Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Vibration..19


I saw the real Demo of Art by a condition of art Critic Mr. Keshav Malik , i were in Kota painting camp 2007 , Art Critic Mr. Keshav Malik was presented there on invitation ,he was ill but Keshav Malik with us in Kota Camp. on last day of that art camp i saw Keshav Malik sir was sited alone on a chair out side of art gallery, kota and he was taking some medicine i saw his face and body language was ill . he was feeling ill and tired , that time he was upset to body but he was silence . I saw him and feel something bad so i were leaved my painting and went near to him and i ask are you ok sir ? you are feeling some problem then share with me i am here for you . he told no no i am ok but feeling some tired ,I had taken some medicine so it will be work, you go and do your art work . i went on my art work space and picked my sketchbook and marker pen and again came near to Mr. Keshav Malik and i were gave my sketchbook to him and i did demand to him a drawing ( its my nature ) he told me i am not artist i am writer of art. people are saying i am art critic. then i were told him text is also drawing of our inner sound sir..he was smiling and told me ok i will draw text for you..give me your sketchbook. then i were gave , my sketchook in hand of Keshav Malik and he did wrote somthing for myself in sketchbook that time i saw he was getting the change his mood and going in art way and on his natural mood of art writting .that time he did forgot his illness condition..ha
i have done my art work that time for Art Energy..

here i want to share that word of Keshav Malik he did wrote in my sketchbook for Art.

but the story was not end at here there side lots of art students were copying myself they were getting the drawing and sign from all artist of camp in sketchbook so one by one all art student were stand around the Art Critic Mr. Keshav Malik in that case i were leaved that place and went to my art work and i were watching to that visual of myself creation about Keshav Malik sir ,but i have not get back my marker pen from Keshav Malik, because he was busy in comment writting for all art students one by one and i were wanted he live with this mood continue then he will come out from illness..ha
after 45 minute something, i were went near to Mr. keshav malik and told him sorry sir i have packed to you in job of comment i were know you are ill and tired . after listen my word he told me no no dear you have charge to myself you know i have forget my alone mood and illness condition so thanks to you Yogendra .you have pull me in art mood again . and after a last comment writting he gave me back my marker pen . that time i saw the City Collector Mr. Alok was Presented there and watching our art activity and he was noticing all...!

Art Crtitic Mr. Keshav Malik sited on chair alone and thinking somthing about hisself matter..!

i saw that time art is making the real energy in a creative person that day i were got text and blessing both from Art critic Mr. Keshav Malik. and i know the Art is greater than an artist...ha

yogendra kumar purohit

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