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Art Vibration..14


In 2003 the Bikaner Creative Artist Group was designed a national painting Camp at Junaghar Fort Bikaner. it was on collobration of All INDIA FINE ART AND CRAFT SOCIETY,NEW DELHI.

300 artist's had participated in that camp. 200 artist from all our India and 100 from Bikaner. by luck i were in that camp as a artist. that camp name was "KALA KUMBH - 2003"
city commissioner Shri Madhukar Gupta and C.A.D. Commissioner Ma'm Kiran soni gupta had designed that national artist camp with All INDIA FINE ART AND CRAFT SOCIETY,NEW DELHI...!
i were join two day late that camp and in same case the Great Art Master Jatin Das came in that camp three day late . kind your information i were in Mumbai for our MANTHAN ART Group exhibition so i were came in camp two day late. when i talked to camp organizer cum C.A.D. CommissionerMa'm Kiran soni Gupta from Mumbai .she asked me when you will come late then how to you will complete two art work in oil colour. i were reply to her ma'm when you give me chance for painting in camp then i will create two painting in a one day. she told me ok come and join the art camp so i were in that camp as a artist. that was my first national art camp of art life and i am saying very true i have not seen second camp just like kala kumbh that was a very special National camp its credit for Commissioner shri Madhukar Gupta and C.A.D.Commissioner Ma'm Kiran soni Gupta.
Iwere join to that art camp on third day but for myself that was first day of a national camp. i saw lots of national level artist was working on ground of Junaghar Fort. i were collected the art canvas and colour and i were selected a place for painting in Junaghar Fort.that was a very special feeling for me after came from Mumbai art exhibition . i were meet to all artist of that camp and then i were started the painting from oil colour and one painting i were complete in 4 hour and second canvas i were start but the camp time was off, so i got a order stop the work fro
m camp organizer. i were stop my work that time Ma'm Kiran Soni Gupta came on spot of my wo
rk and asked to me are you have complete one painting and second work you did start today i reply her yes ma'm i have do that then i got a word "GOOD". i were came back at home and next day i were busy in work that time i were listened the Jatin das is come and join us. after 1 hour i saw Ma'm Kiran soni Gupta was puzzle on a matter of art medium because Artist Jatin das was demanding the paper for art work he told to organizer i can't paint canvas with oil colour i
have no time and in two day oil colour will not dray may be he was right but camp rule want two canvas from each one artist in that they have not buy the art paper for art camp.i
saw and understood that condition and went on art medium store and again asked the real problem then they were told me the real condition. i told ok. and i went near to Ma'm Kiran soni Gupta and told to her Ma'm I have Art paper then Ma'm Asked to me were just give me jatin das
want it for work. that art paper was at my studio so i came at studio and collected 5 PUNA HAND MADE paper and went to art camp place Junaghar Fort and submite that paper
in hand of Ma'm Kiran Soni Gupta she was happy and then gave me word "THANKS YOGENDRA" for paper. because that time in our Bikaner we can't buy the Art paper from art medium shop they were not sale art paper . i were buy that paper from Jaipur ..ha
four day i were work and enjoy in that camp i were collected drawing of national senior artist's in my sketch book with artist photograph that was my first national art record with a good collection 50 to 60 art drawing of senior artist sorry i am not share the name of all artist in this story post ..ha

On last day the Bikaner Creative Artist Group & All INDIA FINE ART AND CRAFT SOCIETY,NEW DELHI. were submit the certificate and money of camp work to all artist of KALA KUMBH-2003.
that time i were open my sketchbook and went near to Artist Jatin Das and i were request to him for a drawing he was in mood of art then he were taken my sketchbook in his hand and starting the drawing that time i were try to shoot his photograph but people or artist were coming in front of my camera so i were feel disturbance, on a one point i told to all please stop i want to take a photo image of Sir Jatin das that word of myself Artist Jatin Das was listened and then draw a very critical drawing for myself in my sketch book. when he explain that with
me he gave me a smile and did criticism on me" you have camera but your view finder eye is close so open eye and then shoot without sound people will disturb to you every time " ok ..and he submite me my sketchbook witha big lession or criticism that time i were not mature about art criticism but i were lived silent and gave a simple smile to Artist Jatin das he went hotel and i came back at home and that day was last day of KALA-KUMBH 2003.
here i want to share that Dwaring image of A rtist Jatin Das for your visit.

A Real Art Criticism on a junior artist work by senior Artist Jatin Das.

I were shoot this photograph on call of Artist Jatin Das..

after got this criticism on myself art vision i were went to Art Collage for MASTER OF FINE ART .after Master OF Fine Art I were join the Press Job as a press Photographer in DENIK BHASKAR , i were in section of CITY BHASKAR i can say i have start that news paper in Jaipur from my art energy. i were fill the colour in CITY BHASKAR NEWS PAPAER with hard art job time was 8 am to 11 pm..very tuf but i have done that without leave no sunday no holi day or no any off .after two month i have leaved the press photography because there side in press photographer staf .8 photographer is one side and yogendra was in one other side alone that was my real win in photography i were feel some one are not want to me if i work hard and as a artist i were leaved that job and came back in painting . but the criticism of Jatin Das was runing in my mind every time . after press publication i got the real answer with art record by printed photograph of myself .that time i were designed a layout for painting as a answer of criticism of Artist jatin das , i were buy a canvas and cut some subjective story photograph of myself from City Bhaskar collection with date . i were cut that and started a painting that was in mix medium collage and painting by acrylic colour here i want to share that art work image for your visit.

you can visit i were pasted some published photograph and a critical drawing photo copy of ARTIST JATIN DAS. when i finished it then i went to Home of Artist Jatin Das , Khel Ganv.Delhi. by luck Artist jatin Das was out of INDIA but his Student Mr. pawan was there i were submit my work to him with along a letter of my soft feeling about his art criticism i were wrote in that letter ,sir i have got a answer of your citicism after 3 year and this art work is just a example of respect for your citicism by myself ..ha

the story was move again in 2007 i were invited for National camp in KOTA mostly 50 % national artist's name i were gave to Organizer for invitation. in that name list i were selected to Artist Jatin Das . that camp name was "NATIONAL HADOTI ART FESTIVAL -2007"
i were join one day before that camp and on same day Artist Jatin Das came in Morning time i saw he was in same look ,there he was watching the Rangoli of HADOTI style in front side of KOTA ART GALLERY basement i saw a camera in his hand and i were stand near that RANGLOI he told me specially " hey just give me space i want to take a picture of this RANGOLY".......ha

Artist Jatin das is taking picture of Rangoli in this picture

after listen his word, i were leaved that place and went to far but i were silent with smile we were talked a complete art talk by work by vision by criticism that was a real art dialog in mid of two true artist of a one NATION..ha

yogendra kumar purohit

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