Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Talk Of My Heart

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi ji
P.M.O. House , India

Subject :- Talk of  my heart 

Respectable Sir ,

I am master of fine art , my name is yogendra kumar purohit from India ( home at Bikaner – Rajasthan ). I am freelancer artist and today I am expressing to contemporary Indian art by this digital format / path , it is continue by me after my masters education , overall last eight years to continue I am busy in art and art communication on this online networks by support of our BSNL India . I am taking help to my family for art work or for art work medium , yes I am taking money from my family . my parent is giving me support and promotion in my live life condition . They  are doing their duty and as a Indian Art Master I am doing my duty in our world through the visual art .

I am noticing to critical condition of our society or our nation system and then I am expressing that truly from art in visual form . I am not taking side of any group or parties . I am not busy in politics because my art exercise and art commitment is not permit to me after art to do other activity or ETC. I know art is my field .
But last four month to my art section is disturb by a critical action of education department of Rajasthan . the Education Department have transferred to my mother in a village through  *vice versa *  format , they have exchanged to post of UDC  male to female or female to male it was critical . in a one order of transferred of Education department I noticed five male came in city or only one women ( my mother )  posted out of city Bikaner . it was disrespect for a women worker of Education Department . my mother age near 55 years . ( but this is not only a  single case many women workers of Education department were  went in High court against transfer case ..)  news paper was informed to me every day and I were noticed to that all critical stories as a art master .


After order of Education Department of Rajasthan Government , I were met to our city M.L.A .Doctor  Shree Gopal Joshi ji , he was noticed to that critical transfer order then he  did wrote  a desire for my mother , former M.L.A. Shree Devi Singh Bhati ji also wrote a desire and your B. J.P.    chair person of Bikaner Shree vijay kumar acharya Also wrote desire for my mother transfer order .
We Submitted that desire copy to Director of Education Department , Education minister Sir Vashudev  Devnani ji ( by Digital format on his facebook page ) , to Chief minister of Rajasthan Shreemati Vasundhra Raje ji ( by Gmail or  on Twitter I were shared that All desire copies to you or to center  Education minister Shreemti Ismriti Iraani ji,

After this exercise I noticed the Education Department and Government of Rajasthan was taken a action for SANSDHODHAN ( parivedana ke adhar par ) . but Education Department was not noticed to Desire of M.L.A. of Bikaner and they were not taken any action for  SANSHODHAN on parivedana of my mother . so condition is very puzzled and pain full. We are four member in our home and my mother is one lady member , she is caring to us . my father is sugar patient . so I am in pain motion in this critical condition . last month I were created a critical visual on this puzzle motion of education department or that’s transfer action .
Here I want to share that for your visit with all desire copy of our City M.L.A.of Bikaner .  I sure After read to my talk of heart , you will feel my heart condition or my home condition very well , or you will take a right action on it . then we will come in cool condition after 4 moth puzzle condition of our home . it was unnatural condition , the education Department was created it because they are not sensitive for women worker in your leadership . you are saying women respect is very must women caring nature is very must for our  educative India . The Indian Lady is MATR SHAKTI ….! Jai hind . but they have forget it so I request to you you take a hard action on that then they will follow to you instruction about women respect in Education Department or other sector will learn a live message by that hard action of your for women respect in government of  India in your leadership .

Hon’Ble Sir you say to all sector of  Indian Government Departments , transfer of worker will not give progress to  India ,  India will progress by progressive and  projective work , that work will complete the worker of Government of India in your leadership .. jai hind ..

I hope you notice to my talk of heart from your great heart ..

so here i said talk of my heart ... 
( Note :- this post i type from my left hand because in right hand i have fracture to last 15 days ..) 

Warm regard

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner , India ..        

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