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Art Vibration..22


Its a real fact of myself art journey. In 2008, i were search some art magazine contact on google then i find a art magazine link thats name is BANT art magazine .its publishing from Istanabul Turaky.
i were sent my E mail to Editor of BANT ArtMagazine with my art web page link . the Editor of BANT had reply me with a link of Art critic. that Art Critic name was EKIN SANAC. i were happy and contact with EKIN then EKIN told me by E mail. i will ask to you some question and you will reply me then i will create a article on you with 10 page . i reply to Ekin ok you can ask to me your question i will reply . then Ekin sent me a mail with some Questions about my art journey and i were answer to Question of EKIN one by one and posted that answer by E-mail.Here i want to share that art communication ofquestion and answer talk between Ekin or me.i were wrote to EKIN "My artistic answer for your questions with some hard and critical art sound of myself . so don’t mind it, its my nature and its very important if you know my nature then you can write lots of word for me and on my art ..ok…

Well,I am start for your answer..i told to EKIN on E Mail..

*Bant asks Yogendra Purohit

Ans. Dear art critic, first my name is not yogendra purohit, my full name is yogendra kumar purohit so please care my name and identity from your hand.

*How did it all start for you? When did you decide to become an artist and how?

Ans. I have start it from my childhood age that time I was in 5th class, the back story is that , one day I have draw some drawing in my ruf note book, suddenly my school teacher saw that note book and asked to me what is this, I told its my painting , after listen my this word the class teacher told me very punch full word about my art and about my father, he told me , you fool , you did created your father head in this notebook, I did feel very bad and that time I catch his word because he was hurt me. I think he had try to kill my art motion but that day to I am continue creating art work in any condition and at present I am talkling to you about my art and you will print it in international art book from your hand,And that day to I did decided I will make myself a good artist and I am on track of art after master in fine art with good achievement of arts. Its my artistic answer to my class teacher.

*Your paintings have a dreamy tone and a very personal feeling to them. What are your motivations for art? What are you inspired by?

Ans. Sorry my painting not in dreamy tone,its clearly myself study and representation of myself in short colour and symbol .At time I think my painitng is not only visuals it’s a story book of myself every day I think about my life and about my art in that condition I feel I am in a flow of time day by day and every moment of time.and texture is just showing my time knowledge and study plus different motion of my heart feeling and thoughts.i had useed elephant in my resent paintings it is showing my nature , I am living just like a elephant. You can understand it ,I am bold ,vegiterien,peacfull,silence,and hard worker with good I think I am like a elephant. I am right..? and I have use some fish in my painting its just representing my thought moment nature, fish live in water without base and it can move every where very fast and sharp so I feel my thought is like a fish nature ,.flower is my hope airoplain is in small drawing its mean I think very big from very hight my thought hight is very high then I am looking the airoplain very small form that hight its mean airoplain just for journey tool that’s all. But some boddy live for that and they make lots of money andetc..i don’t know but that is not life for me at present with my art , my art motivations is I want to give a visual language to my society you know visual language is based on only feeling .line colour,texture and visual presentation that’s all. Its very peace full way for the communication of feeling and motion and its create a silent dialog in mind without sound we can talk to any body and any boddy can talk to us from this my first motivation is create a good visual language in contemporary art and society,I inspired to first myself, then India Rishee Shri NARAYAN MUNI, because he had gave a art message to all India artist .for create a good art power in artist hand,he hadcreateed portrait a beautifull lady from mango juice he had show art in ourself I mean art is depend on our thought and observation and on our vision or on thoughts soI can say I am inspired to Rishee Shree NARAYAN MUNI..(his time is VISNUDHARMOTAR PURAN).and then I can say to you all artist are giving megood energy for art and fight for art life and I am living in art with art sound.

*There's a darkness to most of your paintings. Are you someone who enjoys dark stuff, as in books, music and movies?

Ans. Its very tuf question but I like it..yes your study on my painting is very grip full you have done really study of my art sicology. Ok my painting is showing darkness of my life , I am not a happy person .and my deep heart always live in sad and in darkness.which restion is that I am not open with every boddy some person are know my nature and life .first my mother, then my art teacherand third you…if you read my painting and catch my art heart want every time happiness for me and for all world,I don’t want fight but in my life I see just fight and fight just like , fight for art, fight for hunger fight for peace, fight for richness,fight for name credite,and fight for self..i think you also live this condition in your life,so darkness is come out and you can visiting in my art work .so I get this darkness from my life I am living with this mood every time yes..!

*How would you describe the art scene in India?

Ans.I will discibe my art from my painting,the exhibition from critics support like you,workshops, seminars,art talk by latter & E-Mail, by web site visuals.etc..that’s all.

*Artists communicate the world throught their web sites. Considering all the fancy and showy websites of artists from around the world your website is very simple and i think that is so great! Is this a deliberate action and do you get a lot of feedback from outside of India? If so, where from? ?

Ans.Thanks for your comment full art thought is very simple and bold , I think art have also a good attrection in self visual so web site design its not a big matter for me one day I search some free communication web site add on google then I found a home page fee web service . I have register at there and try to learn web design from that portal and I were learn soothing that for web design from that site director support.i want create love and peace in heart of people from my art then I choose a simple design page that ventine design . its create love feeling in first impresion after click on that and the site opretor is think just like me then we come here with this site at here with 2 year..ok dear..!I like cheep is the best and easy for any one and every where so communication want only link ,not a fansy and decotrtiv formalty on sites or etc.ok..

*I saw your work called Struggle on your website which says that it's a poem of 300 paintings. What is the poem about? Can you tell a bit about this project?

Ans. Yes nice question..! its answer is struggle, 300 painting in 60 days continue I have done create 7 to10 painting every day in that time , so I can say that was also my struggle time , and that time I want to catch the visual language sound in two colour ,and I want to show my struggle in that language so I have create that and its complete in two colour red and black with symbol of life matter and struggle matter , that time some boddy asked to me what are you doing mad man or red man.. then I told him I am writing a poem from colour and in line can you read it my mad friends…?( that was the story of my poem painting in 300 visuals of struggle.)

*Your installations are also exciting. Your installation work titled "Dream" is like the most interesting of all. How did you come up with the idea of making sculpture with cow dung? And what was the experience like?

Ans.You know I have told to you I am inspired to NARAYAN MUNI, He was very conceptual artist, so I learn to him make a good and high conceptual art from self concept. All art have a base that name is concept without concept we cant create anything as on this earth , so my all installation base is my bold and critical concept you can read it in myinstallation visuals, And the Dream Installation art work I have done in Baswada,Village bori,Rajasthan,, INDIA. That was workshop in village from citys artist and by luck I was in that camp. The camp organizer yatin upadhyay and Artist Chintan Upadhyay . he did invited me as a artist in that camp that camp was for 7 days so all artist leaved there for 7 days and observe village life and get inspirition from village life and create art work it was camp rule. So Idid learn and study that village life and than I create that . there villager is very poor and they are making clay potte of drinking water fromhis hand, and they are backing that potte from dray cow dung. I visit that and suddenly I think they are making and backing, and selling his art then get money and then live his life and achive his dream. And his dream in that poor village not possible with out cow dung .they are how to back clay potte of drinking I have create some sculpture in cow dung from my hand and then I put in colourfull base and burn that .and after some time that sculpture is convert in dust.just like a hindu life, you know hindu burn the dead body after death. And death give final touch to dream no dream after death in life..that was very bold experience for me, I criticize on life and on death from cow dung, when I had design that sculpture at this village then lots fo child did worked with me and support know I have eat cow dung in India yagyopavitra sanskar it’s a cultural traditional rule for youth of hindu if the get yagyopavitra sanaskar then its must they eat cow dung .we are not feel durty its pure for Hinduism its nutural , they relet it to sun light some old guru told me. The sun heve soler power and some power come in us after eat cow dung.So its very enjoyful art workshop for me at BASWADA.

*What are you working on currently?

Ans . I am living art and art, just art for art sound , and try to create art sound in others from my art work and visuals

*What do you find exciting in art today?

Ans. Confidenc, love and blessing from President of India.

*Who are your favorite artists?

Ans. I want to say here all world artist is my favorite, because they are giving me art power from his art work presentation. They are doing art work so its must for me, why I do not art work like him.

*What kind of music do you like listening to? Can you name a few currently favorites?

Ans.its very tuf question for me.. because I am blind from my eare for musice but I listen much more songs every day when I work on computer,but I like rock,traditional,folk and some pop,I am also folk musicine .and here I write a line of folk song ok..i like it very much..


Its very traditional and pure folk its mean is that welcome guest colourfull guest,KESARIYA mean orange..ok

Here I have write some right and some wrong English word but you can understa

nd it because you have visual language in your vision and in your thought full mind.

I hope you will like my answer and inform me I am right or wrong..ok


Yogendra kumar purohit



after this communication on my art i have share some visuals of my art work on Demand of art critic of BANT art magazine i were posted my art work by E mail then i got a reply by EKIN with this text.

"Dear Yogendra,Hope you are well... I am going to ask you something. We really want to use your work on the cover of the magazine. We work covers as both font and back. You can find the examples of the covers we have worked so far attached. Although your works are not in the exact size of the dimensions of our magazine, we will have the full versions inside the magazine and as attached on the cover... Is this ok with you? What do you think about them? And the next question is do you have these images in bigger sizes and bigger resolutions or the ones you have sent me are the biggest ones you have?

Looking forward to hear from you.Ekin

after received this text mail i were redesign some art work file in big RGB file and posted to Ekin
then EKIN created some title cover of BANT ART MAGAZINE and posted me for my visit here i want to share that title cover images for your visit..

first title Design for BANT MAGAZINE

Second title Design for BANT MAGAZINE

Third title Design for BANT MAGAZINE

Fourth title Design for BANT MAGAZINE

And after three month i received a hard copy of BANT ART MAGAZINE by post service of INDIA. BANT magazine language is in Turkish and they have published a INDIAN Artist by BANT ART Magazine it could possible by strong communication way. i can say the Art critic Ekin and Editor of BANT Art Magazine had read my art sound then they were created a space in Bant Art magazine for myself art journey with title cover. its was my first big step of art journey
on International art track . Bant Art Magazine were gave me a place for my first step of Art communication and for my art journey.. !
here i want to share some visuals of that published article on myself art journey by BANT ART MAGAZINE..2008.

Art critic EKIN had care my full name and published the folk song line " Keshariya balam aawoni padharo mahare desh" in English text ..

Few other art work images with text of article in Bant Magazine.2008

Myself art work images in Bant Art magazine with article on myself-2008

Three style work of myself on a one page of Bant art Magazine with article -2008

Installation art Work "DREAM " images with article of myself in Bant Art Magazine.

yogendra kumar purohit

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