Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art Vibration - 406


Friend you know I have fracture in my right hand , so I am End in this days from my right hand .This light accident have slow to speed of my creativity , because I am expressing my creative idea in form of art from my left hand After accident of my right hand  , it is my limit and this limit was designed my time in this art journey. So no way after it ..

 But I am not upset to this critical condition .  I am getting more patience in myself by time test. I think it is best .last one month to I am working from my left hand . so I am getting better control on my left hand by command of mind . I am playing my real role in my art life  like a film hero of film Shahnsha ( Dr. Amitab Bachchan ) or like film  Padosan   ( late Actor Sir Sunil Datt  ji ) .

 It is not a comfortable condition for me but I am living it as a bounded person . I have no other way after it , I can take help in other work from other person but in art and creativity no one can proper help to me . in this case art and creativity need to me  output of my expressions  with right image or motion . by left hand i am trying to put out to my inner creativity or emotions in form of art and craft .

Today I were visited to my right hand plaster and I thought a craft work idea for that plaster. I know after two days it will remove from my hand so in last time of this  hand plaster I am using to it as a art space for express to creative idea about art and craft.

Yesterday my cousins were created some logo design of social networks on this plaster and today I were converted that in a craft form . I were crafted some paper craft on my right hand plaster . I used news paper and gum in  craft work , by craft work I were created a new look of my hand plaster . a online friend was gave title to my paper craft work , my friend  said its looking like WEAPON..

Actually my online friend was noticed to  my right hand fracture condition or that’s critical effect on my art journey after visit to my paper craft on hand plaster . the fracture condition or that’s care format is very tuff for me , I am following that tuff caring format to last 20 days so last 20 days to this critical condition or that’s care system is a big weapon for me . that danger / fear feeling was came out in form of paper craft ( old historical weapon look ) .

I were created that from my left hand by news paper or gum . in visuals you will notice to my inner feeling in form of a paper craft work . I were changed to look of my hand plaster after paper work , that plaster was looking like a real weapon . over all my inner emotions or tens matter was came out in form of paper craft or that craft work was converted to look of my hand plaster in form of a weapon was possible by craft ..

 So here I said about that craft , paper craft on plaster ..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India ..    

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Art Vibration - 405


Friends in this days our Art / literature persons of India  are  fighting  for freedom of creativity in our nation. Freedom is nature of creativity, without freedom creativity can’t work in our society for positive way of life. It is fact of creativity ( Art/Literature ) …

We know kids have full freedom  in their creativity . some time we are providing freedom for kids , in that freedom space kids express to their freedom full creativity . it is must we create freedom full space for creative kids /person in our society.

 Today I got a last date for remove to my right hand plaster . it was came on my hand before 21 days  . this plaster will remove in next two days so I were started creativity on that white plaster of my right hand . I were colored to that plaster in blue color.

When kids of my Family ( my cousins ) were  visited my colored plaster on my right hand then they asked to me who painted it ? I said I did painted it from my left hand . when kids were listen my word they told to me can we paint on it ? i said to them yes but by sketch colors because water color will damage to this light plaster and my Doctor Sir G. S. Vijay will get angry on me. So you can paint only by your sketch colors.

  The kids got freedom of painting on my hand plaster by me , in same time kids asked to me what we can paint ?  in that movement I were gave a idea to kids, I said you can paint logo design of our social networks , because my right hand is not working on social networks communication sits ,  in this days after fracture . so on this right hand plaster you paint to logo of social networks ..haha ..

First I gave freedom of painting and second I gave idea of painting , after it kids were on mobile and they got some logo of social networks  like facebook, twitter , google, hike, whatsaap , in two hours kids were painted five logo design on my hand plaster , they were created a canvas for self creativity or craft , that canvas was my right hand plaster, when kids were painted in same time they were  caring to my hand , I saw the consciousness of kids they are very careful and creative on a unnatural canvas of painting . After two hours they have been changed to look of my hand plaster. That plaster was converted in a art piece or a craft product of child art.

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I were noticed to freedom or that’s right creative result by kids . it was great for me or for child artists too. In visuals you will see how they kids were expressed to their creativity on plaster of my hand, I sure the team of facebook, twitter, google, hike and whatsaap will notice this freedom of creativity of kids . or I sure my Doctor Sir G. S. Vijay  also like this creativity of kids on his  treatment of plaster. 

Now I am looking to my right hand plaster , it is not only , after art work of kids it is a very important art work for me so I am caring it very much like a art work . because kids shared two hour continue  on my hand plaster or they were put their art energy with full freedom or about their creativity ..

 So here I said creativity need freedom

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner , India ..

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Art Vibration - 404

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Talk Of My Heart

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi ji
P.M.O. House , India

Subject :- Talk of  my heart 

Respectable Sir ,

I am master of fine art , my name is yogendra kumar purohit from India ( home at Bikaner – Rajasthan ). I am freelancer artist and today I am expressing to contemporary Indian art by this digital format / path , it is continue by me after my masters education , overall last eight years to continue I am busy in art and art communication on this online networks by support of our BSNL India . I am taking help to my family for art work or for art work medium , yes I am taking money from my family . my parent is giving me support and promotion in my live life condition . They  are doing their duty and as a Indian Art Master I am doing my duty in our world through the visual art .

I am noticing to critical condition of our society or our nation system and then I am expressing that truly from art in visual form . I am not taking side of any group or parties . I am not busy in politics because my art exercise and art commitment is not permit to me after art to do other activity or ETC. I know art is my field .
But last four month to my art section is disturb by a critical action of education department of Rajasthan . the Education Department have transferred to my mother in a village through  *vice versa *  format , they have exchanged to post of UDC  male to female or female to male it was critical . in a one order of transferred of Education department I noticed five male came in city or only one women ( my mother )  posted out of city Bikaner . it was disrespect for a women worker of Education Department . my mother age near 55 years . ( but this is not only a  single case many women workers of Education department were  went in High court against transfer case ..)  news paper was informed to me every day and I were noticed to that all critical stories as a art master .


After order of Education Department of Rajasthan Government , I were met to our city M.L.A .Doctor  Shree Gopal Joshi ji , he was noticed to that critical transfer order then he  did wrote  a desire for my mother , former M.L.A. Shree Devi Singh Bhati ji also wrote a desire and your B. J.P.    chair person of Bikaner Shree vijay kumar acharya Also wrote desire for my mother transfer order .
We Submitted that desire copy to Director of Education Department , Education minister Sir Vashudev  Devnani ji ( by Digital format on his facebook page ) , to Chief minister of Rajasthan Shreemati Vasundhra Raje ji ( by Gmail or  on Twitter I were shared that All desire copies to you or to center  Education minister Shreemti Ismriti Iraani ji,

After this exercise I noticed the Education Department and Government of Rajasthan was taken a action for SANSDHODHAN ( parivedana ke adhar par ) . but Education Department was not noticed to Desire of M.L.A. of Bikaner and they were not taken any action for  SANSHODHAN on parivedana of my mother . so condition is very puzzled and pain full. We are four member in our home and my mother is one lady member , she is caring to us . my father is sugar patient . so I am in pain motion in this critical condition . last month I were created a critical visual on this puzzle motion of education department or that’s transfer action .
Here I want to share that for your visit with all desire copy of our City M.L.A.of Bikaner .  I sure After read to my talk of heart , you will feel my heart condition or my home condition very well , or you will take a right action on it . then we will come in cool condition after 4 moth puzzle condition of our home . it was unnatural condition , the education Department was created it because they are not sensitive for women worker in your leadership . you are saying women respect is very must women caring nature is very must for our  educative India . The Indian Lady is MATR SHAKTI ….! Jai hind . but they have forget it so I request to you you take a hard action on that then they will follow to you instruction about women respect in Education Department or other sector will learn a live message by that hard action of your for women respect in government of  India in your leadership .

Hon’Ble Sir you say to all sector of  Indian Government Departments , transfer of worker will not give progress to  India ,  India will progress by progressive and  projective work , that work will complete the worker of Government of India in your leadership .. jai hind ..

I hope you notice to my talk of heart from your great heart ..

so here i said talk of my heart ... 
( Note :- this post i type from my left hand because in right hand i have fracture to last 15 days ..) 

Warm regard

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner , India ..