Monday, December 21, 2015

Art Vibration - 408

Prafulla is name of a art foundation of India . its located in Mumbai . this art foundation link  I were founded  on online at facebook or on twitter . so I were visited Prafulla Art Foundation work and art activity on my pc screen through facebook pages of prafulla Foundation . by facebook I were got a link of web page of Prafulla Art Foundation . by that link I were visited the web page . there I saw a offer for registration about artist . so two week before  I were registered  my art information on that web page as a art master . 

Today after two week I were received a mail  in hard copy by courier on  my home address . I saw a very fine logo of Prafulla Foundation on a mail envelope . when I open to that envelope of Prafulla post . I found a letter with a I CARD of Myself with  my profile image . that was acceptation letter of  my registration with a well updated member Ship I CARD , with  my Registration Number of Prafulla Art Foundation . 

Prafulla Art Foundation is working for art family like a family member , they are working on process of non profit . because they are promoting and supporting to artist of our Nation and to our world art family .

I am feeling happy in myself because the Director or Prafulla Art Foundation  Mr. Dilip Dahanukar is noticing  my daily art updates on online by facebook and twitter also . I am sharing this art vibration post time to time with his facebook and twitter page link for his true art notice .

You know on facebook I am to last eight years and here I am just sharing  my art visuals for our world art family or their art visit . in this case I am not thinking for income of money or ETC so my art update work is also non  profit work for visual art or that’s promotion .

In  my art  philosophy my viewers and their happy feelings , after my art visit is  my real profit of my art. because  by visual art I can touch to their heart and I can create space in their vision for my art view  by my art activity . 

Its live example is my membership of Prafulla Art Foundation , today . when I were received the membership  letter or I CARD of Myself from Prafulla Art Foundation , I were started work as a member like a family of Prafulla Art Foundation .

 First I were updated a logo image and web page link on  this art vibration blog page . and I shared this art news of myself with  my all online friends by facebook or twitter + whatsapp . And now here this post about Prafulla art foundation is  my big thanks to Prafulla .  

 I sure this new start will create a new story and vision for our world art family because we trust on art and art family as a trustee person . and we are believe art can promote naturally by non profit activity about art . 

 So here I said just Prafulla …( natural happiness ) 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA..


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