Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Vibration..27

'' WHAT YOU SAY TO IT...? ''

One day i were busy with online networking on my Desktop PC. then i were received a invitation by E mail. that was for a international art exhibition. that mail i were received from my Art teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. i did master in his guide line in year 2006 from Rajasthan School of Art.Jaipur.

kind your information Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhaya know me from year 1994. when i were went to Art Collage for B.F.A admission . first day first meeting was very interesting . he was sited in a classroom with art students and i were went near him for his sigh on my application form. he was read my name yogendra kumar purohit you are yogendra ..? i were reply yes sir .he told me ok and he did sign on my application form and told me go and submit it in office with fees.

i were submit my fees and then i were got admission in Rajasthan School of Art.that day to till today he is checking my confidence level by art activity as a art teacher.and its making me more strong for a long art journey. i have been pass 14th year in art without any brack but in my real life i have lots of brake but art is still with me continue its god gift or art teacher gift ..ha

one day i were late for collage because the railway crossing gate was close for 30 minute and i were got late by Railway gate. and in art collage Dr. Vidhaysagar upadhyay was taking our composition class. our collage time was 8 am and i were came art collage at 8:30 am , i were on gate of my art class then i saw our teacher is in class room as a respect i were asked to him may i come in sir..he saw me and told , no you are late . i were accepted i were late ,and told to him i were not late by my own i were late by railway crossing gate , because today the rail came late on that railway gate. but he got angry on me and told you will not come in my class ok. that time i feel hurt and my eyes was wet but i were not move from that class gate 3 hour continue i were still there with out water and rest because i was not wrong and i were know my teacher was not wrong for me. he want to teach me about time discipline. so that day i were not enter in my art class..ha
next day i were went to art collage at 7:30 am and at 7 :45 am my art Teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay came at Art collage he was looking me but he did not talked to me. he was went in class room and at 7:55 am i were enter in my art class and i were started art work .that day i were first student in my class room. i were started my art work then one by one my class students came in class room after 8 Am but no body asked to my art teacher for entry in class when all were sited on chair , my art teacher told to all with angry mood when you all are come in class .why you not ask to me for entry in class . you have not respect about your teacher what is this.but that time he did not told me anything by his angry mood he was getting angry on all students of my class room and in side he was loving to myself..ha
that day to till today we have a very strong relation that is true internal relation of teacher and Student ( GURU -SHISHY). i can say i have achieved and living the tredition of our nation GURU -SHISHY parmpara...!
1994 to 2010. its a big art journey of true internal relation. in this journey i had seen lots of color of art . here i want to share a one color from that colorful art journey with you by a international art exhibition story. then you can understand better this relation of us and art.

when i were received the invitation of my art teacher i were busy in my studio and i were puzzle from my art life so i were not capable for visit that art exhibition on that date . i were reply to my art teacher on day of international art exhibition at 10 am. i were wrote to him sorry sir, i can't come for visit your art exhibition, i am very puzzle and pack at my art studio and at present i can't leave my art studio so very sorry but i will missed visit of your international art exhibition .sorry. when i were posted this text on his mail id after that i were feel very upset and i were off my pc and went to sleep after close my studio. but i can't sleep and i were thinking for art visit of my art teacher exhibition. at 11 am i were leaved my bad and i were feel something was pulling me and i want to brake all bounded condition of myself . i were going in angry mood and finally i were decided i will visit my art teacher exhibition in any condition because his soul power is calling to me. he want to see myself in his exhibition.i were feel that.because we have a internal relation by nature of god and that is working very strongly .

one day my art teacher told me " YOGENDRA YOU WILL GO IN CROWD"that time i were silent because i were not reply direct to my art teacher in this art journey, but i were talk to him and reply about his Question by my mobile SMS. i were wrote to him " I AM ALONE IN CROWD YES ITS TRUE AND I CAN SEE YOU ARE ALONE IN MID OF CROWD"BUT I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU IN YOUR ALONE CONDITION.. SIR..

on the Exhibition day of my art teacher i were remembering this word so it was very must for me if i went in his art exhibition. at 11 : 00 am i were got ready my camera and a hand bag and
taken some money for my pocket . i were pick up my Iron Chetak ( Motter Bike) .and at 12 :00 noon i were on the Jaipur Road with my Iron Chetak. kind your information Bikaner My home town to Jaipur is 350 Km. far and bus is taking 7 hour for this journey. my art teacher Exhibition will start on same day evening time at 6 :30 Pm. i were ride the iron Chetak like a Road racer that was very action work of myself for a art respect i were not know that was right or wrong but i were on the way of art.that was real truth of my art action. i were stop in mid way for tea but just for 10 minute in that case some one asked to me i think a villager ,where you are run. i reply him i am not run some one is calling to me so i am going for that person. ha

I did not know the speed of my iron chetak that was out of limit and i am very thankful for bajaj LMT they have created a very strong moter bike in our India. i were feeling some one are blessing on myself . that day i were not told to any member of my family where i am and where i am going . why i don't know but that was true of that day.that was day of my Art Teacher..ha
at 6:40 i were at Jawahar kala kenda the place of my art teacher International art exhibition. i were join to him with a respectful smile with silent. he saw me and asked are you here.that time i saw a special sign on his face i were feel relax from my inside . i were not told to him how to i came here . he was busy in his art exhibition and i were started to shoot his art exhibition that was a great moment for us. i saw lots of other countris artist was stand there and they have exhibit his or her art work in a one gallery with my art teacher work all are watching that art exhibition and i were shooting to all by my camera..after exhibition visit all artist came in coffee house of JKK. that time i saw my art teacher was stand alone and he was watching me because i were sited alone on a table, but there side lots of crowd.when some one told to him about my art visit journey then he asked to me indirect with called two name of artist where is sense & where is patience ..? i were read some one have back talk about my art journey with my art teacher but what i can do with them . i told to my art teacher , i can't stop myself , i were try very much but i can't stop and thats result i am here sir..sorry..! he told ok enjoy Art..!

that day some one saw our real internal relation of art.....!

A art work Image of Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay its exhibited in a international art exhibition.

Dr. Vidhyasagar upaddhyay busy in art talk with Privet art gallery owner of jaipur.

Dr. Vidhaysagar Upadhyay with art Critic Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas & Artist Bhawani shankar sharma.

My Iron chetak

myself on the road of Bikaner and Jaipur..

yogendra kumar purohit


जितेन्द्र कुमार सोनी "प्रयास" said...

its fine to see ur creation and to know ur thoughts. life is an opportunity and i know u can and will cash it............... keep it up

सुनील गज्जाणी said...

behad hai aap ke art ke baare me kya kahe . wah ustad wah ! itna hi kah sakte hai ,