Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Vibration..20


I had been this Dialog with colour Company CAMLIN INDIA. A very artistic story of myself art journey. in 2002 The color company Camlin have organized a art compitation in art fair of Rajasthan lalit kala academy,at JKK , Jaipur.That time camlin was fix a rule for all participate artist .any one can participate but its very must he or she buy our art medium for painting . that was full marketing and i were feel that was blackmailing . but rule is rule . I went on shop of cemlin and i did demanded a art paper that was free to all participate but when they were submit me the art paper that time a one person asked to me what you will buy in our color medium. I were reply to him my one friend had buy your art color so i will use his color and i will create a art work for your competition .he saw my face and gave me smile .But i find a art paper in size 15X12 Inches. and came back on my art shop. on my art shop we all art student were sited on chair and talking about rule of cemlin competition. All are not happy but rule was rule..
That time i were thought, i will not use the color of camlin and i will create a art work for this art competition. at 3 pm. we all are sited on our art shop and we were drinking the tea .we had put our tea cup on table of shop and i saw all tea cup with some tea so i stand from my chair and taken my art paper and picked the tea cup and put the tea of tea cup on my art paper all friends were asking to me what are you doing mad man. why you are killing to art paper. i reply to all just watch and live silent . when tea was dray then i were start to draw the Ant one by one by my black boll pen after 3 hour i were finished that drawing and gave a title to that drawing TEA- PARTY. when i were submit my art work to cemlin that time a shop person asked to me what is this boy this is not a art work ..ha.. I were lought very much on his word. and told to him its my art work for your compatition then he reply me sorry we can't accept this ruf work because you have not used our cemlin color in your art work. But a other member of Cemlin shop had taken my art work and told me ok you can go. I came on my shop then my artist friend asked to me what you say to them? did he accept your art work? they all are joking on me and on my art work but i were silent . I told to all just wait for result of this art competition i want to check to judge and his judgment . Next day Cemlin was selected three judge for that competition result i were presented there and watching all activity of judge's the judge's were bounded by color compnay they were not bounded for real art ..that was pain full moment for myself art journey. the judge's had selected only color full painting for all friends were lought on me again but they were not understood the sound of camlin marketing in fild of pure art. ha

here i want to share my TEA PARTY art work image for your visit.

After a year Cemlin organize a northern region art competition, It was a National art competition of Cemlin , i were collected the entry form for participation . and i did created a new work for cemlin that was same art work TEA PARTY with same medium the "TEA & BLACK INK PEN" and i were submite my art work with entry fee to Cemlin . after three month i did got ainvitation from Camlin as a artist of that competition by INDIAN POST Service . I were went to Delhi, that exhibition was exhibited at Ravindra bhawan New Delhi, when i were enter in exhibition hall i saw two man were hanging my painting on the wall of art gallery. my work was selected in professional Artist rank and Cemlin had published my art work in catalog of that northern region art exhibition 2003.

That time i were feel happy because that art competition judge was right they had read the art sound in art work not the sound of color company so that result was my painting on wall of gallery and published in catalog of Cemlin Northern Region Art Exhibition 2003 and exhibit in Center of our NATION.

By my TEA PARTY art work i were prove in my contemporary art fild " Artist can Design to Colour ,Colour can't Design to Artist and Cemlin were accepted that message of myself and express it by Cemlin art exhibition in 2003 ..ha

yogendra kumar purohit

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