Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Art Vibration - 401

Caretaker give life To Music

Music it is a real key of refreshment of Human mind. it was started  on our earth with first human life. Music is very  impact full  medium about our life because it have a natural rhythm . we know our universe is running by support of a universal rhythm . this rhythm is everywhere around us or in us too . This  rhythm have a very strong connection to our souls, I can say rhythm is medium of souls connection on our earth Or in this rhythm format  music have very storing and clear rhythm . so it is very impact full on human life. 

Last month I saw a live and recent example about this talk of rhythm or that’s connection . My cousin brother master Mahesh Vyas . he have musical sense from his childhood age . I saw him when he was one year old , when he was listening to any kind of music in that movement his body was trying to dance on that musical rhythm . he got  music sense in form of god gift . 

Today his music sense is identify to him as a singer . he is busy in study + music study . because his soul sound ( Music sense ) is pushing to him in side of music or may be time want to design to him as a musical person of our nation . I can’t  say for future but today I am observing a care taker of music in him . 

Yes I said about a live example , that is it .last month  my cousin  brother master Mahesh Vyas was joined a annual function of his father office . there he was performed a musical song in his own voice. in same time he was recorded a very clear voice of officer com poet  of his father office . that voice was in format of Song without any music of  musical instrument . ( GOD GANESHA STUTI  in single voice ) .

Master Mahesh Vyas was not only recorded that voice,  after recording  he was created a presentation of that pure God  Ganesh Stuti on his computer ( CD Presentation with Images of GANPATI or GANPATI STUTI sound  

The Officer cum poet was sang his own creation of GANPATI STUTI . he did forgot to that after performed but when he was visited the CD presentation  of Master Mahesh Vyas he was surprising , because in clear sound he was listen to  his own creation of music in form of  GANESH STUTI .he got a art gift by master Mahesh and in return gift  he was gave a other gift to master Mahesh ( here to art was started work of art relation silently – but they both were not knew about it ) ha ha 

In this art exercise master Mahesh Vyas ( child Artist  of Music ) was cared to true and pure voice of a good poet or singer of our nation  . so it is work of care to art . we know music get life by recorder , no recorder then no definition of music for long life . so music is getting life by recorder . in  my view master Mahesh Vyas has done this recorder job by his special music sense , he was noticed to pure sound of a good singer and then he was recorded to that clear true voice and care that in digital format for future . 

We know all great singer voice is live in our world art family or in our world society by music recorders. it is true or acceptable point for us . 

Caretaker  Master Mahesh Vyas is gifting SHREE GANESH STUTI - CD presentation to Singer cum poet - Officer of His father office .
So I appreciate to caretaker work of master Mahesh Vyas . he was not only care to true voice of a poet , after care to voiceof a poet  he was created a presentation of that sound with digital images (  I were gave some idea of design because he was shared his creative work practice with me )  in a form of presentation or gifted to that voice maker ( I mean officer cum poet  of his father office  

So here I said caretaker give life to music ..


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Astrologer Sidharth said...

जय गणेश... :)

Unknown said...

Really a great combination of melody and fine art...ganpati baba morya...

Vidyanand Kumar said...

Really a great combination of melody and fine art...ganpati baba morya...