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Art Vibration..24


In 2006 , I were at my home town for rest ,you can say that was my holiday . in that time i were read a news by news paper that news for Fashion Design by OUR NATIONAL KHADI BOARD and NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION DESIGN,BIKANER.

After read that news i were design a idea in my mind for dress design for Promotion of our national KHADI Cloth . I were contact to organizer of that Fashion design competition . then i got a application form for participation . in that form they were demanding a drawing of dress for KHADI Design .
in same days my "NANI" ( Mother of My Mother) was criticism on myself art life . because i were not listing the talk of her for my merrige then on a one moment she was got angry on me and told to me, you wear the lady dress. i were laught on that talk ..haha..
but her talk was punch to myself identity so i were taken a action and join the KHADI fashion design project as a artist. that was my good luck because that project came in my life on a right time for a right answer by art dialog ..haha .i were said thanks to god for that art project.

I were fill that form and i were attached a dress Design Drawing with primary color . and i were submit that form to office of Fashion competition . here i want to share that Dress Design image for your visit..

My first Fashion Design Drawing For KHADI PROMOTION with cultural Dress.2006

After a one week i were received a phone call by Fashion competition organizer and he told me your design is selected for our fashion competition so come and collect your KHADI cloth from our office . i were went there and collected 9 miter red Khadi Cloth and 3 miter white KHADI cloth for color of Yellow and blue because they were not had that color cloth in store . i were went to shop of Cloth dyeing and i were got yellow and blue color cloth after dyeing by dyer.

When i were collect the KHADI cloth then i were started the search of a lady tailer for design my drawing in Khadi cloth after a one day search i find a active youth lady tailer for my dress composition project when i were share my idea and drawing image with him that time he told m
e i will do this type work fist time in my tailer life business. he was crazy for that work i saw on his face . his name Mr. Goving . when i came in confidence then i were submit him that cloth with dead line of time only two day because i were had only four days in my hand for submit that designed Dress.
I were submit the cloth and dress size to Tailer Govind , I were got that dress size by competition organizer .by that dress design concept i were wanted to give a message of our INDIAN cultural dress concept to all from khadi you can see that sound in dress design drawing . i were designed the GHAGHRA AND KURTI with TRANSPARENT NET CHUNARI by art and craft .at 3 am the Tailer Mr. Govind called to me i were sleep when phone was started the VIBRATION then i were awake and attend his phone he told me i have done complete your Dress design by me he told i will submit to you it on morning time at 7 am. i were told thanks to him and sleep back with cool mood because i have done achieved 50 % work of Dress Design. At 7 am tailer Mr. Govind came at my home and submit that dress design to me then i saw he had created a very short KHURTI i were told him its want more work with some change and that is very must so work again on it . i were gave some idea to him for change then he did went back for re design the Kurti . that day i were join him at 3 pm on his shop that time he was busy with re design of Kurti. finally at 5 pm he was finished that work of dress . i were collected that dress and came at home .next day i were search a patch work craft man for patch work on that dress then i got a patch work center that was from my family member by side of my grandfather family. I told to my family member i want some patch work on this dress from you so just do some work for me its very must if you leave all work and do my work first. he saw that dress and told me ok i will do it for you. in 6 hour he did patch all round cut cloth out cut on designed dress one by one when he were finished that patch work then i were submit him a Transparent net Chunari . with some triangle cloth piece for patch work that was tuf work he told me how to i can patch this piece on this net its not possible by patch tool then i told him boy use your hand and mind and just do it. that was 30 to 40 Cloth Piece but he had done for me and in tow days i were got a complete Khadi Cloth Dress Design For KHADI Fashion Competition. i were invest 1000 Rupees for that design i were payed to three real Craft Man of Our Nation 1. dyer. 2. tailer,3. patch work craft man ,because they were designed project for our KHADI Promotion..ha

On last day i were submit that Dress Design to Office of Khadi Fashion Competition. and next day the KHADI AND NIFD were organized a event of Fashion show of Khadi Fashion competition 2006. At DAYANAND PUBLIC School,Bikaner, i were went there and stand with other designer and i were waited when organizer will show my Designed Khadi Design on ramp. there some one are playing game for win - win in that competition ..haha because in that competition 80 % designer of Student of NIFD ,Bikaner and i were teacher of NIFD,JAIPUR.
kind your information i had designed some batch for dress code by me on NIFD computer (0 to 100) but that was very interesting moment when winer of that competition had wear the batch dress code with no. "00" haha..!

Any way , A model came on ramp in last , with designed dress of myself . here i want to share some visuals of that Khadi & Nifd Fashion Competition show for your visit..

Kids Dress by Khadi-2006

Creation in Khadi by myself

40 no. was dress code of my designed khadi dress

Models are Presenting the Khadi Dresses of Designers.

City Collector Mr. Alok Gupta and Director of Khadi Board are watching the ramp show of Khadi Fashion Competition. 2006

When a model came on ramp with khadi dress of myself concept Design , that time i were feel happy and called to my "NANI"( mother of my Mother) i told to her NANI.. I had designed a LADY GHAGHARA and that is wear a girl and she is presenting on that art & Craft Design on stage and people are watching that live ..what you say NANI ..ha ha..

after that presentation of Dress Design some one was judge our design from his or her concept and by vision . they were show the result of that competition . that was very funny Mr. 00 was winer. hahaha .i saw all game of win - win with silence because i were teacher of NIFD..ha

Organizer called me on stage for a momento collection by hand of City Collector Mr. Alok Gupta and Director of KHADI BOARD . i were went on stage and collected that momento for my art record. hare i want to share a image of that artistic moment.

Myself on stage of Khadi Fashion Compitation 2006, for collection the momento by hand of City collector and Director of Khadi Board.

i were join that Competition for Khadi Promotion by Art and Craft and i had try a new medium for my art exercise that was our nation, hand made Khadi Cloth and i did that by myself art vision after participate in KHADI FASHION COMPETITION 2006, so i were thankful for KHADI BOARD AND NIFD,BIKANER.

yogendra kumar purohit

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