Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Art Vibration - 410


This month is December  the last month of this year 2015 , it is going for registration of history after 31 December 2015 . But its last two week was completely disturb to me or  my Emotional  Side . I am remembering to art  history  or in art history I am remembering to Artist life of  Vincent Van Gogh or Salvador Dali . 

You know artist Vincent Van Gogh was got death by himself . but that was murder of Artist Vincent Van Gogh from his critical contemporary art society ( artists , critics , historians and art philosophers ) . it is not  my words,  it was words of Artist Salvador Dali , he said it about late Artist Van Gogh when he was observed his art journey or his life too. 

Artist Salvador dali was also disturbed  to his art society , because they were  not giving  proper freedom to a creative artist . in that critical condition artist was living  in depression and that depression was came out  in work and in artist life style . ( because we human can’t digest to much more presser on mind or on heart – and every human is reacting on his/her presser for get to freedom from  that unwanted presser . its our human nature ) 

We know Vincent Van Gogh was very emotional person in his life. he was very sensitive about his true art work and art life . but no one had cared  to his emotional  life style. That’s result was he got death by himself . on death of artist Vincent Van Gogh many critics and art experts were told  Vincent Was mental Seek , he was mad man. ( it was shame ) 

Artist Salvador Dali was point out to this statement of all critics . he told  we all human are mentally seek not only Vincent Van Gogh . 

And in another statement Artist Salvador Dali said for himself , he said there is one difference between a madman  and me . the madman thinks he is  sane . I know I am mad . 

This words of artist Salvador dali are  running all time in  my mind after  listen to a very bad news about two artists of  my nation . they both are youth artist a couple ( life partner ) they started their life partnership by love and that’s end was very danger or critical . I were visited their art works in international art Exhibition and on online networks . 

Their work is very sensitive and social . I have read their art interview’s . They both are working for contemporary world  art . I am giving respect to their true  work of art. 

But when I were listen the artist Hema Upadhayay is no more , and her life partner artist Chintan Upadhyay  in custody of Mumbai Police  . it was not believable for me so I got disturb in myself. 

media is saying many stories about them  and I watched some news  about this unexpected  critical murder case  and  I thought it how to true love can destroy ? 

here I want to quote the good words of Sir Charlie Chaplin - he said , we need power for destroy to someone  otherwise love is enough for achieve to everything …  

what was region of that artist murder case ? I have no idea but I am disturb after know this danger story of our art family . we art families are  going to  follow  to our art  history again ? it is not a progress of art . we have not off to presser of mind  for artist from our art society after this long journey of post Modern art ? why art  is not work on artist life . we know the  definition of art  , The art is creating  love and peace  in human mind . so where is going the peace from Artist mind and why they are leaving their patience ? who is responsible about it ? who ?

This kind of questions are  disturbing to me or to  my emotional side . yesterday night I wrote two poetic lines about this disturbance Condition . its text in Hindi  but language is URDU  ..

नुमाइशे अक्सर की जाती रही है ,हकीकत पे पर्दा पोशी के खातिर , ग़ालिब ,
पर मिज़ाज हकीकत का ऐसा है की, बे पर्दा करे उन तमाम नुमाइशगारो को !

(  RIP for Artist Hema Upadhayay from  my deep heart and I pray to god for right justice …because god Is great ) 

This kind of matter is disturbing to me continue  now .

So here I said My emotional side is disturb in this days …

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA