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Art Vibration..30


After Master of Fine art i were join again the Studio of J.k.k. Jaipur for art work. that time i were thinking only on life matter. and when i were walk on the road then i were visiting lots of visuals of real life on the road. i were selected some matter for my art work in mind and then i were transfer that life vision on 7X4 fit size paper in Graphic Art Studio,J.K.K. Jaipur.

when i were started my first painting on life subject ,i were draw a leg of elephant that was braking lock of Iron chain and that Iron chain was in a hand of a red color hand in background i were painted lots of flower and text of life. i were print life text many time on that painting . when i were finished that painting that time i saw my back side a senior lady with her man. she was smiling after visit my art work and told me nice work.i like it very much. after that comment i were asked to her, her name and country and etc. then she told me i am artist of America and at present i am on visit of INDIA. she told me i am watching you to last 30 minute, you were continue busy with your art work you are real artist i like your working style its great. after few minute she asked to me i want to buy your this painting so what you will charge for this art work ? i were happy because that day i were talked to a real art lover cum buyer. i were asked to her what you think about this art work cost ? she told me no no its your work so you tell me the real cost of your art work . then i were share my art work cost .she told me no its very high so come down then i told direct sorry i can't change the cost its artist cost you asked me so i am saying to you..she was understood my talk and went to Studio and i were came back on my art work, after 5 minute she came back with her man at studio and told me yogendra , i want to collect your art work its true art work so think again , that time i were thought, she is really interested in my art work and i am on exercise so i can give to her on her demand . i were reply to her ok you can take this art work on right cost. that time she told me i will display your art work in my office wall with your thumb pin mark. kind your information i were created the size 7X4 fit by 6 paper sheet 20X30 inches by pasting work. that day i were feel how to you pure art give you surprise . i were got real collector of art for my LIFE work , i were came in confidence on my life art work concept. that concept was clicking the mind of visitors. that was live achievement of Art for myself from a American Artist cum art collector .

After that in next week Art Master Chintan Upadhyay was came at J.K.K. that was Sunday i were alone in Graphic Art Studio, J.k.k. that time i were busy in Life Art work. when Chintan had visit my art work then he asked to me why you are printing life text again and again .he want to know my concept about life text as a art master or i can say as a art teacher. i were reply to him sir, life is making life in this nature, life to life nothing extra after life, its life system. so i had used the text of life its indicate direct to life so i am printing the text life in concept of life painting. Artist Chintan Upadhyay told me ok you are right. after some time Artist Chintan told me bye then i were reply to him take care sir then Artist Chintan told me you too.

that time i were on exercise of painting by myself art vision, i were want to catch the real track of painting with full art energy so i were busy in painting, morning to evening time 8 am to till 8 pm. some one were saying to me he is a mad man..but i were busy in art study at j.k.k.Jaipur. After one month i have been designed 20 painting on life concept . after 20 painting i were come out to life matter and i were stop myself for more work on life day i were sited in INDIAN coffee house of J.K.K. that time i were thought for exhibition of life work but i want to do show with some special art sound. that time i got a idea for road show a street art exhibition but that was very tuf track, how to exhibit art work and where on the road.that day to i were started the project of Street Art exhibition for my life art work . first i were thought i can display my work on wall of street but my art work was on paper so that was not possible then i thought about soft board and i got a right way for display of my art work on the road. i were searched a framer shop then i were asked to shop keeper for soft board on rent he was artistic person and his nature was very cool he told me ok you can take soft board on rent. i were happy because i were got the base of exhibition presentation . i were collected 20 soft board on rent of 1000 rupees for one day...ha
After collect that soft board, i were fixed my art work by thumb pin on that 20 boards. next day in morning time i were called to my junior Artist Mr. Chandrashekhar Sen for my help i were invited him at J.K.K. at 7 Am.that was winter time and i were went to J.k.k. by auto rikshow at 6 :30 am that was a cool morning. at 7:30 am we were putted all soft board in auto rikshow and came at "RAMNIWAS GARDEN" there i were selected a wall for exhibition. that was wall of Zoo.ha.
At 8 :30 we had display my art work with support of Zoo wall. i were cover 80 fit wall of Zoo. that was a very interesting moment of my art journey. i were exhibit a big street exhibition by myself. before exhibition day i were posted a press note about my Street exhibition to all press of Jaipur by Fax. thats result I were saw at 11 am on exhibition day. Rajasthan Patrika Press Photographer Mr. R.K. Sharma came at Ramniwas Garden for shoot to my Street art exhibition. that day he were visit my all art work as a artist and as a art lover and he told me i were art student but by luck i am in press photography line. i like your art work and thanks to you because you have been think much more on life concept.its not a easy for a youth artist ,R.K.Sharma told. after visit my art work he told me i will create a visual on life with real life so just call to a old lady and two kids we were called and invited to a old lady and two kids that time i were watching the sense of photographer life vision and i were thought , how to he will create a art visuals for this street art exhibition but after 10 minutes he told me i got it then i were try to saw that visuals then he was smiling and told me you will see tomorrow in news paper.. bye yogendra..!
After Press Photographer Mr. R.K.Sharma ,Mr. Alok press reporter of Rajasthan Patrika came at Ramniwas Garden and asked to me about my art exhibition i were share my concept and exhibition view with him he was happy to my answer and told me nice work sir..ok i will write for you a short story about your street exhibition.i were told to him thanks. next day i were got a real surprise from Press Photographer R.K.Sharma and mr.Alok, they were published my art visual in a big size on color page of Rajasthan Patrika. that day Rajasthan Patrika had published my street exhibition visual in all Rajasthan edition . here i want to share that news paper cutting image for your knowledge.

After meeting of Rajasthan Patrika press i were meet to E tv Rajasthan they were shoot and taken my interview about street exhibition and next day evening time they were telecast on TV but i can't watch that interview , my some junior had watched and then they were colled to me about that TV interview.ha.
On exhibition day i were share my view with lots of visitors . that day i were shoot and recording to my street art exhibition by my digital camera .here i have share some part of that art exhibition by visuals and by movie clips.

Still visuals of my Street Art Exhibition presentation.

Movie Clip part-1 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

Movie Clip part-2 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

Movie Clip part-3 of my life concept art street exhibition.Ramniwas Garden,Jaipur

that street exhibition was myself test of patience and vision power , start to finish line that was a complete struggle and a learning track for myself, by luck i have been exhibit my life work on the road in mid of real life.. i can't forget that art moment . that was a real hard art project of myself after master of Art. i were created a open art gallery for visit of common art presentation in mid of common man society. i saw the common man was enjoying that life concept by visual language .you can visit that mood of common man in update visuals of this post...ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

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