me i will take big charge for this work i told him ok done you can start, then he told me our computer Designer will come at 2 pm and that time i saw the watch then time was 12 :20 pm. i told to him sir i know computer design so i can create the master for your screen printing he was very strong and trusty person , he told to his servant "Oe Chotu just on the computer . when he did on the computer i were sited on his shop pc and design a simple Name of Himanshu vyas with this style "hIMANSHU VYAS" when i were design this name then i were got a print out on butter paper , when that print copy Mr. Sardar ji saw then gave me smile and told me we will do your work in 2 hour and you can collect this catalog from my shop at 3 pm i were happy and came in confidence .that time i told to Printer please print this name in golden Ink then he reply me sorry sir we have silver color ink i were told to him ok use it for printing.

After submit that catalog i were went to eat food and after taken food i were move on the road of Chandigarh for one hour. at 3 pm i were go back at printer shop and that time his printer had printed 600 catalog. i were told to him sir ji you are getting late after listen my word he gave order to his one servant just do fast finally at 4 :00 pm i were got printed catalog with name of Himanshu Vyas . i were feel happy and that was a thanks to Mr. Himanshu Vyas by my art sound...ha
At 4 :30 i were came at Punjab art Council and submit that printed catalog to Artist Amit Kalla he was happy to my art action he told me very nice sir ji. that time i were meet to catalog Designer cum artist Mr. Vijendra S. Vij . he told i forget his name publication by mistake because we have no space for his name after design this catalog ( i were created a special space for name of Himanshu vyas on our printed catalog ) and thanks to you if you have done a big job for art catalog .here i want to share that art catalog image part. for your knowledge

Mr. Himanshu Vyas have wrote this text for myself art sense...!

Kind your information Mr. Himanshu Vyas is a real art master of Our nation at present he is busy in Job of Hinduastan Times Jaipur as a chief Photographer . i were meet to him in year 2003 when i were went to Rajasthan School of art For my Master . i were read his art sound when he came in my class that was my final year of Master i were exhibit my one art work that was on concept of our heritage . he saw my art work and told me Purohit Ji you had open your mind i am reading by this art work good going . that work was a concept of myself but on that work my all junior have draw some drawing and text with free expression . i were invited to all of my art collage students for that art work actually that was my critical art work on condition of contemporary Heritage .that day to we have a very silent and a very peaceful art relation in our art journey. that' s result i were got some real study word on myself from Art Mster Mr. himanshu Vyas in International poetry festival of Kritya, Catalog 2008...!

That day i saw" the surprising mood of energy of Art Master Himanshu Vyas for me"..ha

Art Master Himanshu Vyas in my view at my Home Town Bikaner.
Art Master Himanshu Vyas is thinking something..!

The Art tool in hand of Art master Himanshu Vyas ..!

A real Art Joke of "THE SURPRISING MOOD OF ENERGY" :- here i want to share a real Art joke of International poetry festival of Kritya 2008,Chandigarh . the organizer of that poetry event was submit me a note book for writing in time of event of poetry presentation . i were not noted any word in that note book but i were draw sketch of poets in that note book and submit back to Organizer..ha

yoegndra kumar purohit

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Vibration..28


Point be noted i am saying about national think for art not for national award.when you are with national art then you will with national award...ha.
any way i want to clear the national think for art at here by a small but a remarkable story of my art journey.
In 2000-01 , we had exhibit a group art exhibition by "MANTHAN" A contemporary artist group at Ravindra bhawan Lalit kala gallery ,Delhi.that was our first art exhibition of MANTHAN In center of Nation. we were very new for Delhi . we were not know to any body in Delhi after building of RAVINDRA BHAWAN and Rest house of Lalit kala Academy.but we want to pull the eyes of Delhi art lovers for our art exhibition. so we had display our exhibition poster on some art gallery and art collages and we were wrote a press note for Delhi press . i were wrote in that press note 6 artist of RAJASTHAN will Exhibit his art work at Lalit Kala Academy ,Ravindra Bhawan,Delhi, we have published same line in our exhibition poster and invitation.kind your information we were collect the invitation list from our Lalit kala academy and then we were posted all invitation i think 1000 invitation to artist of Delhi or our national artist.but that was just a activity. our mind was fix on print media Delhi.

we were submit our press note one day before to press at office of ITO Delhi.thats result came next day on our exhibition day. we read our pres note with head line 6 Artist of Rajasthan will exhibit his art work at Rawindra Bhawan today. we were feel happy because we had promot the name of RAJASTHAN ART and Artist as a identity..that was great feeling for us that time.we all are confident for our artexhibition and kind your information we had not invite to any body for opening we are not want to create any drama that was our MANTHAN Rule art for visitor without brake and formality ..ha

when our exhibition were started for visitor then we all member of MANTHAN was busy in explain our art and art vision to visitorsand to press peoples. that was our fresh color exhibition i can say that was our fresh energy of art and we had used pure color of our art sense .all are promoting us in our gallery with artistic and critical comment on our visitor book and media published us with full support.thats one example for you at here with this published article copy image.
A magazine had published a article on our "MANTHAN" Art GROUP..

on third day of our art exhibition a senior artist came for visit our art exhibition. he was alone with a small Khadi Bag and he was looking like a artist . white hair a stick in hand for support and a white glass on eyes and very critical smile on his face. he did came in our art gallery and direct asked to us . this is a exhibiton of Manthan group. we reply yes sir. then he asked a very critical question to us .what is the 6th Rajasthan Artist's exhibition can you explain it ..? we all artist of our Manthan were silent because that was very tuf question for us. we are watching face and thinking who reply to him about his question.and he was asking to us and want a reply with a right answer as a art teacher . then by luck my mind had read his question sense and i were design a answer for him but before that answer , i were understood his in direct message for our national think,..i were reply to him with some smartness i told, sir we want to pull the media for our art exhibition because we are very new in Delhi .we don't know to any body after lalit Kala academy so we were wrote a line 6th artist of Rajasthan in our press note and media have read our sound and they have published for you and you are here for our visit its mean we had achieved you for our art exhibition .he was smile hahaha nice.. then he asked to us are you INDIAN or RAJASTHANI.. i were reply to him sir i am INDIAN, because he want to listen to me this type word i had read it from his first question, he did want to check our sense of vision about art journey and i think i got pass mark from him that day. he told me yes we are first Indian then artist forget small thinking like we are from Rajasthan jaipur Delhi etc and smile again in his style ha ha ha..! that day to i am saying to all i am from INDIA ,when Indian people ask to me where you from and where you live.after listen my answer they are saying to me we also INDIAN . in that time they feel what they have asked to me and why. we are in a one home thats name is INDIA..for this think i want say thanks to that senior Artist of our nation...ha.ha.ha..!

that was my first live talk to a national artist of our Nation in my art gallery as a artist. after he was visited our art exhibition and told to us some one have good skill of drawing so do continue drawing and some one have poetry language so try to read more deep feeling . and he told i am happy after visit your art exhibition he wrote for MANTHAN best of luck and went from our gallery for next gallery visit but there he said there our 6th artist of Rajasthan title for
publicity of us...ha

after that meeting with that artist i were meet to him in Delhi, and in Kota camp i were invited him by my junior Artist Master Chndrashekhar Sen and then we were meet in Gwaliyer .

ok after this story i am going to share the name and picture of that national artist of INDIA . his name is National Awarded Artist SHRI UMESH VERMA ,Delhi.

National Awarded Artist Shri Umesh Verma Drawing for me in my sketchbook.Kota.

Artist Shri Umesh Verma talking on art with other artist of our nation at GOVT. Rest House KOTA.

Artist Shri Umesh Verma is thinking for his art visuals in Kota Art Camp.

Artist Shri Umesh Verma is busy in his painting work at Kalarang Kalasang art camp , Gwaliyer

yogendra kumar puroihit

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Vibration..27

'' WHAT YOU SAY TO IT...? ''

One day i were busy with online networking on my Desktop PC. then i were received a invitation by E mail. that was for a international art exhibition. that mail i were received from my Art teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. i did master in his guide line in year 2006 from Rajasthan School of Art.Jaipur.

kind your information Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhaya know me from year 1994. when i were went to Art Collage for B.F.A admission . first day first meeting was very interesting . he was sited in a classroom with art students and i were went near him for his sigh on my application form. he was read my name yogendra kumar purohit you are yogendra ..? i were reply yes sir .he told me ok and he did sign on my application form and told me go and submit it in office with fees.

i were submit my fees and then i were got admission in Rajasthan School of Art.that day to till today he is checking my confidence level by art activity as a art teacher.and its making me more strong for a long art journey. i have been pass 14th year in art without any brack but in my real life i have lots of brake but art is still with me continue its god gift or art teacher gift ..ha

one day i were late for collage because the railway crossing gate was close for 30 minute and i were got late by Railway gate. and in art collage Dr. Vidhaysagar upadhyay was taking our composition class. our collage time was 8 am and i were came art collage at 8:30 am , i were on gate of my art class then i saw our teacher is in class room as a respect i were asked to him may i come in sir..he saw me and told , no you are late . i were accepted i were late ,and told to him i were not late by my own i were late by railway crossing gate , because today the rail came late on that railway gate. but he got angry on me and told you will not come in my class ok. that time i feel hurt and my eyes was wet but i were not move from that class gate 3 hour continue i were still there with out water and rest because i was not wrong and i were know my teacher was not wrong for me. he want to teach me about time discipline. so that day i were not enter in my art class..ha
next day i were went to art collage at 7:30 am and at 7 :45 am my art Teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay came at Art collage he was looking me but he did not talked to me. he was went in class room and at 7:55 am i were enter in my art class and i were started art work .that day i were first student in my class room. i were started my art work then one by one my class students came in class room after 8 Am but no body asked to my art teacher for entry in class when all were sited on chair , my art teacher told to all with angry mood when you all are come in class .why you not ask to me for entry in class . you have not respect about your teacher what is this.but that time he did not told me anything by his angry mood he was getting angry on all students of my class room and in side he was loving to myself..ha
that day to till today we have a very strong relation that is true internal relation of teacher and Student ( GURU -SHISHY). i can say i have achieved and living the tredition of our nation GURU -SHISHY parmpara...!
1994 to 2010. its a big art journey of true internal relation. in this journey i had seen lots of color of art . here i want to share a one color from that colorful art journey with you by a international art exhibition story. then you can understand better this relation of us and art.

when i were received the invitation of my art teacher i were busy in my studio and i were puzzle from my art life so i were not capable for visit that art exhibition on that date . i were reply to my art teacher on day of international art exhibition at 10 am. i were wrote to him sorry sir, i can't come for visit your art exhibition, i am very puzzle and pack at my art studio and at present i can't leave my art studio so very sorry but i will missed visit of your international art exhibition .sorry. when i were posted this text on his mail id after that i were feel very upset and i were off my pc and went to sleep after close my studio. but i can't sleep and i were thinking for art visit of my art teacher exhibition. at 11 am i were leaved my bad and i were feel something was pulling me and i want to brake all bounded condition of myself . i were going in angry mood and finally i were decided i will visit my art teacher exhibition in any condition because his soul power is calling to me. he want to see myself in his exhibition.i were feel that.because we have a internal relation by nature of god and that is working very strongly .

one day my art teacher told me " YOGENDRA YOU WILL GO IN CROWD"that time i were silent because i were not reply direct to my art teacher in this art journey, but i were talk to him and reply about his Question by my mobile SMS. i were wrote to him " I AM ALONE IN CROWD YES ITS TRUE AND I CAN SEE YOU ARE ALONE IN MID OF CROWD"BUT I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU IN YOUR ALONE CONDITION.. SIR..

on the Exhibition day of my art teacher i were remembering this word so it was very must for me if i went in his art exhibition. at 11 : 00 am i were got ready my camera and a hand bag and
taken some money for my pocket . i were pick up my Iron Chetak ( Motter Bike) .and at 12 :00 noon i were on the Jaipur Road with my Iron Chetak. kind your information Bikaner My home town to Jaipur is 350 Km. far and bus is taking 7 hour for this journey. my art teacher Exhibition will start on same day evening time at 6 :30 Pm. i were ride the iron Chetak like a Road racer that was very action work of myself for a art respect i were not know that was right or wrong but i were on the way of art.that was real truth of my art action. i were stop in mid way for tea but just for 10 minute in that case some one asked to me i think a villager ,where you are run. i reply him i am not run some one is calling to me so i am going for that person. ha

I did not know the speed of my iron chetak that was out of limit and i am very thankful for bajaj LMT they have created a very strong moter bike in our India. i were feeling some one are blessing on myself . that day i were not told to any member of my family where i am and where i am going . why i don't know but that was true of that day.that was day of my Art Teacher..ha
at 6:40 i were at Jawahar kala kenda the place of my art teacher International art exhibition. i were join to him with a respectful smile with silent. he saw me and asked are you here.that time i saw a special sign on his face i were feel relax from my inside . i were not told to him how to i came here . he was busy in his art exhibition and i were started to shoot his art exhibition that was a great moment for us. i saw lots of other countris artist was stand there and they have exhibit his or her art work in a one gallery with my art teacher work all are watching that art exhibition and i were shooting to all by my camera..after exhibition visit all artist came in coffee house of JKK. that time i saw my art teacher was stand alone and he was watching me because i were sited alone on a table, but there side lots of crowd.when some one told to him about my art visit journey then he asked to me indirect with called two name of artist where is sense & where is patience ..? i were read some one have back talk about my art journey with my art teacher but what i can do with them . i told to my art teacher , i can't stop myself , i were try very much but i can't stop and thats result i am here sir..sorry..! he told ok enjoy Art..!

that day some one saw our real internal relation of art.....!

A art work Image of Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay its exhibited in a international art exhibition.

Dr. Vidhyasagar upaddhyay busy in art talk with Privet art gallery owner of jaipur.

Dr. Vidhaysagar Upadhyay with art Critic Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas & Artist Bhawani shankar sharma.

My Iron chetak

myself on the road of Bikaner and Jaipur..

yogendra kumar purohit

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Vibration..26


It was a very interesting art moment of my art journey. after my M.F.A. Painting education i were started some work as a artist with my free mind concept on paper with limited color. in that mood i had created 30 something painting on concept of "BACTERIUM IN HUMAN MIND''...!

In our Indian culture old people are saying " you have bacterium in your back to noughty and on wrong activity to mistake maker . but i thought again on this word then i find the real place of Bacterium that are living in vision of human and in mind of human .so i were created some visuals in simple form with some symbols of mind bacterium .when i had created 30 art visuals on that concept then i were submit my application of art exhibition at RAJASTHAN SCHOOL OF ART ,Jaipur. that was my art Collage and after master i want to restart my art exhibition track from Rajasthan school of art . our Art collage have a small but nice art gallery for art exhibition. when i were submit my application then my art Teacher were asked to me why you are interested about your art exhibition in our art collage art gallery. then i were told him sir" i want to express my first master art work with art student in his or her home and i think our art collage i a real home of art students. my teacher Dr.Vidhyasagar Upadhyay told me ok exhibit your art with art students. but our art collage will not give you any other support after the gallery i told no problem sir.after a week i got a date from My Art collage for art exhibition with a press note. i were happy and on gallery date i went to art collage with my creative art work. and i were find the gallery for display.there all art student were waiting of myself for my help they all were loving me very much with full respect like a big brother. i were hand our my art work in hand of my junior and i went to submit that press note by fax...ha

when i came back in gallery that time my one junior told me sir we have fix the display board for your work display then i were start the display on display board after 2 hour we had exhibit my art work in art collage art gallery and then i were invited to H.O.D. of Painting and all staff of my art collage . that exhibition was very simple no any formality and no any art drama.kind your information that art exhibition was only for three days.when all staff and H.O.D. of Painting were came in art gallery for visit my art work that time some one asked to me what is your concept in your art then i were explain first time my work in mid of art student as a art master when i were started then all were listening my word. i told its a simple form with concept of "BACTERIUM OF HUMAN VISION" with different example by art form. all were accepted my vision and work visuals that were common .ha
here i want to share some visuals of that art exhibition for your visit.

A visual on concept of hospital environment bacterium ..ha

recycle bin and human have same bacterium system in society...ha

Bacterium of education and study..ha
sorry i can't share all visuals of this concept at here with this post . first day all art student had visit my art work and talked to me about my art concept. in that case some media person came for visit and some press photographer have shoot some visuals of my art exhibition. E -TV News and Bhaskar New channel had share visuals on TV with A art news and next day the Hindustan Times have published a big picture of my art exhibition with a short news. that was a big message to all art student about press not media is active for art and culture they just want a right information for right place by a perfect way . i had post press note to media by fax that was a advance step of myself as a art master in that time because in our art collage no any fax service.ha

when i were sited in the gallery on third day that was sunday. i were alone in art gallery of art collage and main gate was open for visitors . then a one car came in front of art collage and that car was stop there.i saw that number plate that plate with red Cross . the gate of car was opened and a 40 to 50 year aged smart lady come out from that car and she watch my painting visuals from the road and she came direct in art gallery. she was visited my all art work with silence and she had gave 30 minute for visit my art work . when she had visited all art work then she came near to myself and asked to me its your art work, i reply to her yes Ma'm its my art work ,
then she asked to me are you art student i reply her yes ,i have master from this art collage in this year but i am learning every time so you can say i am art student.she told me . when i come out from my care then i saw first your work , so i come in your art gallery your red color had pull me because i am a DOCTOR in SMS Hospitel , Jaipur....!

She told me i had visited your all art work you have been used the form of Bacterium in all painting with some symbols of human and red color. i think you have visit the real place of Bacterium of human life , you had created a very strong concept, Doctor can't see this type Bacterium in human mind and i hope all doctor will think just like you then we can clear the All problem of Bacterium..thanks yogendra..

I were silent and thinking some one have read the real sound of my art concept by this art exhibition,that day my art concept had got a real visitor in that art gallery...ha

After art talk that lady Doctor share her name to me and she want to write some comment so she did asked to me where is your visitor book i want to write something about your art work . that time i were not put my visitor book in art gallery because i want to talk with visitor live about art visit and about art concept . i told to that lady doctor sorry Ma'm, i have not visitor book for this art exhibition.. she told me ok but her face expression was saying to me lots of. i were read it from her face.she told me good wish and best of luck yogendra..and after that she was went near her car . after a one minute she came back in art gallery and called to me yogendra come here i want to give you something, i went near to her then she was open her bag and taken a pen and told me just take it and wait, then she had taken a torch from her bag and told me take it, i were taken her pen and torch then she told me . yogendra i think you can see better the bacterium of human vision and you have the vision of control on bacterium so i think this pen and torch will help to you for see more better to bacterium .take it as a gift . she was happy after submit her pen and torch in my hand and i were thinking about her creative action..that time i had no any kind of word for that respectable lady Doctor.. that time i were speechless . i were told to her only thanks.. Ma'm.....!

here i want to share a image of that gifted Pen and Torch from that lady Doctor.

that day i saw the art power and philosophy of art in my real art journey " when science journey is getting last point , that point to art journey is getting start for next ...".....ha

yogendra kumar purohit

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art Vibration..25


In childhood age when i were reading my school study book and some comics that time i were watching painting and printed colorful visuals in that books and comics. that time i were thinking ,when my art work will published like this books visuals . because that time i were painting in my painting book . kind your information i could understand science practical subject by visual language . i were interested in painting. so one day i were thought and asked to myself when my art work will published in a book. that was my childhood age dream .

After 10 year, one day i received a phone call from city collector office . they were invited me in office .i were went there and meet to secretary in his office room. he asked to my name and then about my art education. i were told him i am yogendra kumar purohit from BIKANER,and have done B.F.A. In PAINITING. after my answer he asked to me can you create visuals on our project concept then i told to him yes i can try with my best for your project. he did feel happy and come in confidence on myself then he asked to me one more question how many Rupees you will charge for each one painting i reply him one thousand each one , then he asked to me are you know whose this project i reply him yes its our INDIAN GOVT. Project , he was smiling and then he told me its work of City Collector he will not pay you 1000 for your one art work then i reply to him sorry without this cost i can't work for your project .he told me think again yogendra you will missed a big project . actually he was checking my art patience and finally he told me we will pay you 800 for each one painting and we will design a folder with 15th painting.i were told ok i will do it for our INDIAN GOVT.And for our City Collector.after that formal meeting he told me you will come tomorrow at D.R.D. office we will start the work on concept of City Collector Bikaner.that time our city Collector was Mr. Akhil Arora and D.R.D. Secretary Mr. Bhawar lal Sharma .next day on right time i were went to D.R.D. office (D.R.D. Office is working in our nation for village life development and village Environment ) when i went in room of Secretary he told me welcome artist yogendra. we were talked on some concept of city collector , for visuals desing he were gave me 15 concept and told me i want to visit some layout on this concept , i were reply him ok sir i will desing some layout on this concept and submit to you after two days . he was happy after listen my two day time limit .he asked to me are you design all concept layout in only two days . then i told to him sir i have visit lots of sites of village and i have save some visuals in my momory about your concept design so i can draw ruf layout in short time and i were joke for that moment and told to him if you have a table and sit here in your office then i can create your all concept layout design in 4 to 5 hour . he had understood my indication and reply me sorry yogendra its not my office its GOVT. office . after that talk i were came at home and in two days i were draw all drawing by pencil on drawing sheet . when i were submit my drawing on table of Secretary of D.R.D. office . he told me thanks why i don't know he had collect my drawing and told me you will come tomorrow at 2 pm .today i will exhibit your drawing in front of city collector Mr. Akhil Arora. he will final your drawing .i told ok sir bye and come day at 2 pm i were at office of D.R.D. and i were meet to Secretary of D.R.D. then he was happy to my work and he told me your drawing is good our city collector told me but he want to see a color full painting so you will paint a one concept drawing in color and you will show in our office . i told ok sir i will paint and exhibit .

after that meeting i were came at home and start the painting on hand made paper with water color in 4 to 6 hour i were finished first painting od D.R.D. project .
here i want to share that art work image for your visit..

concept of village woman community for joint work .

as a advertising person i were went to office of D.R.D.and i were submit my first conceptual art work on table of D.R.D. Secretary . he did open that art work and told me nice yogendra that day City collector Mr. Akhil Arora was presented at D.R.D. office for visit that time he saw my art work and meet to me first time live face to face he asked to me my name and education.
after visit my art work he had done that projejct of concept drawing and painting for me .

after that meeting i got mote confidence in myself for that art project because concept desinger was happy to my art visual he got the real sound by my art work for his concept presentation..ha
in a two week i were complete all drawing with lots of exercise in that time i were visit the lab of
agriculture , because that all concept for village protection , environment development , animal hospital concept , village meeting concept, water saved project ,farming project desert stop concept etc..
here i want to share some more visuals of that concept design project for your visit .

concept :- Soler power project working better in village

concept :- animal Hospital in village

concept :- Group Meeting for village development and village environment

so i have done lots of exercise, that was very hard work and a big challenge for myself and it was good luck for me i had done that with in 15th days after 15th days i were submit my all design work to Office of D.R.D. and i were collect my payment of my art work . all office staff were happy to my work and i were happy from his selection because they had started a project of completeness of my childhood age Dream . they want to published my art work in a folder like a booklet . after a week i were received a phone call from D.R.D. office they were want i were meet to them at office so i were went there and asked about that meeting then Secretary of D.R.D. told me we want a publication of your work so just tell some name of publisher of our can published it better ? then i were told the name of Kalayani Printers ,because Kalayani printer's have published Shivira education office book of GOVT. so i told first that name then Secretary of D.R.D. told me you can do it for us because we don't know him then i told ok i will do it for your project. i went to Kalayani printers and share the concept of D.R.D. project he were told me yes i will do it better then i were gave contact of D.R.D. office and came back at my home . after three month i were received again a call from D.R.D. office . the Secretary of D.R.D. told me yogendra you can collect a folder of your painting from our office .i went there then he told me you know our city collector is very happy to your work and from this creative art project he told you have create art form on text in short time it was great and its publication is too good so he told for you a good wish for your art journey. i were reply with thanks. in that time Secretary asked to me can you give this visuals image in Compact disk our city collector want it to me he want to save this visuals in his digital library. that time i told yes i will give you a compect disk with my created visuals that time i had shoot all visuals of that concept painting. and i told to Secretary of D.R.D. sir please say thanks to our city collector because he had not create only a art job for me actually he had complete a childhood age dream of myself by his concept .he had published my art work in four color on art paper with 15th art work image like a book. kind your information when i were reading my school book that time i were thought and asked to myself when my art work will published like this book visuals and today in my hand i have my published art work book it was a great feeling for me so thanks to our City Collector Mr. Akhil Arora and D.R.D. Office GOVT. and You..( Bhanwar Lal sharma )...!
after that wish talk the Secretary of D.R.d. told me we have a more big project for this art desinged concept we will paint your painting on wall of all village and on wall of GRAM PANCHAYT wall ,Bikaner . that time i were feel very happy. and after some time i were saw a painter was painting my art work on a wall of D.R.D. office wall ,that time i were went near to Paintiner and i were asked to him its hard work for you or not..? he told me its giving me food so its nice for me then i told him i had painted first this painting on paper and you are painting it on a 12X18 fit wall. he told me thanks...ha after that i were saw my created visuals in many villages of Bikaner when i were got tour of different side by road. that D.R.D. project was very bog art work and that had brack the limit of my childhood age dream of Art work publication..ha..!

Yogendra kumar purohit