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Art Vibration..21


2004, I were invited for a Art Camp .that camp name was VAGAD CAMP.2004
it was in BASWADA CITY.RAJASTHAN,INDIA.I were went by Bus that was my first visit of BASWADA CITY, kind your information BASWADA is A HOME TOWN of my Art teacher . so that was very important visit for myself art journey. the organizer of the Art CampMr.Yatin upadhyay received me by Bus Stand of Baswada.they have fix a house for all artist of that camp. i were feel in that camp ,Director of camp Artist Mr. Chintan Upadhyay have selected very tuf artist for that camp..ha, he was feel it in days of Vagad camp. first day i were meet to all in a room we all were sited in one room and we were share the identity of ourself .

All artist of Vagad Camp in a one Room for art project talk.

we all are in a one room but a very tuf artist were join us next day he came by his car in that camp , his name is Mr. BHUPESH KAVADIYA . After first meeting we went to BORI village that was our work place for VAGAD camp 2004. I saw the village condition and read the real base of BORI village life sound. I were read Some People are living life with pot making business, they were crafting the clay pot by hand and then they were backing that by "COW DUNG" and after that the pot went in market and after market in people house for natural cool water. in that study i were catch the point of pot maker ( KUMHAR) life base, i saw the COW DUNG is base of his life , by this visual you can visit how to they back the pot by COW DUNG..

Clay Pot ready for backing by COW DUNG

Our One Artist was trying to made clay pot by his hand that was interesting ..

All Artist were helping to clay pot backing work for pot maker family .

Artist Bhupesh Kawadiya is busy in making tool of Pot maker like a "GOD FATHER"

After visit all work of pot maker i were final the Art concept and share with Camp Director by some drawing and text matter . that was my first live study art project . the Director of That Camp Mr. Chintan Upadhaya told me its good but i want to you yogendra ,you will do some work with COW DUNG,..! i told him ok. because i want to burn that direct in natural shape for my art concept. i were gave the title of my art vision and concept the "DREAM". because i saw there in BORI village the Pot maker was making his dream of life step by step from COW DUNG. that was fact of Pot maker life. after a long talk i were told to Director of That camp ok i will Design some Sclupture and then i will burn that on a right place of BORI Village.

Next day i went to Bori Village very early alone by Jeep and I were demand the Cow Dung from Pot maker then they asked to me why you want COW DUNG and what you will do with it. i explain my concept in front of him then he gave me permission for use of COW DUNG but that time i saw the face expression of his life partner she was not happy to my demand of COW DUNG..ha
after yes of Pot MAKER for COW DUNG i were collected some COW DUNG and i were thinking for design, that time Artist Cum Director of that camp Mr. Chintan Upadhyay came near of myself and told me what you are thiniking its good or bad ? i were told him i will burn the gold of pot maker by my way of art ..ha.
but i will do it for a art message. he were shoot me by his camera step by step when i were started the creativity with a new medium of art that was COW DUNG..ha

here some visuals of that Creativity of COW DUNG for your visit....

I am busy in Creation of Dream Installation by Medium of COW DUNG.BORI- 2004

Some Sclupture by COW DUNG i were created in VAGAD CAMP ,BASWAD 2004.

Three days continue i were created some visuals in sclupture by COW DUNG and on a point the pot maker patience was leaved his patience and he were stop me for use of COW DUNG his life partner was Angry on him . i were understood his condition and i were stop the use of COW DUNG that was last day for my Creation In BORI village . i were told to Director of camp sorry i will not create more Sclupture by COW DUNG because the POT maker is come out from his Patience because i am using his gold ( COW DUNG)...HA
i were put that created Scluputer in sun light for dray. and i were take rest and some sketching and photography in Bori .all artist were joking on me in evening time when we were taken food .and i were joking on time ..a pot maker was making his dream by COW DUNG. he was feeling COW DUNG is a real gold of his life style .in this two day i were free by work so i were created a new art work for a boy, i were sited in bori village and doing sketching of some clay pot . that time a boy was watching my sketching and told me your drawing is good no one can't create like you , then i saw his face and told him no my dear you can make more better to me if you want to do it. then he went in his home and come back with some paper i saw he had draw some drawing by hisself then i read a art sound in that boy, i were asked to him are you want a sketchbook like my sketchbook he told me yes. i told him ok i will give a sketchbook and pencil to you tomorrow. but next day i were not gave the sketchbook then he asked to me where is my sketchbook sir . i saw hunger of art and about art mudium in that boy.. i told him i will give you today just wait. and after talk with that boy i were went to market and buy a sketchbook and pencil for that boy and came back in bori village and submit to him, here i want to share that boy image for your visit ..

A Son of Pot Maker with Sketchbook and pencil in village of Bori-2004

Director of that camp Mr. Chintan Upadyay had noticed my activity for that boy and for his art sound .He is caring the art sound of that boy today by his art vision .its great work of that VAGAD CAMP. so I am very thankful today for Artist Chintan Upadhyay...!

after Three days the COW DUNG sclupture was dray and ready for burn so i told to Chintan please Give me a right Place i want to Exhibit my art installation for our camp. then Camp Organizer Mr. Yatin gave me a street for presentation of my art work, i were buy the Dray colour from a shop of Bori that was red ,yellow and blue primary color and i can say the base of color and base of life philosophy.ha
i were put the dray color on the groung of that street in square and after color i were put the sclupture of COW DUNG on that square one by some visual of that Installation art presentation for your visit..

Complete Presentation of my Installation art DREAM..2004

Camera By COW DUNG Medium for my Dream Installation art. 2004

A boy is playing with DREAM Installation Art ,2004.

Finally i were burn that all Sclupture of COW DUNG and my art presentation was Finished in VAGAD CAMP 2004.BASWADA .
here i want to share a image of Last action of myself for my art presentation of Dream.

Burning Sclupture of COW DUNG ,by Dream Installation of myself .

And after that presentation i were got some free mood and i told thanks to Director of that Camp Mr. Chintan Upadhyay and Camp Organizer Mr. Yatin Upadhyay.

(Some Extra Visuals of VAGAD CAMP 2004- for your visit by this video presentation.)

yogendra kumar purohit

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