Saturday, February 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 70


Drawing work by  Child Artists of  Madh Village -2012 
This is a one more art story about child art promotional  project of myself . I am doing this kind of projects by me  because i know what is demand of a child artist for his or her self free creativity .I were faced lots  of troubles  in my child age  for  my  free creativity so i think i can promote and care  the sound of child artist creativity by art action .

Kind  your information this art action i were taken in  our village. My family history is connect  to that village and that village name is MADH , its 60 KM. far to Bikaner city in south side. Last year in December month i were went to our village , there i were submitted some white paper to kids for art work , i saw lots of kids girls and boys  were interested  in art .when i asked  to them who can draw drawing on  this paper by pencil ?  then i saw 12th  kids were said to me we will draw on it  , i saw confidence and new energy for fresh creativity about  child art on that kids faces.
when i were submitted that paper  To kids in that time i told  to all , i will come back after 15th days and i sure  you will give me back this  paper with  your creative  drawing . that time all kids gave me promise. that was the real sound of child art. they were fixed  to his or her self  for commitment of art without any demand.

After 15th day i were went to back  my family village , there i were invited to all 12th child artists of my village , i saw the faces of kids.  they all are very confident and still with his or her art work , i were also happy after visited that art work and art confidence of village kids about art , They All child artists were explaining me concept of  his or her art work . I  were happy after know it the kids were worked on lots of subjects or on social problems , like Plastic problem, Drug  problem , environment  or some nature drawing . they all  child Artist were knowing the meaning of art creation and they were used a small art space ( A4 White paper ) like a mature artist and they were  Gave messages by art work and then cared to drawing work as a art collector  for 15 th days in safe file at  his or her home , i saw the love of art in that child artists , without art love they could not created any line or they could not cared for 15th days  to that  draw paper .

Over all i were collected  all drawing to village child artists  and then i were gave  some fruits to all kids that was just a love of myself for kids of  my village and then i were gave certificates to all 12th Child Artists from  my studio sign , yogendra-art and designing stuidio , i were wrote as a art master in that certificate about  That art activity a " Child art  workshop" .when i were submitted the certificate  to that child artists they all were feeling happy and i saw a natural smile and confidence on Village  child artists faces . 

Child Artists collected Certificates of Child
 Art workshop by me in front of my GOVT.of INDIA
art work  Project  Water saved , Madh Village -2012 
In this picture two boy and three   girls child  artist  were not joined  to this group picture because  boy was went to farm lands and girls family was not permitted to them  for picture shoot so only seven kids in this  group picture with certificate of child art workshop of us .

 I were selected the background of wall painting for this group  picture , because i want to guide to that child artists , i told  to kids  you can see this painting ,then all were reply me yes ,then i told to them ,i were painted it  for our City Collector in 2003, It was also on paper painting but City Collector Mr. Akhil Arora was  passed a order for wall painting of All  School or Grampanchayt building walls of  Villages of  Bikaner  . So  you can see , this is  my painting but painter  was not painted it very well .  i were painted it some fine but its not like that or original .( on this blog Art Vibration -25 ,  i have shared a post  about  my this work ) .when all child artists of village listen to me then they asked me are you painted it on paper , i said yes and  you can do it just like me but when then you live continue with art practice , that movement  some kids told me yes we will do practice  for visual art sir ..that time i were noticed village child artists want art space .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art Vibration - 69


Caricature of Poet Cum Writer  A literature  person
Gulzar Saheb ,Created by Yogendra kumar Puorhit in 2010 
Friends, it was date 18-8-2010 i were busy in  art communication on online .In that movement  i were read  a tweet on twitter network that was from PadamShree Sudhir Tailang Cartoonist of INDIA . He was wrote in his tweet about Birthday of  Poet cum writer  a literature  person Gulzar Sahab , He wrote today i will take a interview of Poet Gulzar  Sahab  for DD- 1, INDIA so who can create a caricature of Gulzar Sahab i will share with him in interview  time of today . 

Kind your information Padam Shree Sudhir tailang sir is belonging  to my home town but i had not met to him  in  my city, he is living in Center of our nation Delhi and i am in Bikaner.

As a visual artist i noticed his call of Caricature creation  for Poet Gulzar Saheb. I did planed for a caricature Drawing of Gulzar Saheb , but a  caricature want a picture of that person,  so  i went on google search and then i found  a image  of Gulzar saheb , in that picture he was  with FILM FARE award trophy  in white KURTA PAJAMA A traditional Indian Dress of Man. 

That Caricature  was a first caricature art work of myself  on call of a Padam Shree Awarded  Cartoonist , so that was not a caricature work that was a live test of  my art observation from a PADAM SHREE  Awared Senior  Cartoonist Sudhir Tailang . 

In  my art journey  unconsciously many time i did created caricature of portrait  objects .that was my mistake or that was presentation of  my incomplete observation , but in caricature subject  give order to creator for extra observation of object without any limitation , caricature want only character not a real portrait  so its give some freedom to creator . i thought  it and then started a drawing of Caricature , i did selected pencil or simple white paper because i did not want to taken a big risk  in first exercise of caricature art work , first  i were observed the face look of Gulzar saheb  and then his life character , he is writer so i selected a big pen in  my vision or in imagination  some book in his background  and one spot light and film roll and his writing journey Path . 

Step by step i could draw his caricature and in 2o minutes i were completed a normal caricature of Gulzar saheb , that movement  my inner sound told  me or ordered me you just post it to Sir Sudhir Tailang .

So i did shoot a picture of that caricature art work and then posted  to PadamShree Sudhir Tailang  on his twitter account  page  in very short time  . Because i were not had extra  time for second  try about caricature of Gulzar Saheb by me . But I were happy because  in short time i did accepted  a big Call of  New type Art work Caricature art. i could created  that in limited time and then posted  to big art Caller Padmshree Sudhir Tailang in very short  time .

I am very sure, Sir Sudhir Tailang was shared  that caricature  exercise of myself  with Poet Cum writer - Literature person  Gulzar Saheb  on his birthday in a live interview or art  talk on DD-1 INDIA. And i promise  to myself i will share  again this caricature exercise with Sir Gulzar saheb or with Sir Sudhir Tailang by this blog post of Art Vibration ,may be they both will remember to That day 18-8-2010 ,when they will visit this art caricature exercise Image  of  Gulzar  saheb character  on  monitor of PC , Laptop, Mobile or ETC .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, February 11, 2013

Art Vibration - 68


Two Little Girl Chess Master's  are visiting  my Installation Chess in Life ,
 In CAI  National Chess Competition  2011.
Yes Chess in life , I can say it because i know every one is living  it in his of her life every day , day by day . 

 Chess is a board game for a common social person , Chess is a guide line for Politicians , Chess is a symbol of  war between two kings , 

But in  my view chess is a exercise of vision , chess is a exercise of life study ,chess is a exercise  of   philosophy . because i am a art master  i am not a chess master  but i am playing chess to my childhood age .

Here i am writing about chess because i want to share  with  you  my art philosophy  by chess  Board philosophy . when i were busy  in master's study in  my art collage Rajasthan School of Art year 2004 -05 .  in that time i were noticed the philosophy of chess and life . I were  saw many time senior citizens were playing chess in evening time at temple of Govind Dev ji , I were watching full game of them and i were listing  talk of them , they were talking about his home condition or on family relation but there they were playing chess board by his cool mind . I were noticing they seniors were playing two chess game  in a one time  on was visualizing as a chess board and second in mind invisible chess , one chess move's were completed by pon, queen or by king but in mind they were playing itself as a king, pon or queen on life problem chess  board .

There to, i were collected a concept  for  my art philosophy and i did started thinking on that and i thought sixty four block is base of chess , and in INDIAN  art we are saying we have sixty four type art  in our life philosophy , here sixty four is same between chess or art .But i thought some more about that sixty four block of chess , i saw on chess board by my art philosophy  one block for life and sixty three block for problem's  of life .

I did converted that art philosophical concept in art form and i did created  a installation art work , i did painted  two Chess  board one  for real chess or second  for life problem chess . In second Chess Board i did used text in one block i were wrote LIFE  and in sixty three blocks i wrote only PROBLEM word .

After  my art collage  i were created same art work for a international chess competition but that competition was canceled before that competition of chess so my work was putted impression  on organizers  . After life block  we are facing problem block all side .ha 

In that time i were played lots of chess board on online and in  my life some time i were won and some time i lost , some time i won real chess board or some time i lost  my inner chess board of my own life problems but chess in life continue , as a artist or as a chess player i have made some record about this philosophical game of life . 

Its  my own real chess board record  on online chess rank  .
Today I am playing chess for  my refreshment of mind , i am not playing  for win or loss , i am playing  for  my mind exercise  and its supporting me very much when i want refreshment of  my mind after  my art exercise. In this exercise on i have completed 171 Level and Experience .Point  192,880 , or chess board 3000 games. Kind  your information there i have registered myself with name * yogendra-art * and the team of chesscube know it  i am artist not a chess  master ..ha

In 2011 Chess Society CAI was organized a national chess competition in Bikaner , i were participated in that chess competition as a chess player or as a art exhibitor . The Director of CAI chess Society was noticed the  philosophical art work of chess in life ,they all chess player were saw  a new view of chess by sound of art , some one shoot to that art work by camera some one asking to me about that concept of chess or life , in that chess competition i were not made any good rank but i did gave a good view to all chess player by chess  art concept .

Myself  with installation art work Chess In Life -2011  
In that  CAI National chess Competition i saw a blind chess player  was  playing chess he was facing lots of problem when he was taking lots of time in move of chess , i saw a kid his age was only 12 year and he lost his game after played with a senior chess player and he was weeping much more , ( that movement i were care the confidence of that kid i did offer to him for play with me , and i did gave five chance to him  for win. he was won five time and then i saw a  natural kid smile on his face , that was  my  live art work  for natural life  in that chess competition ) 

 I were laughing there when i saw  my opponent a lady was telling me please move slow i can't think very fast just like  you ..hahaha.  she was covered to chess board to her hand and stop to me for  my move , there  many player were watching our chess board and her live action on chess board as a rule she was out but i were live silent with  my natural smile  because  i saw she was in problem of win matter . i were leaved my chess board and gave win to her and all player  were told to me you are artist man  , you can win this board but i told to them. Yes but  she is wanting win or as a artist i can not create problem  for her win  because i know chess in life..ha 

yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, February 01, 2013

Art Vibration - 67


 Last week when i were completed a drawing  of myself ,after that drawing i saw  my sketchbook page was  finished. But my art Sound was not finished that was  wanted some more medium  for art exercise and i could not leaved my studio. in that movement  for buy a new sketchbook about  next art work .

  So i did finalized  a new medium  for  my  inner   art  flow that time i were collected  small paper that was news  paper, It was very  tuf for me about drawing work  but i did felt  more tuf to control on my inner art flow,that's wanted  to me Art medium just like a hungry stomach. I were putted that small news paper on my drawing board and draw some line by pen . That line Drawing was not came out  clearly  from news paper but i did draw on that paper and gave some cool feeling to  my inner art flow that was came out very freely  on news paper in that case i did crossed to limitation of drawing medium it was a new exercise  by me  for  myself art journey .

When I were busy in drawing on news paper  i thought how to i can give clear look to my drawing. then i find a Idea  i can drawing by white  color on black text printed paper  and i were  Thinking  some academic art critic will not accept my art exercise on news paper but i were on pick of  my inner art flow so i leaved back to all academic fears of art. i were filled white color  then that art drawing were demanded to me some more input for fine look and i wanted to pull out  all line of myself  drawing from that news paper base. so i used some water color and filled that in drawing , it was risky job news paper was not thin and water color want water observer paper ,thin paper . but i did filled  that water color very carefully on news paper , step by step  my drawing  was coming out  from news paper , it was a complicated challenge for me , one side inner art presser with flow of energy and second side very new medium " news paper " already use or black text printed , over all i could draw a drawing by new exercise , i know all experimental Artist can understand   my  exercise  condition  and how to i did passed from that complication condition of myself , without medium ( canvas ) i did expressed to my true inner presser and i find a new art medium after that art exercise .

Its a natural art work. you can say it, because i have used to useless old news paper and it was a natural or artistic recycle of old news paper ,in form of art work after a art operation of myself in empty art medium condition at my art studio.

Kind  your information after that drawing  work. i were created  three more drawing on news paper one by one and then i got confidence for share to that  art work with world Art family , this blog post is also part of that  confidence , ha..

 I did shared  my art work  on online by social network , when i were  shared my exercise art work with senior artist of Germany Artist " Gunter Ludwig "  by facebook network , he saw  my work and then he did reply me  by his art work visual , he was updated a drawing on his page  that was also on a printed book paper .ha.. In that movement i noticed Contemporary artist is busy in art exercise on same medium  in different  countries of our world. Artist Gunter Ludwig was appreciated my art exercise by his silent  visual reply. here i am going to share his art work  visual  for  your visit .

Artist Gunter Ludwig is very senior artist to me  and he is continue  busy in his art exercise  by art dedication , he have crossed to all academic definition and today in my view he is a self made art academy of visual art . when he was appreciated  my art exercise on news paper then i were collected automatically  art academic certificate from him .  I can say Appreciation of Senior Artist Gunter Ludwig is a True art Achievement of my new art exercise on news paper , what you think on it ..tell me ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.