Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Art Vibration - 407

2D to 3D For Theater Art

Theater it’s a second name of a live institute of education about contemporary time or life . this theater Institute is teaching to writer, director , actor or to other sector of art of theater stage and after stage the theater is teach to society by live performance from theater stage . so theater is live institute  in  my view . 

Before two month ago Theater Artist Sir Ashok Joshi Bikaner was came at my home for talk about his play . he said to me  yogendra you will help to me in  my play performance . I want to design a set for our play so I think  you will give a good look to our theater stage from your visual art. He was shared some ideas  according his play or play script with me and I were noticed his play demand for his play visuals . by bad luck that time  I were in pain condition because  my right hand was in fracture condition . but I did commitment with him for his set design for play ** JAB SHAHAR HAMARA SOTA HAI  ** ( writer Piyush Mishra ) 

Director Ashok Joshi was gave me  time of one month for planning of a design for his play . I were created some designs according to his play script and in final I were shared a digital image with him for his selection . Theater artist Sir Ashok Joshi and his acting team was liked that design and they were final to that for their play set .
One day I were went to our Town Hall there I saw the Team of Director Ashok Joshi was busy in rehearsal of play . so I were watched that live rehearsal for observe to script demand about set Design .In rehearsal I noticed that script need a tea shop , some prop and a metro  city look  so before play I were started work for set design of Play ** JAB SHAHAR HAMARA SOTA HAI ** 

I were created three Dimension look by two Dimension visual . I were used wood board ( PLY BOARD ) and paper . in that work I were gave instruction to team of Director Ashok Joshi  and his team were supported to me because my right hand was in pain  condition . so I were not worked very well from  my right hand . but there they all actors of that play were fully support to me so I am very thankful for them . 

 In two Day‘s  I were hand over the set design of that play to Director  and I were visited  some more rehearsal of that play . the actors were performed in front side of me and my set design was their back side . I were assist to photographer Narendra Purohit ( my younger Brother ) for shoot to good Picture  of  my set design with actors or in different lights . 

 Kind  your information  I have documented  to  my set design work of 2 D to 3 D in digital  visuals and I did created a presentation of that set design story .  in visuals its start to beginning to till  final stage of that set design . I have shared that presentation on youtube.com and here that’s link for your visit . 

Because you will see and notice how to I have created 3D look to 2 D form for a play . it was a big work of  myself  for Theater art  and when I were created that set design I were learned much more  and all actors were learned very much by that live art exercise of set design . 

 After visit  my art exercise and dedication of that play actors  in set design work , The Director of That Play Sir Ashok Joshi Said , by the URJA theater  Society we will organize a camp or workshop for set design in that workshop we will learn how to cut wood and how to design a set by self practice . 

Myself  & Director Ashok Joshi , Bikaner
I did Noticed many actors of that play were expressed to their craft art when they were worked with me . they were gave me some ideas as a craft man,  in that work they were forgot if they are actor of that play ..it was live achievement of  my art work 
from that set design work  . I were gave them some refreshment of Mind by visual art or craft work , they felt we created this set design from our hand . it was giving to them more confidence for future performance or set  design mater . 

 I were  feel happy because over all in critical condition  I were completed  my art commitment about Set Design of play **JAB SHAHAR HAMARA SOTA HAI ** and I were noticed  to Script demand and gave some real sound to Script of writer Piyush Mishra from My 2 D visual  Design . 

So here I said 2D to 3 D Design for Theater Art…

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


ashwanikalla said...

बहुत शानदार

ashwanikalla said...

बहुत शानदार