Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art Vibration..31


When i were busy in final year of my master 's . that time i were full time busy in art work . 8 am to till 5 pm collage time was fixed for me . i were designed that art nature in me for complete art study . may be it was designed in me by my art Teacher Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. After collage i were going to Temple Govind Devji for sketching and for study on life.
i saw lots of color of life in that temple. i were saw there a poor man to our former Vice President of INDIA and many shades of life and on holy day i were visiting the heritage buildings of Jaipur city ,many time i were visiting Amer fort. that time i did saw the condition of city heritage in center of Rajasthan that was not good. i were shoot some visuals of Amer Fort and Temple of Govind devji, and some other city street of Jaipur. After that i were wrote some critical dialog on condition of Heritage .that time i were got a real mean of heritage by me. i were wrote about real heritage "my past 28 year is my real heritage , i were lived that with myself and all relation of my life is part of my heritage but building structure and thats look, is not my heritage that is property of our Nation and our Earth. because our senior artist and creator had share his or her art energy in that building Structure. so its our duty we care our Art property of Nation or Earth ..! "
when i were wrote this project report i were share with my Art Teacher . after a talk he told me ok you can work on it. then i were selected the medium of my heritage art project, i were created some visuals of heritage condition for installation art presentation. and i were transfer photo visuals with some critical sound of myself on my class room wall. because that time i want to create big work but my pocket was not supporting to me so i were selected the wall of my class room. that was mixed media work and i were painted wall , kind your information our Rajasthan School of Art was started as a Art Institute of Fresco wall painting ,so i were with heritage of my Art Collage . that was my plus point for heritage art project .

But when i were started the Art work on my class room wall that time my Art Collage management staff was not happy to my wall painting work and they told me yogendra you are doing misuse of our . i were feel pain but after two days i were answer to my art collage Management staff . i told i had submitted to our collage 10,000 rupees for one year fees for my master . you are using 3500 rupees from that fees for studio of masters ,and at present my class room is my studio and i am working in my studio and learning wall painting with some contemporary social sound , kind your information wall painting is a real heritage of our art collage so i am not going out to rule of our Art Institute . after my master you can paint that wall .that time some one paint to art collage wall just like me...ha.
after that answer of myself, my art collage management staff were understood my talk and they were not stop me for my master work after that talk . that time my art teacher was happy to my art activity and to my critical answer to Our Art Collage Management Staff.

that time my one senior Artist Mr. Waqer Bhai gave a word " Struggle" for heritage..ha
i were told to him i am just trying to share my view about heritage by this art work but i know i am very small and its just a study work of myself its can't create the sense in educated people for our real heritage.. ha..

By some visuals i were share my study on heritage project. here i want to share that installation art work visuals for your visit..

1. In this installation visual i were created a wall look of Amer fort ,how to people register his self on property of nation .what is this...? when i were created a space for this installation i were invited to my juniors for work on wall with free expression. i were told to all its my canvas and you can share your inner sound by color on it. then they were created the same visual just like Amer fort.point be noted its a sound of freedom . art is accepting it always . its art duty and nature..ha

2.The heritage building is converting in hotels today , i were created this sound in my installation work. in this visual my two junior is helping to me very much Mr. Pandit and Miss Priyanka . so i am thanks full to my juniors of Art Collage..!

3. I were designed a sound of hotel look by this installation.

4. I were pasted silver and golden color paper on wall with critical sound , some one had gold for paste on wall but they had no food for common man . what was the mean of king in our past heritage ....?

5. A one more installation visual of Amer Fort Room. i saw bird had designed home in Fort Room . In king time the king had putted perfume there.

6. I were created Spider net by thread and life text out cut of paper, and share the concept of life condition with heritage matter.

7. It was a very critical concept with 100% truth of our contemporary time. i were painted this visuals by myself for installation of heritage look. it was criticism on advertising . they had painted lots of structure of heritage buildings for publicity and marketing with word Enjoy..ha
my Art collage is caring this art work of myself . so i am very thankful for the management Staff of My art collage..!

8. in this visual you can visit how to i were painted this art work by myself on wall for installation of heritage look.

9. this is one more critical art work by installation art , in this art work i were show the heritage of our National Army . all in one color ,all are common in a one home .

that story was not finished at there, i think it was start for the real change of heritage look . in 2007 -08 i were went to Amer fort again for visit that time i were saw the very dramatical change in look of Amer fort i saw many worker are working for conservation of Structure of Amer fort they all were busy in redesign of past look of Amer Fort. that was very interesting moment for myself . i were feel happy if some one have read my critical sound of heritage . that time i saw a big sign board on main gate of Amer Fort. that was State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur. i were read some text on that sign. S.B.B.j. is sponsor the conservation work of Amer fort.
and today the Amer fort and some more heritage building Structure is getting same look of past.
here i want to share some visuals of Amer fort after conservation work for your visit.

1. Entry gate of Deewane khash ,Amer fort after conservation work by S.B.B.J.

2.Part Of Shish Mahal, Amer fort After Conservation work by S.B.B.J

3.Front look of Amer fort After Conservation work by S.B.B.J

4. Many time i were pass my time alone at Amer fort on this place, its on top of Amer fort , Jaipur.

This is a video presentation of my critical art work of Master's.

After master i am continue busy with my heritage art project . i will share some more report of heritage project of myself with you very soon..ha

yogendra kumar purohit

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