Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Art Vibration..16

It was a interesting moment of my art life. i had created visual for a national art Critic , actually art critic always create the word on visuals art but i were created a visual on art critic words..ha
year 1999-2000 , i were working for Education Department as a book title cover designer i think i have done that part time job work 2 years, in that case one day a book publisher called me and invited at office of Education department section book publication "SHIVIRA PRAKASHAN" i were went there and then the book publisher was sited in a room with his friend cum officer of SHIVIRA PRAKASHAN" he asked me, can you create a title cover for me i were very active so i told him yes i can. then officer told me its very important title cover because the writer is a art critic , i did asked the name of that art critic to the officer ,he was smiling and he told , that art critic is Mr. "Prayag Shukla" i were happy because i had read him in my art history and i did buy his critical book "KALA SAMAY SAMAJ" i told to officer yes sir, i did read him but i have not meet to this great art critic. after this formal talk i were asked the title to that publisher his name i think MR. KEDAR JI VYAS, he told me the title of Pryag shukla book that was in hindi "TILI BHAR ROSHANI" the light of match box stick . i were came back at home and i were started the imagination about that title text i were created 30 something small layout for better result because i were working on a big project so that was very responsible work for me . because that title was NATIONAL ART CRITIC..ha

I were select my one layout for title design and i were created that in one day . that time i were not know about tool of computer .so i did all work by manual text writing and composing etc.
next day i were went to the Education office by my bicycle and submit my title cover then the publisher told me yogendra sorry you have paint the text in big size so please recreate it with small text that time the publisher was my first critic..ha

any way, i came home and again re created a new title with same concept and with some change on his critical point. next day again i were went the education office and i were submit my new title cover then publisher told me you are very advance and fast yogendra i like it. he was open the title cover and told me very nice .he were put his hand on my head and bless me for success..ha

that title was my first national art work for a national art critic. ok here i am going to share that title cover image with you for your visit.

after 3 months, i were collected the real hard copy of that book of Art Critic Mr.Prayag Shukla,with my title cover design. publisher told me the word of Art Critic Mr. Prayag Shukla about my title design. "VERY GOOD CREATIVE IDEA OF A ARTIST ABOUT THIS TITLE."
in 2002 i were exhibit my exhibition at Lalit kala Academy ,Ravindra Bhawan New Delhi, in that exhibition Mr. Prayag shukla came for visit and a press reporter were told me he is great Art Critic Mr. Prayag Shukla i saw him he was in "KURTA PAJAMA" a notebook in his hand and a silent smile on his face . when he came in my art gallery then he asked to me direct without any other talk in hindi " KYA HAM PAHLE BHI KAHI MILE HAI..?" are we meet befor anywhere ?..he was recalled my mind and i were pick his indication and reply him yes we had meet by your book title cover "TILI BHAR ROSHANI" the light of match box stick .he told me ohh yes that was a best art work of your all are liked that .that day he told me i did not wrote that book i was editor of that book..ha

I were very thankful for MR. Pryag shukla and for book publisher Mr. Kedar Ji Vyas.
after 2001, i am continue in touch with art Critic mr. Prayag shukla .i were meet him after that meeting in year 2002 Delhi, 2004 Jaipur, 2007 Delhi, 2008 Kota,2009 Gwaliyer . and i have his mail and contect no. in my contect list. he is saying to all always in short language LG ( live continue).....!

Art Critic Pryag Shukla in Kota camp with art MAster P.N Choyal. First day of Kota Camp.2009.

yogendra kumar purohit

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