Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art Vibration - 406


Friend you know I have fracture in my right hand , so I am End in this days from my right hand .This light accident have slow to speed of my creativity , because I am expressing my creative idea in form of art from my left hand After accident of my right hand  , it is my limit and this limit was designed my time in this art journey. So no way after it ..

 But I am not upset to this critical condition .  I am getting more patience in myself by time test. I think it is best .last one month to I am working from my left hand . so I am getting better control on my left hand by command of mind . I am playing my real role in my art life  like a film hero of film Shahnsha ( Dr. Amitab Bachchan ) or like film  Padosan   ( late Actor Sir Sunil Datt  ji ) .

 It is not a comfortable condition for me but I am living it as a bounded person . I have no other way after it , I can take help in other work from other person but in art and creativity no one can proper help to me . in this case art and creativity need to me  output of my expressions  with right image or motion . by left hand i am trying to put out to my inner creativity or emotions in form of art and craft .

Today I were visited to my right hand plaster and I thought a craft work idea for that plaster. I know after two days it will remove from my hand so in last time of this  hand plaster I am using to it as a art space for express to creative idea about art and craft.

Yesterday my cousins were created some logo design of social networks on this plaster and today I were converted that in a craft form . I were crafted some paper craft on my right hand plaster . I used news paper and gum in  craft work , by craft work I were created a new look of my hand plaster . a online friend was gave title to my paper craft work , my friend  said its looking like WEAPON..

Actually my online friend was noticed to  my right hand fracture condition or that’s critical effect on my art journey after visit to my paper craft on hand plaster . the fracture condition or that’s care format is very tuff for me , I am following that tuff caring format to last 20 days so last 20 days to this critical condition or that’s care system is a big weapon for me . that danger / fear feeling was came out in form of paper craft ( old historical weapon look ) .

I were created that from my left hand by news paper or gum . in visuals you will notice to my inner feeling in form of a paper craft work . I were changed to look of my hand plaster after paper work , that plaster was looking like a real weapon . over all my inner emotions or tens matter was came out in form of paper craft or that craft work was converted to look of my hand plaster in form of a weapon was possible by craft ..

 So here I said about that craft , paper craft on plaster ..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India ..    

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Gary Martin said...

Your work is quite unique.