Saturday, October 17, 2015

Art Vibration - 403


First Exercise
Time always taking test of patience. I am facing it in my art journey everyday, but life is move without stop on any stoppage of life. Because stop word  is not in time dictionary . so time is taking test of patience. Its time duty for life on our earth..

Second Exercise
I am saying it to you with one more live example of this talk . this month I got fracture in my right hand . so my creative art work practice was blocked by time . I can’t paint to painting because I am painting from my right hand but today my right hand is in fracture  condition .so I were in painful / critical condition by a small accident . 

But time is not stop we know it . After two days of fracture case of my right hand I were received a phone call of a theater artist Sir Ashok Joshi Bikaner . he was taken time to me for meeting about a art design. I were gave time to him and he was came at my home with his student . 

Third Exercise
 In that meeting Sir Ashok Joshi was shared his view about a logo design . he was demanding to me a logo design for his theater society . that theater society title is  * URJA theater society * . when he was giving me design work in same time he was  observing my right hand fracture condition . I said to him I will try for design of your logo . 

In two days after that meeting I were created some logo design on digital format from my left hand . that was complicated but I did that for art exercise . over all I were created four design and then shared with Sir Ashok ji on his online communication page . 

Four Exercise
He was liked one design from that and he told me for same change in that logo text,  so I did changed that and gave a final look to a logo Design of URJA THEATER SOCIETY .

Today we did final meeting for final design of a logo . Sir Ashok Joshi asked to me about cost of my art exercise . then I said your love and trust is my art work cost , I am not interested in your money I am interested in  your art energy because that is giving view to our society through your theater art sense . 

In my critical / painful condition he was created a art job or a exercise. that was a artistic work of him , he was pulled out to me from  my paiful condition after hand over a art exercise of logo design for his URJA THEATER SOCIETY .

That was magical  time for me when I were busy in creation of logo design on my pc in digital format . I did forgot to my right hand fracture or that’s pain . so I am thankful for Sir Ashok Joshi ji if he was gave me exercise of art  and by that exercise I were forgot to my body pain , in that movement of logo creation I were gained a logo design from my left hand exercise on computer . here you can see this all logo images ,I were created it from my left hand on my pc by digital exercise . ( this post is also exercise of left hand typing - i type it from left hand of myself )

Final Design for logo

So here I said one more exercise of logo design.

Yogendra kumar purohit

Master Of Fine Art

Bikaner, India  

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