Saturday, October 24, 2015

Art Vibration - 405


Friends in this days our Art / literature persons of India  are  fighting  for freedom of creativity in our nation. Freedom is nature of creativity, without freedom creativity can’t work in our society for positive way of life. It is fact of creativity ( Art/Literature ) …

We know kids have full freedom  in their creativity . some time we are providing freedom for kids , in that freedom space kids express to their freedom full creativity . it is must we create freedom full space for creative kids /person in our society.

 Today I got a last date for remove to my right hand plaster . it was came on my hand before 21 days  . this plaster will remove in next two days so I were started creativity on that white plaster of my right hand . I were colored to that plaster in blue color.

When kids of my Family ( my cousins ) were  visited my colored plaster on my right hand then they asked to me who painted it ? I said I did painted it from my left hand . when kids were listen my word they told to me can we paint on it ? i said to them yes but by sketch colors because water color will damage to this light plaster and my Doctor Sir G. S. Vijay will get angry on me. So you can paint only by your sketch colors.

  The kids got freedom of painting on my hand plaster by me , in same time kids asked to me what we can paint ?  in that movement I were gave a idea to kids, I said you can paint logo design of our social networks , because my right hand is not working on social networks communication sits ,  in this days after fracture . so on this right hand plaster you paint to logo of social networks ..haha ..

First I gave freedom of painting and second I gave idea of painting , after it kids were on mobile and they got some logo of social networks  like facebook, twitter , google, hike, whatsaap , in two hours kids were painted five logo design on my hand plaster , they were created a canvas for self creativity or craft , that canvas was my right hand plaster, when kids were painted in same time they were  caring to my hand , I saw the consciousness of kids they are very careful and creative on a unnatural canvas of painting . After two hours they have been changed to look of my hand plaster. That plaster was converted in a art piece or a craft product of child art.

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I were noticed to freedom or that’s right creative result by kids . it was great for me or for child artists too. In visuals you will see how they kids were expressed to their creativity on plaster of my hand, I sure the team of facebook, twitter, google, hike and whatsaap will notice this freedom of creativity of kids . or I sure my Doctor Sir G. S. Vijay  also like this creativity of kids on his  treatment of plaster. 

Now I am looking to my right hand plaster , it is not only , after art work of kids it is a very important art work for me so I am caring it very much like a art work . because kids shared two hour continue  on my hand plaster or they were put their art energy with full freedom or about their creativity ..

 So here I said creativity need freedom

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner , India ..

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